Retro Hints n Tips

Yes, actual tips for FusionFall Retro. Y’know, the thing this whole blog is named for? Really did not do a good job at that, huh…

As I once said, Retro is still quite different from the original game. Not much, but… a bit. Whether that matters or not, I have compiled a list of little tips for those starting out with our beloved game! Mmmmaybe a few hints too. This will be updated as soon as I think of more.


  • Scavenge Nanos are Important. In the original game, Scavenge wasn’t really a power you needed. You could get through to lvl 36 fairly easily without it. But here? It’s pretty much needed, especially for lvl 29. At this point, only Buttercup and Fourarms have these powers, so take your pick. Stacking up on gumballs is also a good idea for this reason.
  • Sneak is… Greak? No, that’s not right… I also mentioned before how the enemy aggro has been increased. This may change in a later update, but for now, Sneak is helpful and one of your best friends. Nanos with this power include Megas and Swampfire.
  • Corruption Attacks. You’ve been told time and again in the Future about how Adaptium Nanos beat Blastons, Blastons beat Cosmix, and so on. What this means is you’ll kill your enemy quicker if you use the right Nano, slower with the wrong, and no difference if you use the same kind. What it also means is the right Nano will win a Corruption Attack.
  • Corruption Attacks Cont. If your Nano wins, they’ll regain some health while the enemy is drained of theirs, vice-versa if they lose, and of course nothing happens if it’s nullified. I always have my Nanos in an ABC format to help with this. It’s much less complicated than it may seem.
  • Taros aren’t that Useful… At least, not worth enough to justify giving your Nano a Bonus ability if you’re short on cash. Taros in Retro are much easier to get than originally. You might choose Bonus for Numbuh 2 anyway and that’s fine, the Future economy is still scarce, but in the Past, there’s little point, so buy all the sooper-dooper EGGs you want!
  • Warp! AWAYYYYYYY!!! Don’t ask… You might have seen that little button in the main menu that says “Warp Away”. You might be curious as to its use. Or maybe not and maybe everyone knows this, rendering this tip pointless. If you’ve never used it, it takes you back to the nearest Resurrect ‘Em, like when you die. Without the punishments of dying. Unless you’re in City Hall… anyway, this is very useful for getting out of an Infected Zone quickly. Or the Catacombs if you’re in the lower half.

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