FusionFall Closing… Again…

17 04 2020

I… I really did not want to type this, not again, not already… so I’m a day late on this, but at the same time, that allowed me to gather my thoughts, and also information.

So yesterday evening, FusionFall Universe was hit by a DMCA, a cease & desist, from Cartoon Network themselves. This isn’t the first time they’ve had to dealt with this kind of thing, it also happened when Total Drama was teased for Legacy. However, this is bigger. This is for the entire FFU development. Retro and Legacy are both dead. Forever. Seemingly forever, anyway. Legacy definitely is, after 6 years of waiting.

So how did this happen? Well. It all has to do with a guy known on Discord as Indes, also goes by the name of Rome. He had this suggestion for the dev team to add crafting. Not something I can see working in Retro anyway but, whatever. Now, OK, we all have our suggestions for things. I wanted Legacy a long time to go to have some kind of house system, and Project R was built on suggestions way back in 2012, as you may remember.

However, the devs just kind of, played it off each time. Perhaps they had the suggestion tucked away for use in Legacy, no way to know now. But Indes just kept hounding them. Eventually, he just got mad and, like the entitled pissbaby that he is, went after CN themselves. Now, a simple heads-up about the game wasn’t going to be enough to bring this game down. It’s fair use and the devs did ask Cartoon Network permission beforehand, so long as no profit was being made, hence why they simply looked over the whole thing.

No. He hit them with false accusations about the team. Things like paedophilia, profit-making, and money-laundering, very serious allegations here. CN, being a corporation first and foremost obviously would not want their image tainted and tarnished by such accusations (even though FFU technically already did that by making the superior version and sticking with their promises), so in a blind panic, with no research or thinking to contact Devan about all this, issued the takedown. And here we are. And Indes is very proud of himself. Everyone else though? They’d rather see his head on a pike stuck in fresh turds.

Are the FF team in the legal clear here? Yes. They have done nothing wrong. Are CN also in the legal right? Also yes. FusionFall and its characters are their properties to begin with, so if they have proper reason to issue a DMCA, they have every right to do so. Cartoon Network are not to blame here, they were just misinformed. You can blame them for acting so prematurely but, what can ya do?

What you can do, if you want to do anything, is sign this petition. I, personally have no hope for it, especially when the goal is a mere 200, but it’s something I guess.

Will FusionFall return again? It’s possible, but it’s unlikely. All we can do is hope. All this though… all this because some entitled prick thought he was better than the dev team. Saying they were on this high pedestal, and then later acting like he was on that very same pedestal. Like he was a god, untouchable. And instead of just targetting the same team that was leaving soon anyway, went and punished the entire community over lies. Ya know what’s funny too? He was supposedly doxxed soon later and was found to have child pornography on his computer. The same thing he accused Devan of having.

He’s such a disgusting cuck, and I hope this comes out and is proven guilty, if nothing else but for the child porn alone, and is sent to prison for a long time. Indes, if you’re reading this, you’re not the Chad you think yourself to be, you’re the lowest virgin of them all. You’re utter scum, and I hope you rot in that basement of yours. Or even in prison after all the other, tougher guys who have been put away for worse rip your ass open with 3 police batons at once.

So yeah. That’s… all I had to say about that. Kinda graphic, near the end but, had to get it out of my system. I’ll probably give updates should any arrive, whether it be tomorrow or in another 5 years. We’ll see. Anyway, cya!
~Oli Zombieweasel

Retro to Halt Updates

6 04 2020

Yup. Despite most of us being in total lockdown and quarantine with absolutely nothing to do but play Animal Crossing, FusionFall Retro’s updates will be put on indefinite hold.

In a forum post written by Dev himself, which you can read here, Devan, womayhem, and other key members of the staff will leave in the near future. What will this mean to the future of Retro? Who can say? We still have yet to see any news of the promised part 2 of the expansion. I have no doubt we will see these eventually, but it may not be until the other end of the year before we see any updates on these at all. We did fortunately get an update just the other day however, which fixed trading and emails, and reportedly added Johnny Bravo back, with Moxy somewhere too, so that’s… something.

Despite these troubling news in an already hellish year (just had to go and make it worse, didn’t ya…), the team will continue and will be looking for others to join and take the helm. Hey, maybe yours truly will be one of them. Eh? Eh?? ;D

Devan also assures that Legacy is still on its way, with an estimated release date of 2041.

Jokes and snarky comments aside, I do wish the team well on their future endeavors. I just wish it wasn’t now

Anyway, cya!
~Oli Zombieweasel

All New Nanos!

13 01 2020

I have been looking forward to saying this since Legacy’s announcment. Or Retro’s arrival… whatever the case…

All New Nanos

Yup! A few days ago, the FusionFall Retro community had been blessed with four brand new Nanos! Wellllll… three brand new, and the Unstable Nano. This does not mean we get four new levels unfortunately, but thankfully that doesn’t mean the old levelling system is out the window. No, these are the first of a new type of mission; optional Nano missions.

The same as any other Nano mission, but found at the end of certain quest lines. Belladonna can be obtained after sorting out a little Fusion problem at Sunny Bridges Auditorium for Ace and Belladonna, Computress after dealing with an infatuated Mandark in Tech Square, and Runty after beating Fuse. For story purposes. The Unstable Nano can be collected by doing a long, tedious and near-impossible mission behind City Hall.

Jk, it’s literally one of the easiest missions in the entire game lmao. Not sure entirely when the mission is available to collect however. It’s at the very start of the Nano book, even before Buttercup, so I assume as soon as you want. I do however, might suggest bringing a heal Nano, and a Nano or two with some sort of damage power like Leech, Drain or, well… Damage, if you intend to go solo. The enemies inside the lair like to spam eruption attacks too so be sure to run around. A lot.

New Nanos 1

That is all the news there is today, but believe me, more will come… of course. Remember to check out the patch notes for more!

Anyway, cya!
~Oli Zombieweasel

Enforcing the Past to Protect the Future

23 11 2019

Time Squad!

Time Squad Pt 1.jpg

Yep, what I guess you could call is the first small expansion is ready! Originally one whole ‘event’ had to be split into two parts, the second part being available some time in early 2020. For now though, Larry 3000 is here from the distant, far off year of 2002 100,000,000 AD with Buck Tuddrussel and Otto Osworth to find out what’s been going wrong in 2008. Or 2009. 2019. Whenever this game takes place now…

Unfortunately, Buck and Otto’s pod was sent off-course, leaving Larry in Goat’s Junk Yard trying to contact them.

Larry 3000.png

He, Coop and Father will have brand new missions for you, starting at lvl 9, but that’s not all! There is also one soopuh secret mission somewhere that… I don’t actually know the location of as of yet… Just, look on YouTube or something, I dunno, do you really need this site anymore?

*hem* Anyway… if you want more new stuff…

Bank Upgrades.png

Bank upgrades! Yep, finally! But there’s a catch; as you can see from above, you can only buy 200 new slots from the four new bank vendors. That’s 800 new slots! That’s not the catch. The catch is you can only use those slots from the vendor of the corresponding colour. Say if you bought a gold upgrade, you can only use that upgrade in Peach Creek, etc. Eh, you’ll figure it out… if you can afford it that is… I can only barely afford the cheapest membership. And by “barely”, I mean I’m a few thousand taros short… ;-;

Now, as a wise man once said; “But wait! There’s more!”
New animations! (I would have added the video directly to here but WordPress says no)

Eddy, Wilt and Father have brand new sets of animations. They’ve even forgotten their tap-dancing skills! You may have noticed the new Legacy looks they’re sportin’, but they’re not all, Edd has his too! You may have noticed some NPCs have been switched around; these include Edd, Wilt, Ranger Joey, Father, Bubbles, Mayor, Numbuh 3, Ed, Mac, Coco and Bob O’ Ganoosh, along with some vendors in Peach Creek. Nowhere too severe though, you can find them just fine, I’m sure. But just so you’re sure, Father is now by the Delightful Developments sign in Peach Creek Estates.

That does seem to be all, be sure to check the patch notes for a full list of what’s new. Anyway, cya!

~ Oli Zombieweasel

Spooky Scary Spiders

24 10 2019

Hey guys! It’s that time again! Retro’s second annual Halloween event. And it’s so much better than the original game’s… that one didn’t even have the eternal night! So let’s get down to business!

Dracula’s been a permanent addition since February (eesh, can you believe it’s been that long already?) so who do we have alongside Fred Fredburger this year?

Jeff the Spider

This heckin’ nuisance. We’ll get to why in a bit, but Jeff’s here to give a mission. Only one mission this year. Now why only one? Here’s where we get to the nuisance part (that was quick, wasn’t it); he asks you to defeat 3000 pumpkin spawns. Three. Thousand.


Luckily, these things are all over the graveyard, where Fred and Jeff are. Literally, all over. Can’t blink without these things spawning… and with these come a whole new slew of items!


Just some of the items available this year

Spinel’s scythe, Scooby-Doo’s tail, Greg’s ‘elephant’ hat, and so much more! Including, of course, a permanent variant of both last year’s holosuit, and this year’s. Speaking of…

Could’ve sworn I’ve seen this one before, now I think of it. Wasn’t this 2010’s? Think Eh. Complete this mission and you get a special Jack-o-Lantern head. Wonder if he’ll make his appearance one of these days… Maybe we can have Skarr and Irwin appear and have an Underfist event. xP

Last thing before I close this off, there are two new code items, available to redeem up until the end of the event; the Jerk-o-Lantern head (Halloween2019), and a special/not really that special DX Grim hoverboard (GrimBoard). Get ’em while you can! Speaking of codes, the ones for the winners of Bubbles’ art contest should be arriving soon, via PM on the forums; including one for yours truly~ ;D

Anyway, Happy Halloween!
~Oli Zombieweasel

Speed and Style!

1 08 2019

What’s this? Oliver F. Zombieweasel, Esq. is reporting on FusionFall news before it’s put in the game?!

Yes, I’m reporting on a recent Twitter post today made by the FFU team. I, should probably do that more often, huh?… Anyway. Vehicles are now getting some more love here.


Vehicles will now be much cheaper (thank heck), and have a ‘DX’ version, which will be at max speed, which in turn currently stands at 1200. Maybe one day, they’ll be a 1400…? ;D

Yeah, maybe not. These new DX vehicles will be more expensive, but again, the originals will receive a huge price reduction, and that’s what I’m excited to see. Yes, you could argue that I could use a Run Nano, but…

Numbuh 2 Nano

Yeah, this thing ruined Run powers for me… I can hear his voice even now… when I close my eyes, I see his face…

C̷̯̐̂̑̃̎̾̈͑͠á̶͚̥͙̳̗̀N̸̳̣͇͍̒͛̇̒͑̓́̄̚͠’̸̳̯̺̼̖͓͍̇́͐͜t̸̨̩̺̱̰͍̳̩͚͎̫̼̳́͐̋̃̔̔͗͆̈́̓̈͝͝ ̸̧̼͇͕̼̜̣͖̍̐̈́̈̄̇̍̅͊̈̒̂͠C̵̭̻̞̬̏̔̀̌̽̏̈́ả̶̡̖̖͇̣͍̼͍̟̤̜̮̽͊̆͗̈T̷̛̙̣͍̖͌͒̾̓̌c̴̰̹̯͙̲͙̤̤͚̘̩͙̐̃̉̇͐̌͐̾̓̅̐̿̚H̸̨̞̩͈͎̦͇̠̠̉̈̌̑ ̷̤͘m̵͓̳̘̪̜̾̂́̾̄͊̎͜͝͝Ē̷̡̢̡̩̦͎͕͈̞͖̼̼̺̆́͗̚

Out of the Omnitrix

31 07 2019

Out of the Omnitrix

Yes. That poster is why I took a week to talk about this. I need a break.

Honestly, there isn’t really anything I can say. We all know what’s new. But screw you, this is my blog, I’mma do it anyway! First off, Dexter’s been messing with the Omnitrix trying to fix it, and now some of Ben’s aliens have escaped; Echo Echo, Spidermonkey, and AmpFibian. Although AmpFibian wasn’t in the database until Ben got the Ultimatrix. From Albedo. Who still has the Ultimatrix, according to one mission. And this is still the type 1 Omnitrix (or, type 2 I guess), so it can’t be his Omniverse Ultimatrix…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yeah, there’s some continuity issues here, but I’m gonna let ’em slide cause it’s a nice update, and it’s only 1 out of 3 aliens. Dunno On top of that, we now have a new Ben 10 holosuit, styled after The Ink Tank’s own fan comic “Five Years Later”! Be sure to check ’em out. I mean, I haven’t read the comic, or er… really seen any of their videos but uh, yeah do that. xP

Now, this is where I would upload an image of the Holosuit… but it seems my computer didn’t take the picture, despite me giving it very clear instructions (i.e. Prtsc) to do so. It was set in the Null Void n’ everything, but alas – I am too lazy to hop on and retake it. Oh yers, the Null Void is back, and it’s not replacing the Future this time! Nope, it’s now 95% smaller and houses Mega Fusion Echo Echo, and from him, you can obtain some excloosive Ben 10 items! Including the Big Chill wings, a permanent version of the latest Holosuit, and the Alien X mask! Which I should have been given back in the original game… Jealous

We also have some music updates. A couple places that didn’t previously have music, such as Offworld Plaza, now have music, and the Midtown and Science District area now use the original alpha music, the majority anyway, Monkey Summit has a new track, along with the fight with Fuse, but I haven’t had the chance to listen to either. AND music now plays a lot more often. Instead of playing every 5 minutes, it’s now something like 30 seconds… and it doesn’t take long before it gives you a headache.

Okay, all my energy was spent on that poster, I’m sorry if this post is just… a nothing post. The whole list of things is of course found on the FFU forums, anyway, cya!

~Oli Zombieweasel