FusionFall yearbook 2008 – 2009

For all of you who missed last year’s FusionFall events and other cool stuff, check out the yearbook! Again, no ads please.

December 2008

A big thing happened this month. The final FusionFall sneak peek began on December 27th. All players’ characters from the previous BETA were deleted. Including those of the FusionFall team. But a new item was released!!!!! The Cryptid Batpack. It lasted until…

January 2009

On January 19th, FusionFall was officialy released. And Unlimited Access began. Characters who were in the past at the time were stuck until the person bought Unlimited Access. FusionFall game boxes (I can’t remember the actual name) were released in stores. Which had 4 months UA. Plus, the Spidermonkey costume! No events happened this month.

February 2009

Not much happened this year. The Bloo Caption Contest ended though. You had to guess what was on Bloo’s mind. The winners won… A whole load of NANO GUMBALLS!!!!!

March 2009

The St. Patrick’s Day event started on the 14th and ended on the 17th. Players all turned, well… green! There was a Nergal Tentacle monster in Sector V. Ok, so it was just a bunch of players facing the wall of Hero Square with Nergal Tendrils. Most of the party was in Hero Square, Sector V. It was a blast!

April 2009

The Spring Fling event began and lasted for a week!!!! Spring Chickens were placed all over the CN Universe. Players who found them were able to go into an abandoned Fusion Lair. And there were eggs all around. Most were real bad. One of the prizes for finding the prized egg was a Flapjack bubblehead. ADVENTURE!!!!

May 2009

The FusionFall dance-off began! People who won, well… won an in-game item that has never been seen before. Plus, Boosts and Potions.

June 2009

The FUSIONFALL FACE OFF competition started. People were able to vote on who will be the next Ben 10 nano. The contestants were:

Way Big





Alien X

Grey Matter







Echo Echo


Big Chill





At the end, the winner was Alien X against Way Big. Too bad Way Big! After that, everyone had to vote for his power set. 2 of his powers were Black Hole (Snare – Area) and Reality Fade (Sleep)

But suddenly, something bad happened to the KND Treehouse in Sector V – The Future! Fusion Spawns stole Numbuh 2’s Gravity Decelerator that kept the Treehouse floating!

July 2009

More bad things happened this month. Don Doom started appearing in Pokey Oaks and Bad Max appeared in Peach Creek and have stolen items from the KND storage vault! The only way to beat these creatures is to join forces! But the Double rewards weekend started! Winners of races won double the rewards! The BIG winners won very cool bubbleheads. Including the Schnitzel and Flapjack bubbleheads. Also, the Comic Caption Contest started. A comic of Dexlabs Upgrade 1: Speed and Style was posted on the forums. And everyone had to fill in the captions in the form of… Comedy! When that ended, Dexlabs Upgrade 1 itself was released and vehicles were available for the first time! The first of these vehicles that was available as a code was the Kimchi Cloud. Kevin’s Hot Rod Rentals started selling vehicles in Mount Blackhead – The Wilds, Townsville Center – Downtown and Forsaken Valley – The Darklands.

August 2009

The Croc Pot Catering Company was released! Croc Pots were available in Peach Creek Commons – The Future/Suburbs, Mount Blackhead, Forsaken Valley and Townsville Center! Seven days later, E.G.G.E.R.s (Egg Generating Gizmo Ejects Rewards) started appearing in Sector V – The Future, Peach Creek Commons, Mount Blackhead, Forsaken Valley and Townsville Center. E.G.G.E.R.s give out Standard, Special, Sooper and Sooper Dooper E.G.G.s (Everyone Gets Goods). Also, Bubbles’ Fan Art contest began. The winners recieved 100,000 taros and another special in-game gift.

September 2009

The fun ended when school re-opened. But to keep the happiness of FusionFall alive, FF hosted 2009’s Talk Like A Pirate day! Everyone started talking like pirates! Arr, Shiver me timbers! The scoreboard was set up as well!

October 2009

Ghoulish happenings started happening in the Cartoon Network Universe as Dracula arrived in Peach Creek Commons. Both the Past, and the Future! The Holosuits were available for the very first time!!!! Dracula sold these event items as well as special pumpkin C.R.A.T.E.s that contained mainly gumballs. But if you were lucky you would get the bone wings and skull mask! On October 31st and November 1st, invisible ghosts started appearing and randomly gave people cool items! The Fusion Matter turned orange, too! And if you thought Endsville, home of Billy & Mandy was dark and spooky, think again! The whole sky turned to night! And Planet Fusion turned into the moon with a shadow of Planet Fusion on it.

November 2009

V.V. Argost, host of Weird World decided to host a very weird Thanksgiving. He gave out 2 missions to hunt the legendary Townsville Blowfish! Except it was just a baby. Argost appeared in Peach Creek Commons in both the Past and Future. Fusion Blowfish appeared in the past in Bravo Beach, Camp Kidney, Monkey Foothills and Nowhere. In the Future, a giant Fusion Lair was spotted in Peach Creek Estates with a load of Fusion Blowfish and the tough banana at the end. Just like every other Fusion Lair. Also, the holosuit was changed to a turkey costume.


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