Speed and Style!

1 08 2019

What’s this? Oliver F. Zombieweasel, Esq. is reporting on FusionFall news before it’s put in the game?!

Yes, I’m reporting on a recent Twitter post today made by the FFU team. I, should probably do that more often, huh?… Anyway. Vehicles are now getting some more love here.


Vehicles will now be much cheaper (thank heck), and have a ‘DX’ version, which will be at max speed, which in turn currently stands at 1200. Maybe one day, they’ll be a 1400…? ;D

Yeah, maybe not. These new DX vehicles will be more expensive, but again, the originals will receive a huge price reduction, and that’s what I’m excited to see. Yes, you could argue that I could use a Run Nano, but…

Numbuh 2 Nano

Yeah, this thing ruined Run powers for me… I can hear his voice even now… when I close my eyes, I see his face…

C̷̯̐̂̑̃̎̾̈͑͠á̶͚̥͙̳̗̀N̸̳̣͇͍̒͛̇̒͑̓́̄̚͠’̸̳̯̺̼̖͓͍̇́͐͜t̸̨̩̺̱̰͍̳̩͚͎̫̼̳́͐̋̃̔̔͗͆̈́̓̈͝͝ ̸̧̼͇͕̼̜̣͖̍̐̈́̈̄̇̍̅͊̈̒̂͠C̵̭̻̞̬̏̔̀̌̽̏̈́ả̶̡̖̖͇̣͍̼͍̟̤̜̮̽͊̆͗̈T̷̛̙̣͍̖͌͒̾̓̌c̴̰̹̯͙̲͙̤̤͚̘̩͙̐̃̉̇͐̌͐̾̓̅̐̿̚H̸̨̞̩͈͎̦͇̠̠̉̈̌̑ ̷̤͘m̵͓̳̘̪̜̾̂́̾̄͊̎͜͝͝Ē̷̡̢̡̩̦͎͕͈̞͖̼̼̺̆́͗̚


Out of the Omnitrix

31 07 2019

Out of the Omnitrix

Yes. That poster is why I took a week to talk about this. I need a break.

Honestly, there isn’t really anything I can say. We all know what’s new. But screw you, this is my blog, I’mma do it anyway! First off, Dexter’s been messing with the Omnitrix trying to fix it, and now some of Ben’s aliens have escaped; Echo Echo, Spidermonkey, and AmpFibian. Although AmpFibian wasn’t in the database until Ben got the Ultimatrix. From Albedo. Who still has the Ultimatrix, according to one mission. And this is still the type 1 Omnitrix (or, type 2 I guess), so it can’t be his Omniverse Ultimatrix…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yeah, there’s some continuity issues here, but I’m gonna let ’em slide cause it’s a nice update, and it’s only 1 out of 3 aliens. Dunno On top of that, we now have a new Ben 10 holosuit, styled after The Ink Tank’s own fan comic “Five Years Later”! Be sure to check ’em out. I mean, I haven’t read the comic, or er… really seen any of their videos but uh, yeah do that. xP

Now, this is where I would upload an image of the Holosuit… but it seems my computer didn’t take the picture, despite me giving it very clear instructions (i.e. Prtsc) to do so. It was set in the Null Void n’ everything, but alas – I am too lazy to hop on and retake it. Oh yers, the Null Void is back, and it’s not replacing the Future this time! Nope, it’s now 95% smaller and houses Mega Fusion Echo Echo, and from him, you can obtain some excloosive Ben 10 items! Including the Big Chill wings, a permanent version of the latest Holosuit, and the Alien X mask! Which I should have been given back in the original game… Jealous

We also have some music updates. A couple places that didn’t previously have music, such as Offworld Plaza, now have music, and the Midtown and Science District area now use the original alpha music, the majority anyway, Monkey Summit has a new track, along with the fight with Fuse, but I haven’t had the chance to listen to either. AND music now plays a lot more often. Instead of playing every 5 minutes, it’s now something like 30 seconds… and it doesn’t take long before it gives you a headache.

Okay, all my energy was spent on that poster, I’m sorry if this post is just… a nothing post. The whole list of things is of course found on the FFU forums, anyway, cya!

~Oli Zombieweasel

Foster’s Home for Racing and Emails

23 06 2019

I couldn’t think of a better title, shush.

So it’s taken almost a year, but racing and emails are finally in! If I recall correctly, that’s about it… things have been balanced a bit. The amount of FM you get now levels to you, so no more abusing the races to level up instantly. But you still get a good thousand FM per race so say goodbye to being stuck at lvl 35!

You don’t just get FM though, now you get unique items! However, I suck at racing and don’t have the time to practice much, so here’s my score in Pokey Oaks.

Untitled 2

Just try to beat it!201300138

Racing isn’t the only new addition to Retro, however. The Foster’s interior is back! Originally, it was the lair for Fusion Cheese during his Nano mission, but now it is Fusion free and available to enter at any time. Mr. Herriman is here now and it seems there’s more to come. New rooms by the sounds of it, but that’s only a theory. Big Fat Awesome House Party Legacy confirmed…? ;D

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And finally, new items! There’s at least 3 you can grind I’ve heard, but I only managed to acquire two; the Nergal Jr. glasses, and the Fusion Dracula cloak, obtainable from Pesky Ponies/Mad Mowers and Power Painsaws respectively. The third item Devan confirmed was obtainable from lvl 7+ enemies, but nothing as of yet.

On top of that, there’s a new holosuit for all y’all y’anks out there. 976985968 This is a new design too, it seems. Or maybe I’m thinking of the Major Glory set… 181435306 Either way, that’s the holosuit for… next month lol. As far as I know, there’s no way to get a permanent copy. Perhaps racing?

That is all for now. Hopefully you all enjoy this update, and I shall see ya in the next one. Cya!
~Oli Zombieweasel

Puzzle of the Phoenix Wings

2 05 2019

…Alright, so it’s not really a puzzle, it just started with a P…

So, there have been rumours of a new item. recently. At this point, for most of you, it’s not a rumour really. Either you’ve seen it or you have the item yourself, but it’s a new set of angel wings – the Phoenix Wings. In fact, I have them myself~

Phoenix Wings.png

Magnifique, aren’t they? I got them yesterday morning. Took about 5 hours.

Crazy Oli

Five. Hours.

*ahem* So you’re probably wondering how to get them, right? Well it’s simple!

Stone Drakes.

Yep! Those things! From… Inferno Fields… the Infected Zone of the Firepits… oof… They’re level 30. Hey, I said “simple”, not “easy”. Course if you’re that level or higher, it shouldn’t be a problem. Actually, it’s a good way to grind for money if you want to get everything from the Easter EGGER before the event closes. Much like pretty much everything in Retro now, they’re tradable, so you could probably find something to trade for it.

Best of luck!
~Oli Zombieweasel

Want some sweet Merch?

16 04 2019

Well tough, you get crap merch instead lmao.

Nah, I have stuff. I opened up a small little online store on Redbubble about a month ago and uh… kinda forgot to tell everyone… again… I don’t have much, but I have a couple FusionFall related things.

Cartoon Network is my primary focus with this of course, but I am an artist… not a very good one, but an artist nonetheless. xP So if I make something I feel would be deserving of a physical poster or whatever, I’ll add that too. Currently my most popular item is a redux of the ReFuse poster used by the Beautification Organisation that you’ll find in Habitat Homes:

ReFuse Poster

Looks good, eh? Eh? Ehhh? ;D Well you can buy it anytime! And I hope you do! Please, check out my things here! Zombieweasel has wares, if you have coin~

P.S. I am aware about the whole Easter event. I wanted to talk about it, but I only had so many taros, so I couldn’t buy enough to feel comfortable to talk about the items. I only had enough for like, 8 things. And half of those were things I already had. :\

Anyway, cya!
~Oli Zombieweasel

Valentine’s Day!

14 02 2019

Ah, Valentine’s Day… the one day where you’re constantly reminded that you are pretty much undateable at this point and will remain forever alone. Unless, that’s your thing, I guess…

Anyway, I figured today would be a good day to talk about the new update that arrived the other day; the Valentine’s update! This is a big’un. I recommend checking over the patch notes for this one. A quick run-down though, Flapjack and Bubbie have arrived… with blood gnats. And Bubbie has a stomach ache, but apparently that part’s not important. Your job is to team up with the blood gnat extermination crew to contain this outbreak in a number of missions. …One of which involves sending love letters for Johnny Bravo…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unfortunately, there’s no Chowder this time around. But you do get the extermination outfit as a Holosuit, with the permanent set being given out in the missions:

New Canvas

Also pictured is the new event taxi. Located in front of the Cul-de-Sac, in Townsville Mall and… I dunno where else really, I don’t go to Forsaken Valley much these days. But whenever a new event pops up, this handy lil’ thing will take you exactly where you need to be to pick up… whatever. This one takes you to Candy Cove and back, where you can also pick up the illustrious new hovercar. Unfortunately, I am poor even in-game, so I don’t have a pic. Just go to Candy Cove, you’ll see people driving it all over.

On top of all that, Dracula is back – permanently. With 9 new missions! 6 of which he personally gives out, the other 3 are by Ranger Joey in Peach Creek Commons and Him in Endsville. Meaning 9 new permanent chances to get that much-needed FM!


And finally, the mysterious vendor is now in a new location, which one extra annoyingly-expensive item to buy! Don’t worry if you missed your chance to get his last items, he still has them. Good luck!

Anyway, cya!
~Oli Zombieweasel

Bugs n Stuff

28 01 2019

Hey guys! Hope everyone enjoyed the Birthday Bash! 10 whole years, I still can’t believe it… did you get all the items? Cause I sure didn’t! 😀

*ahem* Anyway. Now that’s all done, it’s back to boring but good ol’ peace and quiet. Not much to talk about today, just some updates to the chat mainly. I haven’t noticed much difference, but then I don’t talk much sooo… yeah. Also brand new emotes that I er… forgot to check out before making this… you can check out the patch notes here.

What I can talk about though is a couple new exciting stuff! For one, you can now buy back guide items from two shopkeepers in Townsville Centre and Forsaken Valley, for the first and second halves respectively. Townsville sells the first few sets, Forsaken Valley sells the last few. So now you don’t have to worry about clogging up your bank space as much! Though why they don’t also just add even more space is beyond me…

Secondly, there’s a new merchant somewhere in the world that sells some new, exclusive stuff, changing his stock every so often. This week (? Month? Year?), they’re selling…


Invisible vehicles! Yeah, if WordPress came with a spoiler button, I’d have used that if you wanted to know for yourself… There’s two to buy, the invisible hovercar, and the invisible hoverboard. I would have shown the hovercar too, but they cost 35000 a piece and I kinda… ran out of taros… running theme with me, eh?

They last for 7 days, the usual, and run at around 900. There’s two of these merchants. Right next to each other. I’ve no idea why, they both sell the same stuff but whatever. If you want to know where to find them, look around in the Haunted Ridge. Perhaps somewhere around a settlement…?

As for the bugs? Yeahhhhh Retro’s suffering right now. There’s lag, random freezes… don’t try using the Croc Pot, you’ll freeze every time. Don’t worry about your money or items, you’ll get a refund, but it’s best to save you the trouble. Hoping this gets fixed soon. That however is all for today.

Anyway, cya!
~Oli Zombieweasel