Want some sweet Merch?

16 04 2019

Well tough, you get crap merch instead lmao.

Nah, I have stuff. I opened up a small little online store on Redbubble about a month ago and uh… kinda forgot to tell everyone… again… I don’t have much, but I have a couple FusionFall related things.

Cartoon Network is my primary focus with this of course, but I am an artist… not a very good one, but an artist nonetheless. xP So if I make something I feel would be deserving of a physical poster or whatever, I’ll add that too. Currently my most popular item is a redux of the ReFuse poster used by the Beautification Organisation that you’ll find in Habitat Homes:

ReFuse Poster

Looks good, eh? Eh? Ehhh? ;D Well you can buy it anytime! And I hope you do! Please, check out my things here! Zombieweasel has wares, if you have coin~

P.S. I am aware about the whole Easter event. I wanted to talk about it, but I only had so many taros, so I couldn’t buy enough to feel comfortable to talk about the items. I only had enough for like, 8 things. And half of those were things I already had. :\

Anyway, cya!
~Oli Zombieweasel


Valentine’s Day!

14 02 2019

Ah, Valentine’s Day… the one day where you’re constantly reminded that you are pretty much undateable at this point and will remain forever alone. Unless, that’s your thing, I guess…

Anyway, I figured today would be a good day to talk about the new update that arrived the other day; the Valentine’s update! This is a big’un. I recommend checking over the patch notes for this one. A quick run-down though, Flapjack and Bubbie have arrived… with blood gnats. And Bubbie has a stomach ache, but apparently that part’s not important. Your job is to team up with the blood gnat extermination crew to contain this outbreak in a number of missions. …One of which involves sending love letters for Johnny Bravo…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unfortunately, there’s no Chowder this time around. But you do get the extermination outfit as a Holosuit, with the permanent set being given out in the missions:

New Canvas

Also pictured is the new event taxi. Located in front of the Cul-de-Sac, in Townsville Mall and… I dunno where else really, I don’t go to Forsaken Valley much these days. But whenever a new event pops up, this handy lil’ thing will take you exactly where you need to be to pick up… whatever. This one takes you to Candy Cove and back, where you can also pick up the illustrious new hovercar. Unfortunately, I am poor even in-game, so I don’t have a pic. Just go to Candy Cove, you’ll see people driving it all over.

On top of all that, Dracula is back – permanently. With 9 new missions! 6 of which he personally gives out, the other 3 are by Ranger Joey in Peach Creek Commons and Him in Endsville. Meaning 9 new permanent chances to get that much-needed FM!


And finally, the mysterious vendor is now in a new location, which one extra annoyingly-expensive item to buy! Don’t worry if you missed your chance to get his last items, he still has them. Good luck!

Anyway, cya!
~Oli Zombieweasel

Bugs n Stuff

28 01 2019

Hey guys! Hope everyone enjoyed the Birthday Bash! 10 whole years, I still can’t believe it… did you get all the items? Cause I sure didn’t! 😀

*ahem* Anyway. Now that’s all done, it’s back to boring but good ol’ peace and quiet. Not much to talk about today, just some updates to the chat mainly. I haven’t noticed much difference, but then I don’t talk much sooo… yeah. Also brand new emotes that I er… forgot to check out before making this… you can check out the patch notes here.

What I can talk about though is a couple new exciting stuff! For one, you can now buy back guide items from two shopkeepers in Townsville Centre and Forsaken Valley, for the first and second halves respectively. Townsville sells the first few sets, Forsaken Valley sells the last few. So now you don’t have to worry about clogging up your bank space as much! Though why they don’t also just add even more space is beyond me…

Secondly, there’s a new merchant somewhere in the world that sells some new, exclusive stuff, changing his stock every so often. This week (? Month? Year?), they’re selling…


Invisible vehicles! Yeah, if WordPress came with a spoiler button, I’d have used that if you wanted to know for yourself… There’s two to buy, the invisible hovercar, and the invisible hoverboard. I would have shown the hovercar too, but they cost 35000 a piece and I kinda… ran out of taros… running theme with me, eh?

They last for 7 days, the usual, and run at around 900. There’s two of these merchants. Right next to each other. I’ve no idea why, they both sell the same stuff but whatever. If you want to know where to find them, look around in the Haunted Ridge. Perhaps somewhere around a settlement…?

As for the bugs? Yeahhhhh Retro’s suffering right now. There’s lag, random freezes… don’t try using the Croc Pot, you’ll freeze every time. Don’t worry about your money or items, you’ll get a refund, but it’s best to save you the trouble. Hoping this gets fixed soon. That however is all for today.

Anyway, cya!
~Oli Zombieweasel

Happy Birthday, FusionFall!

14 01 2019


Jesus heckin’ Christ on a stick with a side of fries! Time sure flies, eh? (That was not meant to rhyme…) I mean it felt slow, but still? It’s just… somehow hard to believe… the passage of time… like time… moves…? How does that work?!

*ahem* Anyway. Yep! I’m back from not posting anything about Knishmas, even though I totally was going to! 😀 Yeah, I kinda broke the Christmas Day post, eh? >.> But that’s fine now, it’s all over until this year. Right now, we be celebratin’ because it has been 10 years today since Fuse decided to invade this pitiful planet!

We’ve seen the awesome trailers. We’ve celebrated the original Birthday Bash. Seen new missions, new NPCs, new events, new features. We’ve seen Grigon go out of business, Cartoon Network abandon the game after bringing out the mostly-disliked expansion, the eventual closure, and the eventual-still re-opening thanks to the FusionFall Universe team! All followed by Halloween, Knishmas, and now this. What a time to be reminded you’re now an adult with responsibilities!

I must confess though, the 10th anniversary for me was back in November. I joined during the 2nd-to-last sneak peek. Yep. Too late to receive the Alien X mask (>.>), yet early enough to remember that everyones’ characters had to be deleted, forcing everyone to begin anew come the final sneak peek, to which we were awarded the Cryptid Batpack. Still wanted that mask…

I also unfortunately could not have played the whole 10 years, on OZw anyway. For the game was never officially released outside N. America. There were plans for it, but they never came to fruition… so while people in the US could buy unlimited access, I would be stuck in the Future for over a year… y’know, after Grigon’s bankruptcy. So I missed out on all the cool stuff. If Grigon had just released the game in other countries like they said they would, they might have stayed in business a little longer, but I digress. Of course, no one could have played the whole decade technically due to the game’s closure in 2013, but eh.

As you all know by now, there’s a big celebration at the Pokey Oaks gazebo. As much as 6 enemies known as Party Poppers can be found, spawning a bunch of Birthday Bashers when defeated, which drop quite a lot of loot. Guaranteed, too. A lot of these are new to Retro too, not found in the original game. And there’s almost 70 items to get, so go find a group and get grinding! Items include (but of course are not limited to); Fusion tendrils, Nergal outfit, Clockwork rewound outfit, Fallen Angel wings, and some clothes normally only found on NPCs, such as the green KNDefense outfit.

I leave you now with this.

10th anniversary

Birthday Bash.png

Happy Birthday, FusionFall!

~Oli Zombieweasel

It’s Terror Time Again!

26 10 2018

Well, it’s that time of year again! Kids are going door-to-door, threatening the simple homeowners to give them sweets or face justice, the autumn breeze is getting chilly, people are warding off evil with vegetables, and the sky is darker than my heart.

Yes, Halloween is almost upon us and you know what that means~ For the first time since 2009, FusionFall is having a proper event to celebrate the occasion! Fred Fredburger has plunged the world into eternal night like that one part of The Wind Waker, and Dracula is selling pumpkin CRATEs at ridiculously high prices.


Fred Fredburger.png

Okay, Fred doesn’t really do anything. But he has got textures and a slightly new model I believe, plus voice clips straight from Be a-Fred, Be Very a-Fred, and Keeper of the Reaper. God tier episodes, I might add~
Dracula however, I mentioned is selling pumpkin CRATEs. For 20k a pop. If you’re short on cash or would rather spend your hard-earned taros on something else, you can also grind them from monsters close to your level. You won’t be notified at this time that you got one (except in the chat log. They’re treated as EGGs), but they’re usually there.

From these CRATEs, you may get one of the 4 or 5 mummy sets, the Big Chill set, the Cherufe set (that’s this giant Godzilla-like thing from The Secret Saturdays), or just random junk.

Where can you find these two? The Spooky Oaks gazebo of course! They’re surrounded by a bank, potion shopkeeper, Nano machine and a Holosuit vendor. Speaking of which, the Holosuits now have their Fusion skeleton look, and the vendors are now selling the mask and wings, apparently also set for future events, so once Halloween’s over, might wanna keep ’em, just in case.

Now, me being me, I also have a couple issues. For one, these event-only items (so far at least), are non-tradable, which is fine. But that also means you can’t sell them. Not to mention each mummy set is lvl 5, which no stat changes between them. You can upgrade them, sure, but if you’re anything above lvl 5, they’re useless, whatever the colour. Not to mention rather ugly in my opinion. So 98% of the time, you’re going to find  a trash CRATE anyway. The Big Chill set by the way? Lvl 0.

Back to the cool stuff though, the game also has one new track unique to Retro. While 2009’s Halloween event played the Nowhere Triangle theme, this year we have something new, not heard anywhere else in the game. Also an unused track in Orchid Bay’s Cutts & Bruises Skate Park IZ. So be sure to check that out!

For a full list of patch notes, be sure to check here!
Have a safe and fun Halloween, everyone!
~Oli Zombieweasel

My Thoughts on Retro

17 10 2018

I know, I know. I’m late, what else is new? But the Past is finally out! Has been since late-September, actually. I was going to post about it but ya know how I am. >.>

So instead, I’m going to voice (or, type) my thoughts on Retro so far. Oh yes, I have problems with Retro. Not much and they’re not game-ruining. Just a nuisance. First of all, even with all these, I absolutely adore this game. It was brought back in its prime. No Academy, no emotionless Gumball or Darwin Nanos, no frustrating Nano Buttercup mission from Belladonna with the almost-impossible-at-that-level enemies and Fusion and irritating platforming!

*Ahem* Anyway. Yes, this is the pre-Birthday Bash release of the game. We have vehicles still (well, some of them at least), all the world missions released over the first half of 2009 (excluding events of course), and all the NPCs at the time. Pretty basic stuff, and some of you may know how much I loved 2009 FusionFall. “So what are your problems?”, I hear you ask. Well.

For one; enemy aggro. In the Future, it’s just how it’s always been. Good for beginners. In the Past? You can fly to Mars and still be aggroed. It’s fine in some areas, particularly in the Suburbs. Get to Downtown/The Wilds however, and there’s nowhere to hide. I don’t remember much about the smaller things of this game, but the aggro radius I’m pretty sure wasn’t this large, and it makes places like Steam Alley (which was already a pain to cross) practically impossible to get through without dying at least once. And if you wanna try Sunny Bridges Auditorium for instance? Just make sure you defeat some enemies below before you start using the cannon.

“So why don’t you use a Sneak Nano?”
You see. This is my second problem. Nano powers have been nerfed. Or, Sneak has, at least. It works still, but in a lot of places, you might as well just not use it. Use Revive or Heal instead. I think Heal’s been nerfed too, but I’m not entirely sure on that. Still beats dying to a Barrel Basher.

Finally, the vehicles. I get that this is the 2009 build, but would it have killed them to add hovercars? Or at least vehicles that actually go faster than a Run Nano. At least then I wouldn’t have to hear Numbuh 2’s voice all the time in the Suburbs. And yes. That voice gets annoying quickly. Please, just stop. (Off-topic slightly but I once saw someone use Numbuh 2 for the speed boost only to deactivate him again. Was that a mistake or were you just too lazy to cross the road?)

Are those my only gripes with the game? So far… yes. Apart from that timed mission in Townsville Park where you have to set up three beacons in the Fissure for Max, y’know the one. You have plenty, and I mean plenty of time to link up the first two, but make just one mistake on your way to the last and you might as well try again. If they can reverse those two, it’d be actually doable. As for everything else, it’s just how I remember; repetitive with the amount of travel you have to do, with only like 5 different mission types, and an unbalanced weapon/armour system. But also fun, no matter your age.
Almost all of us, who have played since the original, we’re all adults now. The guys behind Retro and Legacy, the wiki, Xtreme, me, we all played all those years ago, almost a decade now. Some of us are even married now! And yet, there’s something about this game that brings us all back together. Is it the nostalgia? Perhaps. Or maybe Cartoon Network actually made a flawed, but fun game.

With all my issues here, I do recommend playing. And not just so I get my viewer stats back up again. 😉
~Oli Zombieweasel

Retro is now in Beta!

9 08 2018

Mhm, you heard right!
Now, I know this post is very late. I’ve been busy playing the game if you can believe that… but it’s almost time to dust off this ol’ site and get back to doin’ the news! *Cracks fingers*

So, first off if this is the first you’ve heard of it (I don’t imagine how but whatever), this is just a sneak peek right now. The one we were promised wayyyy back in March. This is to test things such as server stability and catch any bugs the developers might have missed. We’re test dummies, if you will. In a way. So if you find any problems with the game, be sure to email the team at contact@fusionfalluniverse.com, or use the forums.

As such, only the Future is playable, some missions are either non-existent or have missing objectives and anything involving player interaction is off-limits. You can still chat and emote, just not do things such as email or trade. The testing is expected to last until sometime on Friday. If things go well, however, they’ll consider extending that time.

Fortunately, things seem to be going almost-flawlessly. I do have an issue with Nano stamina, however… I emailed support the other day about it and they say it depletes and replenishes at the same rate as the original game, but there’s a very clear difference. Previously it would take 10 minutes (more-or-less) to drain fully, but here, it takes around 3-4. Believe me, I’ve been playing long enough… others have noticed too, it’s not just me. Hopefully it’s sorted soon but we’ll see. It’s beta after all, I suppose.

Is that my only gripe? Yeah, pretty much. Forall the Toontown players out there, Retro has been made possible thanks to the team behind TT: Infinite. Criticize Infinite and its team all you like but at least they managed to very-almost-faithfully recreate the game from many of our childhoods and/or teen years and had a very smooth beta, even on the first day! True, not a lot of FusionFall players compared to Toontown… like maybe 30-to-1… but nevertheless. This has been, at least in my experience, a perfect, well-prepared sneak peek. And not a lot of fan-run games like this can say that, I’m sure.

Future Oli

So come on in, the Fusion Matter’s fine!

That’s it for now. See you next update! Anyway, cya!
~Oli Zombieweasel
Main source
Retro’s site

UPDATE: The dev team has decided to keep the game up and running, updating the game whenever one is ready! The mission cap however will be disabled after today so make sure you make a character as soon as possible.