Clyde Locations

TOM’s Clydes first appeared around the world on the 14th September 2011. They also contain some sweet Toonami items! Here are their locations:

Clyde #1

Location: Forgotten Falls, on one of the islands at the bottom.

C.L.Y.D.E 2
Location Foster’s Home
C.L.Y.D.E 3
Location City Hall
Clyde Endsville.png
C.L.Y.D.E 4
Location Endsville
C.L.Y.D.E 5
Location Orchid Bay
Clyde Pimpleback Mountains.png
C.L.Y.D.E 6
Location Pimpleback Mountains
Clyde Orchid Bay.png
C.L.Y.D.E 7
Location Orchid Bay



21 responses

16 09 2011

Clyde 2 is at Fosters Home behind one of the buildings.
OZw: Thanks!

11 07 2013

Guys clyde is whers foster home near the canon It gives helmet too

17 09 2011
Player 61

clyde 2 is near the right end corner of the foster maze

27 11 2011

there is one at the at the 2 house across fosters
OZw: Was. I checked everywhere last week.

19 09 2011
Player 62

theres a clyde by the town hall if you take the monkeys and turn towards the mayor go to your left and explore the up left corner side you might find him there i did
and in town hall again all the way in the back by all the nano stations hes right in front of all the terminals

21 09 2011
Player 66

wheres the clyde with the toonami helm

3 11 2011
Player 76

fosters home has up to 3 of them i saw them there

27 11 2011

they are not there any more

23 11 2011
Toasterstrudel ( changed caps and crap)

one is at mandarks at fosters i will be there help me find it
OZw: You mean ‘and’ Foster’s? The one in Foster’s is near that bit with the statues. I’m not sure about Genius Grove though.

21 12 2011

He means the building beside foster’s that is being build by mandark.
and It has a clyde In it. But sometimes it disappears and goes to a lvl 15 area either in the wilds or in downtown. I don’t know which one

4 12 2011
Player 87

Have a CLYDE at Orchid Bay.

4 12 2011
Player 88

Have a FUSION CLYDE at Endsville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m named Fusion Clyde because it’s looks like a Fusion, but is named Killer Clyde too.

21 01 2012
Player 105

where is it

21 12 2011

Put the one in fosters too

1 01 2012
Awesome Guy (Blade Bronzealien)

there is a killer clyde in he pimpleback mountain just outside the area where gwen is

5 02 2012
This guy(Abner Druidvampire lvl.24)

I also found one in Orchid Bay.Or I think it was Bravo Beach.

6 04 2012
Fusion Thunderflame

I need help finding clydes because all I found after 2 hours of searching every inch of Orchid Bay was a level 15 killer clyde and I’m only level 9
OZw: That’s why going to higher lvl areas are dangerous when you’re lower than that lvl. As I found out when the game became free. Anyway, try going on Youtube or something to find them, cause I haven’t seen one in months.

2 06 2012
fusion b

I saw a level ten killer clyde in orchid bay when I kill it ther was this item calld fusion hunter. I Guss it give me extra fusion matter.
OZw: Sweet!

7 06 2012


19 08 2012
Aahad Vakani

i found one in the pimpleback mountains when i was on lvl 17

7 08 2013
Player 180

i wanna find the helmet I got the armor

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