About FusionFall: Legacy

13 06 2015

…I have this feeling I’ve done this before…

ANYWAY, hey guys! Just letting you know I’m still here and yes, I know about FusionFall: Legacy. Have known for a long time. :P Once I get more news about the game, I’ll upload it here. :)

Anyway, cya!

~Oli Zombieweasel

Fusion Pack Images

24 08 2014

Hi guys!

On Wednesday, I announced that I was working on a content pack for ToonTown Rewritten known as the Fusion Pack. A few days ago, I took some production images of the pack. This is still a work in progress, so some things may be changed. Note: This is NOT my toon. The owner couldn’t make her time (Ok, actually she got bored), so she asked me to play for the rest of her time.





This is definitely being changed.

And this.

And this.

And that’s it for now. More to come! :)

Anyway, cya!

~Oliver Zombieweasel

ToonTown Rewritten’s Fusion Pack

20 08 2014

Hey, guys! First off, a message to WordPress:

As for everyone else:

Fusion Pack Poster


Introducing the Fusion Pack! Yes, I’m making a content pack for TTR. Sue me. But this is no ordinary pack, this is a FusionFall pack! Now, this is my first content pack, so don’t expect to be able to shoot Cogs with Lightning Guns. xD This will replace the existing music with FusionFall’s. Along with a few edited textures. Nothing special, really.

No set completion date. Making a content pack of any kind takes a while. Just letting you all know. :)

Anyway, cya!

~Oliver Zombieweasel

Just a Petition

28 05 2014

Hey guys! I’ve got a petition here…!

You may be thinking “Wow… what’s it for? To stop kids copying video games because my son’s dressing up as an Italian plumber and eating mushrooms?”

No. It isn’t. Yes, I just made that up. And yes, it’s for FusionFall. If you want to sign it, click here. Jake (The owner of FMHQ) needs 912 more signatures (As of typing this). Doubtful that Cartoon Network will listen, but it’s a risk worth taking.

Anyway, cya!

~Oliver Zombieweasel

The Last Resort (And Other News)

28 05 2014

Did you miss me?

Yeah, sorry. Very little in the way of FusionFall news lately. Until now! FusionMod HQ is starting another, hopefully working FusionFall private server called The Last Resort. Check out their site or this post at the Xtreme FusionFall Forums for more!

In other, unrelated news, I’m thinking of making another new forum sometime for ToonTown Rewritten. Yeah, I’m almost 18 (Must’ve been 14 when I made this place O_o), and I still like ToonTown, so? There’s no point in being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes.

Anyway, no idea when I’ll start or when it’s finished. The site, not the game! TTR is in Closed Beta right now, but as soon as I get in, I’ll start Let’s Playing it. For those who don’t know, a Let’s Play is a video of someone playing a game, similar to a walkthrough, but with commentary. Yep! You get to hear my not-so-great-as-recorded voice! :P

I must admit, I don’t know as much about ToonTown as I do FusionFall. I’m the FF version of Coach Zucchini. BUT I shall try my best. Do some research, actually finish the pages (Nanos…) and do this. I’ve been through a lot of aborted ideas of mine; comics, ideas for Hints n Tips, animated series… but THIS shall be done! As long as I can host more than one blog here. I can always make a new account if I can’t.

And Chrome, “blog” is a word.

Anyway, cya!

~Oliver Zombieweasel

The Late Poll

20 01 2014

~Oliver Zombieweasel

Game Review – Doctor Who: Legacy

16 01 2014

 Remember when I said I wasn’t going to have last week? Well, I didn’t. But that didn’t stop me from doing a game review. This one is different than my usual ones, as this is on iPhone and Android devices.

This is Doctor Who: Legacy, an RPG that was released soon after the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor. The game begins with the 11th Doctor, and companion; Vastra. The two are attacked by Sontarans, who plan on travelling through time to change all the Doctor’s victories into defeats.

You have to play as the Doctor and up to 5 companions, as you go through his adventures, defeat enemies, gain more companions, level up them (And even the Doctor. Sort of), and… well, do Time Lord stuff.

So far, the available Doctors are the 11th (Matt Smith), 10th (David Tennant), 8th (Paul McGann), 7th (Sylvester McCoy), and 6th (Colin Baker). There are, of course, many more companions, like Sarah-Jane Smith, Strax, and the Ponds.

The gameplay is basically like Candy Crush. Only fun. To attack, you have to build up 3+ orbs (That are different colours). Each colour corresponds to the character’s card colour. Like if you have the 11th Doctor equipped (Who has a blue card), build up blue orbs for him to attack.


11th Doctor – Blue

Sarah-Jane Smith – Yellow

Strax – Red

Porridge – Black

Rory Williams – Green

Yes, I just opened up the game, looked up my team, and added them here. :P There are also pink orbs. Pink counts for health. Which is something you’re going to need quite a lot. Here’s a picture of the game’s screen if you still don’t understand:

The + on the yellow orbs mean that those orbs are more powerful than usual, so Vastra and Amy are going to attack harder. Which, when it comes to the Weeping Angels, is more helpful.

Rating: ****

Good game. I did stop playing it after a while due to a lack of time (Yes, I can’t believe it either, but I do have a life), but recently went back. And I always play it while waiting for something to load! Which is a lot when playing Sims 3: Into the Future…

If you’re a Doctor Who fan, I would totally recommend this game! Even if you’re just a small fan like I am. So go and download it! 100% free! However, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S2, it does drain the battery a bit. But it’s worth it for a bit of fun.

Poll will be up later today. Anyway, cya!

~Oliver Zombieweasel


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