FusionFall Yearbook 2010-2011

It’s that time of year again! Snow, no school because of snow, winter fun in the snow… That’s right! It’s the time of year where I start looking through FF’s news over the past year and tell you pretty much what happened!

December 2010

 Hey, hey! It’s Knishmas! Though like the rest of this year AND 2011, there were barely ANY decorations. The Knishmas Holosuit returned along with the Knish Krinkle and Knishmas Kimchi Cloud vehicles.

More vehicle codes were put up on FusionFall’s Facebook and Twitter sites,  a new copy of Chowder’s Wisdom Tooth has been added to give out more words of wisdom. Sour Ron, lord of the mouth, was given an update to match his icon. Yeah, you guessed it. His cape thing was green before this update. The Fusion Puckerberries were given level-appropriate things to drop and unique fighting skills! Nin-JA!

Oh, and the Hovercars and Gliders from 2010’s Birthday Bash arrived! The new vehicle vendors are standing next to the existing vehicle vendors. Except the one in the Cul-de-Sac. These new vendors are Dexbots.

The Viridian Hoverboard from earlier in the year has now run out of warranty and is just slow now. Which is good news for me, I now have one extra space in my bank!

January 2011

 12 Secret Snails from Adventure Time were added in hard-to-find places! One’s in Genius Grove. These guys all sell one item each and they’re all Adventure Time based. Once you find a Secret Snail, go for the normal warp thing and you’ll be taken to a forest in the Land 0f Ooo!

The Knishmas items were on for another few weeks so people would have the chance to enjoy them.

February 2011

 A new beginning! That’s right! Ever since people have started killing Fuse’s minions more often, the old apocalyptic Future areas were deleted. Except for Tech Square – The Future.

And since Dexter was starting to get tired of Dee Dee messing up his Time Experiment, he and all the other heroes formed the Academy! Yep, the Null Void, Providence HQ and Mt. Neverest were added to the game along with Fusions of Finn and Rex.

Also, 3 new Nanos were added, totalling the score up to 39! Finn, Rex and Alien X are acquirable through the Academy OR if you were already lvl 4+, you can get them by entering these codes:

Finn – FFCiminmyelement

Rex – FFCcontrolnanite

Alien X – FFCcreationforge

Lvl 36 players were starting to be affected by a Lvl 37. This was just a glitch and was fixed.

March 2011

 New vehicles and Racing Sets were added! These new races were found in these areas (And what show they support):

– Tech Square, next to Dexter and Computress (Dexter’s Lab)

– Pokey Oaks North, outside the IZ (Powerpuff Girls)

– Ice King’s Castle, in the basement (Adventure Time)

– Pokey Oaks South, at the Gazebo (Sym-Bionic Titan)

– Ship’s Interior, shop area (Ben 10)

– Providence HQ, Townsville Park. I think. (Generator Rex)

People were teleporting to the Academy. This was fixed. Sorta. These guys also got stuck! But there was also a way to get to Tech Square – The Future and Debug Land from Mt. Neverest. You need to have Rocket and Jump Nanos to do this.

A Resurrect ‘Em was added to the Petting Zoo. Previously, people who were KO’d were taken directly to Mt. Neverest.

Alien X seemed a bit too quite, so this was fixed. Now they just need to do that to the Mandark Nano.

St. Patrick’s Day also returned! I love gold!

April 2011

 Mega Fusion Echo Echo arrived on Earth to attack Genius Grove a 7pm! This was only for a week though and gave out sweet Forever Knight stuff!

Fusion Finn and Fusion Rex were lacking that sweet Fusion Matter bubble texture! That was soon fixed and now we can enjoy looking at their ‘skin’.

3 New Nanos were added! Johnny Bravo (Talk to Johnny at Orchid Bay to get this Nano), Cheese (Talk to Mr. Herriman at Foster’s) and the new Unstable Nano (Talk to Dexter inside his lab)! Players can also now get to the Dexlabs Primary Nano Research Facility via a Dexbot and both Genius Grove and Tech Square.

May 2011

 Adventure Time Treasure Chests were added into the game with sweet Adventure Time gear like shirts and even a Princess Bubblegum Gauntlet! These chests just RANDOMLY appear out of nowhere! They can even be sometimes seen in Candy Cove!

Nanos of Jake (Get him by talking to Jake at the Ice King’s Basement) and Flapjack (Talk to Flap at Leaky Lake) were added! Plus, the Unstable Nano was transformed into Johnny Test temporarily to test him out.

June 2011

Nothing happened here. Move along.

July 2011

 FF was down for maintainance for a while whilst the FF Team were fixing a whole bunch of bugs like monsters and NPCs missing and stuff like that. The next week, they gave out a cool Cyber Sho-gun Set! Here’s the code:


MORE new Nanos were added! Johnny Test (Talk to Johnny at the Nuclear Plant), Chowder (Cul-de-Sac), Zak Saturday (Mt. Blackhead), Titan (Habitat Homes) and 2 new code Nanos:

– Rigby – ffcdeathpunchies

– Gumball – ffcmisadventurer

PLUS, a new preview of the next UN, AmpFibian.

August 2011

 It seems the SBT Race Vendor went missing and was then moved to Habitat Homes. And the new Ice King Nano was released. Talk to the Ice King in his castle to get the mission!

September 2011

 The worst time of the year. Back to school! At least it wasn’t that bad. Mega Fusion Echo Echo returned to try and halt the production of the AmpFibian Nano. Too late! Where can you get the mission? You can get the mission from Paradox at Cul-de-Sac, of course. Whenelse can he be? Max over at Ship’s Interior also heard reports of Rath going berserk (Again) and wrecking Downtown! If you can solve this mystery, you can get the new Rath nano!

And the Unstable Nano was also switched to Van Kleiss! The most evil nanite-infected guy in the whole world!

TOM, the Toonami Operations Module, was also trying to fix the Absolution when his Clydes started flying out and getting lost! If you can find them, you can buy some sweet Toonami gear! Who knows? If TOM fixes the Absolution, maybe Toonami will come back on air?

October 2011

 Dracula returned for Halloween to sell some more Pumpkin C.R.A.T.E.s. For some reason, there were C.R.A.T.E.s from last year. The last time they were up for grabs was 2009 where-as 2010 only had Ghostfreak as a Holosuit! Items from the famous Halloween Trio from the original Ben 10 were also for sale! Stuff like the BenWolf snout and BenMummy mask. Darwin was also added as a code Nano:


That’s pretty much ’bout it.

November 2011

Nothing really. Just the new Mordecai Nano:



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20 06 2012
Player 131

and the 2012
OZw: The 2012 yearbook will be made in December. That’s how the system works.

11 12 2012
Flick Canyonroger (FCr)

I think you should already upload the 2012 one, nothing really happen this month and probaly won’t happen… Like the whole year…

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