FusionFall Yearbook 2015

2015 had actually been quite a busy year for FusionFall. Well… busier than the majority of the first half of the decade, at least. Especially with the announcement of TWO FUSIONFALL: LEGACIES?! Of course, that was eventually worked out and two merged into one… kind of. Plus other news, which we shall look at. ^_^


Not a lot happened as it was still early days for the FFL team. In fact, it still is, and I’m typing this in December! BUT that didn’t stop anything from happening at all as the FusionFall: Legacy team pulled quite an evil prank on April Fool’s Day. The game’s launcher was up and running, the game having a window of it’s own, the loading screen, FFL’s own main theme playing… seemed quite promising and exciting… BUT unfortunately, Rick Astley is still popular. Thank you, FFL… thank you so ****ing much… >.>


Yup. Slightly new format idea; seasons instead of months. In case I don’t quite remember the month or the news was spread out across several months. Yes, I am aware April is in the spring, ssssh.

Over a couple of months, FFL released a Birthday Bash-like surprise picture, where almost all characters were blacked-out while they reveal the characters one-by-one. These included (but were not limited to) Gumball and Darwin, Robot Jones (whatever happened to him, anyway?), Buck Tuddrussel and Larry 3000 and Chicken.


Near the start of the season, some new FusionFall: Legacy started to emerge… but… why? Simply enough, it was something like the original somehow… disappeared… or at least it seemed like it. I may have gotten this wrong, but this is all I remember due to limited both memory and archived info. *Shrugs* Like I said before, however, it was eventually resolved. And without the use of excessive violence, bad language and bloodshed! It’s what makes the FF community so much civilised from most other fan bases… we only use a necessary amount of violence, language and blood. c:

AND as you may be able to tell from the picture (yes, we have pictures now. Ain’t that great?), there was a contest! The contest had three competitions. The first was a caption contest, with the other two being art contests (although as of typing this, the 2nd art contest is still labeled as on-going. WELL… it doesn’t say it’s ended, but it does say when it did end. :\ ),

On the 16th of August (or the 7th of some weird 16th month cause you Americans really like to be too different from the rest of this pitiful planet), the contest ended. HOWEVER! The winners were only announced for the caption contest. The winners were…

  1. Poppleworks
  2. Shawmon
  3. Przzyfied

Before you ask, no I didn’t enter. I’m no good with caption contests. 😛 FINALLY on the 23rd of August, missions were added to the still-in-alpha FusionFall: Legacy. Not really anything of use to us as we still can’t play as of yet, but it’s still nice to know we’d have something productive to do once we do get to play. 🙂


AT LAST! On the 2nd, Legacy announced that we would finally get a chance to check out this new, extended FusionFall that they themselves had created! ‘Twas only to be a demo, of course, but everyone was thrilled, nonetheless. Finally, on the 26th, we got a chance to play! 😀

…Sort of… plans to show the game off outside videos and pictures were kinda… delayed. So instead, we got the chance to register our character for when the time finally comes (Goddess only knows when that is…) in an original character creation-like… well, demo. The pre-registration was almost exactly like the original game’s original character creation from 2008-2011, with the ability to choose your clothes.

New players might be wondering “clothes? Is that it?”, but no, it wasn’t. Yes, you got to choose your gender, face, hairstyle, and hair, skin and eye colours, but unfortunately, the height slider was not yet functional… we did, however, see the return of the Type-a-Name function that was for-some-reason removed when FF went Free 2 Play. But while the original’s had one text box where you can choose a first and last name, this had 3. One for the first, one for the middle and one for the last. Annoyingly though, the middle and last names were separated, so I said “bye” to making “Oliver Zombieweasel” a typed name like I did all those moons ago, so I went with the Pick-a-Name option instead.

After that fairly-eventful year, I bet you can’t wait to see what 2016 brings, eh? Well, neither can I. The time is now! The hero… is you!


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