Expired Codes

Codes can be used to redeem items for you character(s). To redeem a code all you have to do is:


  • Zak Saturday – ffccryptidhunter
  • Fiskerton – ffcforestphantom
  • Fourarms – ffcfourarmspower
  • Humongousaur – ffcben10dinosaur
  • Goop – ffcheroaliengoo
  • Cheese – ffcbrotherladies
  • Big Chill – ffcicebreathhero
  • Bloo – ffcimaginarypals


  • Press Hat- ffcheroreporters
  • Beach Visor – ffcsandyandsunny
  • Bandito Hat – ffchowdypardners
  • Ninja Mask – ffcdirectorscuts
  • Earthquake Hat – ffcimpendingdoom
  • Fusion Beret – ffcinthetrenches
  • Western Hat – ffcmotionpicture
  • Underwater Helmet – ffctheatricality
  • Gridiron Helmet – ffcthezerotohero
  • Viking Helmet – ffcepicspectacle
  • Web-Head – ffcarachnidberet
  • Sedge Hat – ffcmartialartist
  • Turkey Head – ffcranberrysauce
  • Rooster Hat – ffcfeatherfriend
  • Native Headdress – ffceremonialgear
  • Buried Treasure Hat – ffcxmarksthespot
  • Idea Hat – ffcbighugefinish
  • Birthday Candle Hat – ffcandlebirthday
  • Blood Gnat Exterminator Hat – ffcexterminating
  • Leprechaun Hat – ffccoolsaintphat
  • Finn Hat – ffconeawesomehat (Now a mission reward in the mission ‘Princess, Princess, PRINCESS!’)
  • April Fool’s Hat – ffcajokestershat
  • Ship Mechomorph Helmet – ffcupgradeforyou (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Nanomech Helmet – ffcbuzzingaround (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Water Hazard Helmet – ffcmyjumboshrimp (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Swampfire Helmet – ffcatotalhothead (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Armodrillo Helmet – ffcthehammerhead (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Patriotic Hat – ffcredwhitenblue
  • Vampire Head – ffckillervampire
  • Sym-Bionic Helmet – ffcbigbluehelmet
  • Owl Guardian Mask – ffcnoblewarriors
  • Ultimate Aggregor Helmet – ffcmapofinfinity (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • AmpFibian Head – ffclightningfast (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Wildmutt Head – ffcslobberybeast (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Goop UFO – ffcnewcropcircle (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Ultimate Humungosaur Helmet – ffcmeanergreener (Expired! Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • NRG and Ultimate Kevin Heads – ffcinfernoarmory (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Backpacks

  • Cryptid Batpack – ffcbatpackfeb09
  • Spooky Cape – ffchillsnthrills
  • Stinkfly Wings – ffcinsectoidhero (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Big Chill Wings – ffcoldalienwings (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Superhero Cape – ffcawesomepowers
  • Moon Pack – ffcintothecosmos
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey Arms – ffcthewebcrawler (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Ultimate Big Chill Wings – ffcfreezerflames (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Brainstorm Backpack – ffcmrsmartypants (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • AmpFibian Tendrils – ffcjellyfishzaps (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Jiggler – ffclildancingguy
  • Ghostfreak Tendrils – ffcgetfreakedout (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Ultimate Humungosaur Tail – ffclggreenertail (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)
  • Wizard’s Beautious Wings – ffcultimatemagik
  • Firebreather Wings – ffchalfkaijuking
  • Boogie Pack – ffchighflyingfun


  • Director’s Glasses – ffcohnoyoudidnot
  • Incognito Mask – ffcbighouseblues
  • Surgical Goggles – ffcomedicsurgery
  • Scary Mask – ffcscarychainsaw
  • Bank Robber Mask – ffconelastbigjob
  • Spy Goggles – ffcmajorintrigue
  • Detective Monocle – ffcrimethrillers
  • Rock and Roll shades – ffcdrumsanddrama
  • Upchuck Mouth – ffcbottomlesspit (Now available in the Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. in Ship’s Interior)


  • Kimchi Cloud – ffctake1foraspin (Now available at Kevin’s Hot Rod Rentals)
  • Ben 10 Hoverboard – ffcfreevehicle4u (Now available in Ship’s Interior)
  • Knishmas Kimchi Cloud – ffcknishmaszooms ( Now available at Holosuit Vendors during the Knishmas event)
  • Generator Rex Hoverboard – ffcflyinginstyle
  • Viridian Hoverboard – ffcgrabgreentogo
  • Ice King Bolt Hoverboard – ffcthekingofcool (Now available at the Adventure Time Racing Vendor)
  • Agent Six Hoverboard – ffcstealthyninja (Now available at the Generator Rex Racing Vendor)
  • Rojo Flying Motorcycle – ffcrevtheengines (Now available at the Ben 10 Racing Vendor )


  • TDWT Team CIRRRRH Shirt, TDWT Team Victory Shirt, and TDWT Team Amazon Shirt – ffcgotteamspirit
  • Unnatural History Hoodie – ffcnaturalskills
  • Lumpy Space Princess Shirt – ffcwhatevers2009 (Now available via Treasure Chests)
  • Teetrunks Shirt – ffcwomanlycharms (Now available via Treasure Chests)
  • Marceline Shirt – ffcteammarceline (Now available via Treasure Chests)
  • Mr. Cupcake Shirt – ffcchocolatebody (Now available via Treasure Chests)
  • Finn Tee, Jake Tee and Ice King Tee – ffcadventuretime (Now available via Treasure Chests)
  • TDWT Leshawna Shirt – ffcdanceimpared
  • TDWT Trent Shirt – ffcgwensgoldcrush
  • TDWT DJ Shirt – ffcmamaknowsbest
  • TDWT Owen Shirt – ffceatingmachine
  • TDWT Duncan Shirt – ffcgreenhairpunk
  • Tower Prep Jacket – ffcmysteryschool
  • Firebreather Shirt – ffcdragonsbreath


  • Firebreather Pants – ffcdragonsbreath
  • Cyber-Shogun Techno-Zori – ffcyaspecialgift


  • Firebreather Shoes – ffcdragonsbreath


  • Schnitzel Rock-it Launcher – ffcschnitzelbooms (Now available in Chowder’s Mouth)

235 responses

24 05 2011


26 05 2011
mark explorerair (Robbie)


5 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

why is there no more codes to type in huh huh!?
OZw: They’re coming back soon.

5 03 2012
agent quickdrake

do you kno when
OZw: Nope. The FF team just said that they were gonna bring the codes back. Not when.

7 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

well at least we have eye guy stuff

10 07 2011
Player 33

OZw: I think you can get it from one of the hidden Adventure Time treasure chests

10 08 2012

I have a jiggler backpack got it from a treasure chest
OZw: I got mine from when it was a code… Though I don’t where it very often.

9 02 2013
Player 161

i got a jiggler shirt from a chest

18 07 2011

how do we use the nano capsules

4 12 2011
Player 86

type in the code click your person click play go to your stuff click the capsle pick a power and then you have it

6 03 2012

go to your stuff and go to to nanos click on them and a small screen will pop up and at the bottom of that screen there is a open butten click it.

4 02 2013
Player 160

Go to your inventory open the capsule choose power then go to a nano station switch your nanos then u can use them in battle if u dont know how to use the power then press the “x” key on your keyboard

2 08 2011
agent wolfshoes

if your wondering how to get the rocket stezl luncher climb does things in chowder mouthe spring is the taste buds.
OZw: I remember when that was a code to celebrate the final Chowder episode. I like the Schnitzel Rocket Launcher´s description – Radda boom!

17 08 2011
agent wolfshoes

the hat with the spider is comeing back soon
OZw: I hope it does. I haven´t got it for Zombieweasel yet. Let´s hope Dracula comes back as well.

20 08 2011
agent wolfshoes

at the left bottom of the screen i found a 🙂 face
OZw: I have no idea why that´s there. It´s on every WordPress site…

21 10 2011
Allen Angrywolf

The rock in roll shades dont work
OZw: That’s because they’re expired.

21 10 2011
Allen Angrywolf

hey.. Oliver your awsome… You are like the only one who always updates his site… If i ever meet you i would give you my purple guitar.
OZw: I’m the only one who works on this site. And no need to give me the purple guitar. I already got one.

27 10 2011
Allen Angrywolf

Ok…Do you know which is your favorite item.Plz.
I like the Big Chill Wings, Cool Shade Sunglasses (Even though they’re the same as the Numbuh One and Agent Six glasses), Supervillain Cape (Again, same as the Dark Avenger Cape), the Ben 10 sets and the Finn, Rex and Alien X Nano Codes (The Nano codes were a great idea until they made ones for Rigby, Gumball, Mordecai, Darwin, Princess Bubblegum, Way Big, Spidermonkey, Bobo Haha and Ultimate Wildmutt). Not to mention the Clockwork Set (Which is unfortunately for ex-Unlimited Access subscribers. I still like it though) and the Cyber Sho-gun set.

9 10 2012

which website do you go to to find the ultimate wildmutt and way big nano code!!!!
OZw: They’re not released yet.

27 10 2011
Allen Angrywolf

Dude I played Fusionfall Today and there was someone called Rare Zombieweasel if that’s you OMG if not………He stole it
OZw: There’s a lot of people with Zombieweasel in they’re name. It’s hard to pick a name with that last name that isn’t taken anymore. And no, it wasn’t me.

27 10 2011
Allen Angrywolf

Wat about the Angels Prayer
OZw: I dunno since I haven’t got those. But since they’re ultra rare, they’re cool.

28 10 2011
Rare Zombieweasel

Sorry i took yo name. I can give you the angels prayer
OZw: No prob. You wouldn’t believe how many players in FusionFall have Zombieweasel as their last name. A fact I learned last weekend while creating a new character for my videos. And no need to give me the wings. Just tell me how to get them. I need more taros so just telling me will be useful. I think I was thinking of using Rare Zombieweasel anyway. But no problem anyway.

29 10 2011
aiden bronze blade

i want moore

nowe nowe mooiore

31 10 2011
Rare Zombieweasel

You can get Angels Prayer here and these items at the E.G.G.E.R
Truffles Hat 29 Common
Sailor Cap 29 Common
Sara Bellum Wig 29 Common
Johnny Hair 29 Common
Dinobonoid Helmet 29 Common
Cyber Shield Helmet 29 Common
Uniscorn Cape 29 Common
Xtreme Snowboard Goggles 29 Common
Superhero Cowl 29 Uncommon
Genjutsu Hood 33 Uncommon
Xtra Xtreme Goggles 33 Uncommon
Kenjutsu Hood 29 Uncommon
Hyper Shield Helmet 29 Uncommon
Aku’s Flaming Eye 29 Uncommon
Angel Wings 29 Rare
Archangel Wings 33 Rare
Eduardo’s Horned Helmet 29 Rare
Military Beret 29 Rare
High Seas Raider 29 Ultra Rare
Devil Wings 29 Ultra Rare
Angel’s Prayer 29 Ultra Rare
High Seas Captain 29 Ultra Rare
Battle Beret 29 Ultra Rare

31 10 2011
Rare Zombieweasel

You can get Angels Prayer here and these items at the E.G.G.E.R in the Forsaken Valley

Sara Bellum Wig 29 Common
Johnny Hair 29 Common
Dinobonoid Helmet 29 Common
Cyber Shield Helmet 29 Common
Uniscorn Cape 29 Common
Xtreme Snowboard Goggles 29 Common
Superhero Cowl 29 Uncommon
Genjutsu Hood 33 Uncommon
Xtra Xtreme Goggles 33 Uncommon
Kenjutsu Hood 29 Uncommon
Hyper Shield Helmet 29 Uncommon
Aku’s Flaming Eye 29 Uncommon
Angel Wings 29 Rare
Archangel Wings 33 Rare
Military Beret 29 Rare
High Seas Raider 29 Ultra Rare
Devil Wings 29 Ultra Rare
Angel’s Prayer 29 Ultra Rare
OZw: Out of all of those, I’ve only got the Military Beret. And the Aku Eyes out already? Cool.

31 10 2011
Allen Angrywolf

Hey O- man can you add me. You are awesome
OZw: Yeah, k. When I get on next.

1 11 2011
Allen Angrywolf


Tech Tactical Shirt : Great Shellslug (confirmed) LVL 36
Tech Tactical Pants : Shellslug (Confirmed) LVL 35
Tech Tactical Shoes : Great Eyebulb (Confirmed) LVL 34

Ameythyst Angel Shirt: Jurassic Centurion (Confirmed) LVL 34
Ameythyst Angel Legs: Scoria Cephalapods (Confirmed) LVL 36
Amethyst Angel Shoes: Eyebores (Confirmed) LVL 35

Cannonbolt Shirt : Jurassic Centurion (Confirmed) LVL 34
Cannonbolt Leggings : Meteoric Guardian (Confirmed) LVL 36
Cannonbolt Combat Boots : Slag Chepalopod & Eyebore LVL 35

Open Circuit Shirt : Scoria Chepalopod (Confirmed) LVL 36
Open Circuit Pants : Eyebore (Confirmed) LVL 35
Open Circuit Shoes : Great Shellworm (Confirmed) LVL 34

Taijutsu Shirt : Eyebore & Slag Chepalopod (Confirmed) LVL 35
Taijutsu Pants : Great Eyebulb (Confirmed) LVL 34
Taijutsu Sneaks : Scoria Chepalopod (Confirmed) LVL 36

Giga Shield Shirt : Meteoric Guardian (Confirmed) LVL 36
Giga Shield Pants : Slag Chepalopod (Confirmed) LVL 35
Giga Shield Boots : Great Shellworm (Confirmed) LVL 34

Jungle Shirt : Scoria Chepalopod (Confirmed) LVL 36
Jungle Pants : Eyebore (Confirmed) LVL 35
Jungle Boots : Great Shellworm (Confirmed) LVL 34

Ben 10 Items:
Ben 10 Jacket: Meteoric Guardian (Confirmed) LVL 36
Stinkfly StinkBomb : Eyebulbs (Confirmed) LVL 33
Swampfire Torch: Razor Mantis (Confirmed) LVL 27
Wildvine Seedbomb : Meteoric Guardian (Confirmed) LVL 36
Petrosapien Shard : Gear Goliath (Confirmed) LVL 23
Brainstorm Shock Cannon : Master Tentakiller (Confirmed) LVL 17

Leviathan (Red): Dire Apes & Volcano Vaulter (Confirmed) LVL 27
Bullhead Leviathan (Yellow): Creepasaurus Rex. (Confirmed) LVL 29
Sandtiger Leviathan (Green): Skull Bashers (Confirmed) LVL 31
Hammerhead Leviathan (Blue): Eyebulbs (Confirmed) LVL 33
Great White Leviathan (Purple): Eyebores (Confirmed) LVL 35

Apples of Discord :
Apple of Discord : Triceraclaw
Pewter Apple of Discord : Stone Drake (Confirmed) LVL 30
*** Apple of Discord : Bully Behemoths (Confirmed)
Custom Apple of Discord : Great Eyebulb (Confirmed) LVL 34
Dark Apple of Discord : Meteoric Guardian (Confirmed) LVL 36

Omega Series :
Omega Gun : Fossil Brawlers/ Fossil Crawlers (Confirmed) LVL 28
Omega Grunt : Freakosaurus & Stone Drake (Confirmed) LVL 30
Omega Outlaw : Dark Fusionfly & Bully Behemoths(Confirmed) LVL 32
Omega Cutthroat : Great Shellworm (Confirmed) LVL 34
Omega Roughneck : Meteoric Guardian (Confirmed) LVL 36

Vulcan Carbine Set:
Vulcan Carbine First Class: Alpha Archanid
Vulcan Carbine Master Class: Dagger Mantis
Vulcan Carbine Officer Class: ….
Vulcan Carbine Elite Class: Hydraulic Enforcers (Confirmed) LVL 24
Vulcan Carbine Perfect Class: Fowl Freaks (Confirmed) LVL 26

Fuse Series:
Fuse Jammer : Volcano Toad (Confirmed) LVL 27
Fuse Disruptor : Creeposaurus Rex (Confirmed) LVL 29
Fuse Dissipater : Fusion Fly & Skull Basher (Confirmed) LVL 31
Fuse Decomposer : Eyebulb & Meteoric Sentry LVL 33
Fuse Disintegrator : Slag Chepalopod (Confirmed) LVL 35

Brigadier Shirt: ….
Brigadier Pants: Killowatt
Brigadier Boots: ….
Commandant Shirt: Terrordactyl & Fossil Brawler (Confirmed) LVL 28
Commandant Pants: Volcano vaulter (Confirmed) LVL 27
Commandant Boots: Slizzards (Confirmed) LVL 26

Circuit Sets:
Parallel Circuit Shirt: ….
Parallel Circuit Pants: Blowfish Rudy
Parallel Circuit Shoes ….
Series Circuit Set: Mission Rewards
Closed Circuit Set: Final Thronambular Mission Reward

Dynamo Sets/Powerpuff Girl Items:
Bubbles Dynamo Head: E.G.G.E.R
Bubbles Dynamo Shirt: Pneumatic Bears (Confirmed) LVL 22
Bubbles Dynamo Legs: Horror Kings/Timber Creepers) LVL 21
Bubbles Dynamo Shoes: Dagger Mantis (Confirmed) LVL 20
Buttercup Dynamo Head: Mt. Blackhead E.G.G.E.R
Buttercup Dynamo Shirt: Brackish Beast (Confirmed) LVL 25
Buttercup Dynamo Legs: Golems in are 51.5 (Confirmed)
Buttercup Dynamo Shoes : Oil Ogres (Confirmed)

Gang Green Gang Jackets :
Snake Jacket : Volcano Vaulter/ Volcano Toads (Confirmed) LVL 27
Grubber Jacket : Miasma Hulks (Confirmed) LVL 30
Big Billy Jacket: Shellworm (Confirmed) LVL 33
Ace Jacket: All Green Maw monsters (Confirmed) LVL 35
Little Arturo jacket: Great eyebubls/Great Shellslugs (Confirmed) LVL 36

Planetary Shatterguns :
Planetary Commander : …..
Planetary Commando : ……
Planetary Cavalier : Dark Fusionfly (Confirmed) LVL 32
Planetary Legionnaire : Shellslug (Confirmed) LVL 34
Planetary Mercenary : Meteoric Guardian (Confirmed) LVL 36

Nose Shatterguns:
Needlenose Rifle: Boardwalk Bully
Steelnose Rifle: Riot Rogue/Heavy Puncher
Narrownose Rifle: Timber Creeper
Spearnose Rifle: Gear Goliaths
Hardnose Rifle: Grime Serpent

Pitch Pistols:
Sonic Pitch Pistol : Master Tentakiller & Boardwalk Brawler (Confirmed) lvl 17
Low-Range Pitch Pistol : Granite Grabber (Confirmed) LVL 19
Mid-Range Pitch Pistol : Skeeter Spawns/ Horror Kings (Confirmed) LVL 21
High-Range Pitch Pistol : Oil Ogres (Confirmed) LVL 23
Omni-Range Pitch Pistol : Fowl Fiend (Confirmed) LVL 25

Val Hallens’s Guitars:
Val Hallen Guitar : Broadwalk Bully (Confirmed) LVL 17
Val Hallens Axe: Granite Grabbers & Welders in Morbuck IZ (Confirmed) LVL 19
Val Hallens Six String: Timber Creepers (Confirmed) LVL 21
Val Hallens Shredder: Aubergine Master (Confirmed) LVL 23
Val Hallens Hammer: Brackish Beast and Grime Serpent (Confirmed) LVL 25

Angel Sets:
Saphhire Angel Shirt: Shellworms (Confirmed) LVL 33
Sapphire Angel Leggings : Ghastly Growth & Dark Fusionfly (Confirmed) LVL 32
Sapphire Angel Shoes : Fusionfly (Confirmed) LVL 31

Ruby Angel Shirt: Cyberus Zero
Ruby Angel Leggings: Horror Kings & Demolition Bear
Ruby Angel Shoes : Doom Digger

Gold Angel Set: Mission Rewards

Emerald Angel Set: Mission Rewards

Tech Sets :
Tech Saboteur Shirt: Necro Mashers (Confirmed) LVL 20
Tech Saboteur Pants: Creeper Kings (Confirmed) LVL 19
Tech Saboteur Shoes: Squish Scalers (Confirmed) LVL 18

Tech Spy Shirt: Fowl Freak & Aubergine Masters (Confirmed) LVL 23
Tech Spy Pants: ….
Tech Spy Shoes: Timber Creepers (Confirmed) LVL 21

Tech Flight Shirt: Cryptoworm (Confirmed) LVL 26
Tech Flight Pants: Tech Queen (Confirmed) LVL 25
Tech Flight Shoes: Hydraulic Enforcer (Confirmed) LVL 24

Tech Camo Shirt : Mission CRATE, Eyebulb, Meteoric Sentry
Tech Camo Pants : Ghastly Growth
Tech Camo shoes : FusionFly

Forever Knight’s Laser Lances :
Laser Lance Mark I : Frilled Fiend (Confirmed) LVL 28
Laser Lance Mark II : Lizard King (Confirmed) LVL 30
Laser Lance Mark III : Ghastly Growth (Confirmed) LVL 32
Laser Lance Mark IV : Great Eyebulb (Confirmed) LVL 34
Laser Lance Mark V : Scoria Chepalopod (Confirmed) LVL 36

Superhero Like Sets:
Space cop Boots: Turbo Jetskills (Confirmed)
Space cop Pants: Granite Grabbers (Confirmed)
Space cop Shirt: Wild Wings (Confirmed)

Underfist Shirt: Maelstrom Creepers (Confirmed)
Underfist Pants: Scrap Tyrants (Confirmed)
Underfist Shoes: Mummy Monsters (Confirmed)

Major Glory Shirt : Fusion Blowfish Rudy (Confirmed)
Major Glory Pants : Sonic Scorpion (Rumored, not yet confirmed)
Major Glory Boots : Vile Cabinets (Confirmed)
Major Glory Mask : Peach Creek E.G.G.E.R.
Major Glory Cape : Downtown E.G.G.E.R.

Engine Shatterguns:
Atomic Engine: Sickle Simians (Confirmed) LVL 27
Electro Engine: Magma Hulk (Confirmed) LVL 29
Neutrino Engine: Fusionfly (Confirmed) LVL 31
Proto Engine: Shellworms (Confirmed) LVL 33
Quark Engine: Scoria Cephalapods (Confirmed) LVL 35

Bio-Plasma Cannons:
Bio-Plasma Cannon: Fossil Brawlers (Confirmed) LVL 28
Heavy Bio-Plasma Cannon: Lizard Kings (Confirmed) LVL 30
Reinforced Bio-Plasma Cannon : Ghastly Growth & Bully Behemoth (Confirmed) LVL 32
Tactical Bio-Plasma Cannon : Great Shellworm (Confirmed) LVL 34
*** Bio-Plasma Cannon: Great Shellslugs (Confirmed) LVL 36

Toxic Heater Set:
Toxic Heater : Turbo Jetskill & Cootie (Confirmed)
Charged Toxic Heater : Wild Wings (Confirmed)
Supercharged Toxic Heater : Cyberus (Confirmed)
Elite Toxic Heater : Hydraulic Enforcer (Confirmed)
Ultimate Toxic Heater : Slizzard (Confirmed)

Lowlander Set:
Lowlander Tunic : Stone Drake & Freakosaurus (Confirmed) LVL 30
Lowlander Pants : Lizard Queens (Confirmed) LVL 29
Lowlander Shoes : Fossil Crawlers (Confirmed) LVL 28

Speedster Set:
Speedster Shirt: Oil Ogres (Confirmed)
Speedster Pants: Pneumatic Bears (Confirmed)
Speedster Boots: Canyon Stalkers (Confirmed)

Fosters Stuff:
Eduardo Vest : Meteoric Sentry, Eyebulbs, Shellworm (Confirmed)
Eduardo’s Pantalones: Dark Fusionflies (Confirmed)
Eduardo Zapatos: Wooly Behemoths (Confirmed)

Coco Palm Headpiece: Mt. Blackhead E.G.G.E.R (Confirmed)
Coco Plane Top : Stone Drake (Confirmed)
Coco Plane Leggings : Lizard Queen (Confirmed)
Coco Bird Feet : Fossil Brawler & Fossil Crawlers (Confirmed)

Cutlass Series:
Space Cutlass: Terrordactyls (Confirmed) LVL 28
Rocket Cutlass: Blowfish Tootie (Confirmed) LVL 30
Asteroid Cutlass: Dark Fusionfly (Confirmed) LVL 32
Orbital Cutlass: Jurassic Centurion (Confirmed) LVL 34
Infinity Cutlass: Meteoric Guardian (Confirmed) LVL 36

The Legendary Swords:
Valerion’s Sword : Horror Kings/ Timber Creepers (Confirmed) LVL 21
Foster’s F-Blade : Pneumatic Bear & Canyon Collossus (Confirmed) LVL 22
Stone Sword of the Undead : Oil Ogres (Confirmed) LVL 23
Hex’s staff : Killowatts (Confirmed) LVL 24

Rifle Series:
Style Rifle: Triceraclaw (Confirmed) LVL 28
Hipster Rifle: Misiama Hulks (Confirmed) LVL 30
Glamour Rifle: Dark Glade Mammoths (Confirmed) LVL 32
Fashion Rifle: Eyebores in Precipice (Confirmed) LVL 34
Couture Rifle: Scoria Cephalapod (Confirmed) LVL 36

Egyptian Sets:
Amenhotep Shirt: Scoria Cephalopods (Confirmed) LVL 36
Amenhotep legs: Slag Cephalopods (Confirmed) LVL 35
Amenhotep shoes: Jurassic Centurions (Confirmed) LVL 34

Ramses Shirt : Father Freakosaurus LVL 30
Ramses Legs: Magma Hulks (Confirmed) LVL 29
Ramses Shoes: Triceraclops (Confirmed) LVL 28

Cheops shoes: Skull Bashers (Confirmed) LVL 36
Cheops pants: Shellworms (Confirmed)
tutankahmen shoes: Gear Goliaths (Confirmed)
Pharoah Leggings: Timber Creepers (Confirmed)

Don Doom Drops (All LVL 5) :
Master Toxic Mask
Don Doom Scouter
Don Doom Shirt
Don Doom Pants
Don Doom Boots
Master Spiral Twister
Master Toxic Heater

Bad Max Drops (All LVL 5) :
Bad Max Helmet
Bad Max shirt
Bad Max pants
Bad Max Boots
Bad Max Concussor
Master Screwdriver Blade

2 11 2011
Allen Angrywolf

O man can you put my other post on your site plz. I worked really hard. here is all the E.G.G.E.R items. WORKED HARD TOO!! I gathered info from other people so dont give me all credit.

Sector V (The Future) – Levels 1 to 4

[-]Peach Creek Commons – Levels 5 to 12

Chicken Hat 5 Common
Diva Dynamite Goggles 5 Common
Him Mask 5 Common
Funny Eyes 5 Common
Rainbow Monkey Helmet 5 Common
Pink Wing Glasses 9 Common
Bear Hat 5 Common
Sun Visor 5 Common
Round Ribbon Hat 5 Common
Combat Goggles 9 Common
Infrared Goggles 9 Common
Fish Bag 5 Uncommon
Korean Mask 9 Uncommon
High Seas Stowaway 5 Uncommon
Motorcycle Helmet 5 Uncommon
Bat Sunglasses 9 Uncommon
Numbuh Two Flight Helmet 5 Uncommon
Delightful Football Helmet 5 Uncommon
Hypno Glasses 9 Uncommon
Mandark Racing Helmet 5 Uncommon
Octi Backpack 5 Rare
Domino Mask 5 Rare
Masked Mumbler Helmet 5 Rare
Numbuh One Shades 5 Rare
Tangelo Colander 5 Rare
Barbarian Helmet 5 Rare
Jeff Helmet 9 Rare
Orlando Bloo Disguise 9 Rare
Chowder Hat 9 Rare
Racer D Helmet 5 Ultra Rare
Butterfly Wings 5 Ultra Rare
Dark Cloak 5 Ultra Rare
Uniscorn Helmet 9 Ultra Rare
Brainstorm Helmet 9 Ultra Rare
Major Glory Mask 9 Ultra Rare
Nergal Tendrils 5 Ultra Rare

[-]Townsville Center – Levels 13 to 20

Felt Hat 13 Common
Electro Hat 13 Common
Sombrero 13 Common
Wizard Hat 13 Common
Bean Scout Hat 17 Common
Gas Mask 17 Common
Vampire Cape 17 Common
Ski Cap 17 Common
Pardner Hat 13 Uncommon
Deer Headdress 13 Uncommon
Pharaoh Headpiece 13 Uncommon
Rocket Pack 13 Uncommon
Wooden Hat 13 Uncommon
Echo Echo Sonic Pack 17 Uncommon
Gatsby Cap 17 Uncommon
Dexter Glasses 17 Uncommon
Mask of Ah Puk 17 Rare
Bladed Cloak 13 Rare
Tribal Cloak 17 Rare
Doyle Mask 13 Rare
Cyber Goggles 13 Rare
Fox Headdress 13 Rare
Cowpoke Hat 17 Rare
Pirate’s Eye Patch 13 Rare
Hector Helmet 13 Ultra Rare
Dark Avenger Cape 13 Ultra Rare
Space Cop Mask 13 Ultra Rare
Tutankhamun Headpiece 17 Ultra Rare
Blue Dynamo Helmet 17 Ultra Rare
Paroah headpice 17 Ultra Rare
Major Glory Cape 13 Ultra Rare
[-]Mount Blackhead – Levels 21 to 28

Bear Headdress 21 Common
Ski Goggles 21 Common
Frog Hat 21 Common
Eustace Fright Mask 25 Common
Buckaroo Hat 21 Common
Wolf Headdress 21 Common
Skull Helmet 21 Common
Rawhide Hat 25 Common
Snowboard Goggles 25 Common
Ornamental Cloak 25 Uncommon
Monkey Helmet 25 Uncommon
Fred Fredburger Mask 21 Uncommon
Sherriff Hat 25 Uncommon
Scouter Lens 21 Uncommon
Truffle Glasses 21 Uncommon
Alien Beanie 21 Uncommon
Eagle Headdress 25 Rare
Mecha Shield Helmet 25 Rare
Ninjitsu Hood 25 Rare
Xtreme Ski Goggles 21 Rare
Extraterrestrial Beanie 21 Rare
Lucky Girl Mask 21 Rare
High Seas Buccaneer 21 Rare
Speedster Helmet 21 Ultra Rare
Jojutsu Hood 21 Ultra Rare
Chromastone Helmet 25 Ultra Rare
XLR8 Speed Helmet 25 Ultra Rare
Green Dynamo Helmet 25 Ultra Rare
Coco Palm Tree Headpiece 25 Ultra Rare

[-]Forsaken Valley – Levels 29 to 36

Truffles Hat 29 Common
Sailor Cap 29 Common
Sara Bellum Wig 29 Common
Johnny Hair 29 Common
Dinobonoid Helmet 29 Common
Cyber Shield Helmet 29 Common
Uniscorn Cape 29 Common
Xtreme Snowboard Goggles 29 Common
Superhero Cowl 29 Uncommon
Genjutsu Hood 33 Uncommon
Xtra Xtreme Goggles 33 Uncommon
Kenjutsu Hood 29 Uncommon
Hyper Shield Helmet 29 Uncommon
Aku’s Flaming Eye 29 Uncommon
Angel Wings 29 Rare
Archangel Wings 33 Rare
Eduardo’s Horned Helmet 29 Rare
Military Beret 29 Rare
High Seas Raider 29 Ultra Rare
Devil Wings 29 Ultra Rare
Angel’s Prayer 29 Ultra Rare
High Seas Captain 29 Ultra Rare
Battle Beret 29 Ultra Rare

You can put this in your site
I was thinking on putting them on lol. But I will when I can.

2 11 2011
Allen Angrywolf

Can i help on the site by giving info to you.I can give you the full story if fusionfall. Copy and paste this link to the TOP search not google.


it is the INTIRE story of Fusionfall

2 11 2011
Oliver Zombieaftershock

Hey Allen. It would be cool if you worked together. O-man and Allen…hey Allen good info….but not as good as O-man. I LOVE FUSIONFALLLLLL

2 11 2011
Allen Angrywolf

MORE STUFF!! This is a guide in how to defeat Fuse. PUT THIS ON YOUR SITE

Fuse is one of the strongest monsters in the game, surpassed only by the Don Doom, Bad Max, Fusion Kimchi, the turrets inside Vilgax’s ship and the Fusion Blowfishes, Rudy, Cootie, Judy, and Tootie, all of which posess incredible defensive power.

You should probably use Shatterguns and rifles which are recommended for battle with Fuse, as his more powerful abilities are triggered by moving within a certain distance. Both types of weapons can harm him beyond this distance. Damage and healing Nanos are also recommended, as Fuse’s stunning and healing abilities in the first and second forms, respectively, can make overcoming him difficult. Specific nanos would be Leech, Health, and Freedom, though the latter nano is only recommended for the first two phases

Fuse’s avatar is fought in three stages: his first body, his second body and right arm, and his third body and left arm. Each body and arm will spawn with the defeat of the previous body. Defeating the final body counts for victory even if the arms are alive. Fuse’s body cannot move from its spot, but the arms can. Fuse’s body changes type each time it is defeated.

If you move within pistol range of Fuse, his corruption and eruption attacks will be triggered. His eruption attack, in particular, covers most of his throne and will instantly KO the player regardless of health. Staying at rifle range prevents their use, though Fuse can still use his body’s abilities. Fuse’s arms each possess the abilty Fuse had in the previous phase of battle and can attack the player physically.

His body’s attacks consist of a simple melee attack, a more powerful corruption attack, and an eruption attack which instantly knocks out anyone on his platform. Unlike other monsters in the game, Fuse does not heal when the player is knocked out, unless he has the heal power.

The player begins by fighting his main body, which has the stun ability and a quick melee attack. Once that is defeated, his right arm detaches with the ability to stun and his body gains the ability to heal; both parts have their own melee attack. A shattergun will allow both to be struck at once. Thanks to his healing ability, Fuse’s body will likely take a significant amount of time to defeat. His final body causes his left arm to detach with the healing power and his body gains the damage power; both have a melee attack as before. You will achieve victory after defeating the body a third time.

4 11 2011
Allen Angrywolf

Hey I found this info from a person on Fusion fall called Kaboom Hazardclaw. (He also gave me the info for the other post about Fuse.)

Planet Fusion History

Planet Fusion is a enormous planet ruled by Lord Fuse that has been traveling through space for ages, breaking down planets and absorbing them. Now it has its sights set on our world, Earth or specifically the Cartoon Network Universe. Planet Fusion is being assisted by the planet of Anur Phaetos, Ghostfreak’s home-planet. Legend has that after this planet went through Vilgax’s planet and Anur Phaetos, it has seemed to suck up some creatures on those planets, turning them into bloodthirsty fusion creatures. Of course, Planet Fusion appears in the Background. According to the Halloween event, Fuse is behind the moon. But, apparently, areas in space such as the KND’s moon base, the moon itself, and Lumpy Space would have received similar attention as Earth and attacked.
OZw: Not to mention the other KND bases like Jupiter and Pluto. Though they probably just lost connection. Also, Planet Fusion is pretty young. It’s been travelling the galaxy for about 1000 years. It’s also been through the Glorft planet. Even though they beat Fuse. The Glorft used their giant robots which is why Fuse has infected Megas. And I don’t think Planet Fusion was behind the moon during the Halloween event 2 years ago. I think it was below it somehow. But because it was so dark, only it’s shadow could be seen. Ectonurites are also already on Earth. However, they crash landed in Area 51.5 near the ocean but outside the Nowhere Triangle. I like Planet Fusion’s history. I wish it was real.

4 11 2011
Ace Zoomrare

Hey O-man, Like what Oliver Zombieaftershock you and Allen should work together by putting posts. I like this!!!

4 11 2011
Allen Angryweasle

Hey O-man your not the only one whose name isn’t copied!!! ( I hope Allen Angrywolf dosn’t get Angry….)

4 11 2011
Allen Angrywolf

the guy who is wearing the item in the video has Angels Prayer…cool right

tell me your suggsetions

7 11 2011
Allen Angryweasle

Lets have a vote. If you want Allen Angrywolf to help Oman say Allen if not you say,O……

Lets see who wins after the next 10 new posts.
OZw: Forgot to say. To vote, just reply to this comment.

9 11 2011
Kaboom Hazardclaw


10 11 2011
Spawn Angrywolf


9 11 2011
Oliver the Aftershock

@Allen Angryweasle

9 11 2011
Kabbom Hazardclaw

@Allen Angryweasle

10 11 2011
Allen Angrgyweasle

Allen 2 SCORE O 0

10 11 2011
Allen Angrywolf

OZw: I remember that! Good times…

4 02 2012

so old XD

18 11 2011
Bobby Nigelzoom


1 12 2011
fuzion zombieweasel (lord rougerhichard) (mizeaj)

if you want the future back say i
OZw: I!

29 11 2012
Player 152

i i i i i i i i ii i i ii i ii i i i ii ii i i i ii i i i ii
OZw: …What?

14 12 2011
Allen Angrywolf


14 12 2011
Allen Angrywolf

Hey OZw do you want to work together
OZw: If I can, yeah.

17 12 2011
lod rougerhichard

the future was awsome everything easy
OZw: That’s why I liked the Future. And it fet right into the story. Though it was longer than the Academy. Me want Future back!

21 12 2011
Allen Angrywolf

R u going to put my old posts on ur site?
OZw: …Old posts…?

13 01 2012
d man 27

hey you kbow how when sometimes you get on fusion fall you cant talk? why is that? plz reply.
OZw: Yeah, that problem was there last summer. REALLY ANNOYING!!!!!

13 01 2012
d man 27

do you no why that when u get on fusion fall u cant talk and u buddy list is gone
OZw: Nope! At first during Fall last year, I thought it was gone. Then suddenly it came back.

16 01 2012

The firetrucking nano codes won’t work!
OZw: No codes work. They’ve been like that for almost a week now. SO ANNOYING!!!!

4 02 2012

I wonder when theyll start making new items again other than that new code item that just came out

18 02 2012
d man 27

hey im a lvl 25 and im out of missions and i didnt do the skull missions yet. think i should do them?
OZw: Why not? They’re not that hard. Finding them is the hard part, the rest is easy but annoying when you’re fighting monsters for a certain object and don’t get that item until you fight the 1 millionth (Of course I’m exaggerating) monster.

18 03 2012

weres the new codes owz
OZw: No new codes. Unfortunately.

3 04 2012
d man 27

i need help get ben tin jacket im max lvl and i really want ben tin jacket i got the shirt (which was easy) now i want the jacket wich is really hard to get.

7 04 2012
Allen Angrywolf

Oliver don’t you there should be houses in fusionfall? It would be a cool meeting place than getting hit by those stupid minions.
OZw: …I’ve had that idea for years…

9 04 2012
Ff Gg

Hi I’m new here Ff gg
OZw: Hey, dude.

11 04 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Do you know how I can get angel wings I’m a level 16 and every time I play 2 min. Later fusion fall freezes why?

11 04 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

And what is the strongest nano?
OZw: I’d say all of them are pretty strong. But I’d say Alien X, because of his God-like powers, but I think he’s also tied with Humungousaur.

11 04 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Do you think if a thirteen year old boy (me) that plays fusion fall a noob and that I need a life people keep on saying that to me.
OZw: Nah, cause I’m almost 16 (3 more months!), and I was 12 when started playing and I progressed pretty quickly (Ok, level-wise, I reached lvl 36 in summer 2010)… And I took a break from typing this for 2 minutes and forgot what I was gonna say… The point is, you’ll see how long it takes you to proof to the noobs that you’re not a noob!

13 04 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Thanks for the advice

13 04 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Why is there a smiley face on Ben’s hair on the bottom of the screen?

13 04 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Nvm there’s a smiley face on the bottom of screen not hair
OZw: That’s automatic and on pretty much every WordPress site.

13 04 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Where can I get angel wings?
OZw: Ya know what? I don’t know. Rendering this answer pointless… I’ll look it up in the morning cause I’m tired. 😛

14 04 2012

you get it from coco vendors in forsakenvalley there rare so you might not get them i traded to get mine

14 04 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

I wasted almost all of my taros 😦

15 04 2012

exactly i did that too thank god i traded for more coins and the the wings i would trade

14 04 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Is it possible to go to the future because I saw a couple level 36 players saying let’s go to the future and then headed off into the sea in orchard bay. Of course I was too slow to follow.
OZw: Yes it is, but only by a glitch which I can’t remember how to do.

14 04 2012

maybe idk lets see if ozw knows
OZw: Just answered! 😉

15 04 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Does fusion fall have any viruses because my computer now has tons of trojan horses and the computer keeps on restarting.
OZw: Nope. Must’ve been something else.

17 04 2012
Allen Angrywolf

Hey Oliver, I found out that rigby and mordecai are coming in fusionfall! They will be the main characters in the unknown land in the wilds! I want it to be pops house btw. Cant wait..maybe thats why ff hasn’t been updating.
OZw: Pops funny!

19 04 2012
Allen Angrywolf

lol i know right
Hey dude this layout is easier to navigate but the old one is kinda futuristic like fusionfall

21 04 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

How come I uninstalled unity web player yet I can still play fusion fall?
OZw: Ever heard of Nintendo Logic? Well now there’s Unity logic! Maybe it isn’t fully uninstalled.

21 04 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Ok thanks

21 04 2012
Player 122

I got a code for you of mordecai – ffcyeeeeeaaaahhh
OZw: We all know that dude. The Mordecai Nano came out in November last year.

23 04 2012
Allen Angrywolf

hey dude something happened in fusionfall. for sone reason i cant find any enemies anywhere!!!!!!! I cant level up
OZw: Say what…?

23 04 2012
Allen Angrywolf

Many people are saying the war is finally over!!!!!

24 04 2012
Allen Angrywolf

Have you tried logging in? I asked a friend and he said there were no enemymies. I even travled to monkey foothills at lvl 20!!!
OZw: Not yet. I will this week hopefully.

27 04 2012
Zane Brainasaurus


28 04 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Today all of a sudden, soulo shells started to appear on all of the chains a whole lot of them and I finally got the number two nano! >=)

30 04 2012
Sky BioBlade

Need help in mandark’s house.
OZw: Really…? Mandark’s House is easy! Unless you’re racing. All you have to do is jump onto the platform in front of you that goes up and down, then everything else goes on from there. The zip line bit at the top is a bit confusing though, but luckily you only need to go to that bit three times.

18 10 2012

Hai young I am trying for them from 4 days but no use what is the best time i can get them after how many days of trying u got them

30 04 2012
Sky BioBlade

Soooooo Hard. My character jumps when i don’t want to jump and in a different direction. How do i fix THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iwant to get Van Kleiss Nano but so hard and the mission says “Level 4-EASY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OZw: Oh, that’s why you find Mandark’s House hard. Maybe it’s a problem with your keyboard cause it’s never happened to me before.

24 11 2012
mikka trendysamurai

i have a jd wanna trade

30 04 2012
Sky BioBlade

Please add btw. This is my name in ff.

30 04 2012
Sky BioBlade

Cartoon Network username DarkExcalibur. Wala lang…………….
OZw: DarkExcalibur…! Pretty cool name.

5 05 2012
Sky Bioblade

Yo Oliver thanks! Do you know where to get evil Kiva Cyborg Eye in ff please add me or meet me. Cause I want to see your items.
OZw: Well I don’t have the Evil Kiva Eye piece. Anymore at least. But I know you could get it in the Future for sure! But I guess it’s now almost as rare as the blindfold, so I’m not sure where you get it now.

5 05 2012
Sky Bioblade

Oh BTW already got the problem fixed. I think it’s the particle effect. Thanks a lot.

6 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

um sorry for these many questions but how come when i try to go on to Fusion Fall it says on the screen that says launch game “Servers Are Offline”
now i cant play
OZw: I know. Dexterrocksthehouse posted a video about it on Youtube a few hours ago. Won’t matter for me, though cause FF lags too much on my computer and I won’t be going on another one for a while.

6 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

ooh and about the private thingy on your website how do i get the password (in secret)
OZw: Tbh, even I don’t know. Owen put it there and never told me the password. No one tells me anything.

6 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Wait a minute aren’t you the one that uhhhh does your thang on this website
OZw: I do many things… But unfortunately, Owen’s almost an admin.

6 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Ooh another question can you find blindfolds now cus most lvl 4,5,6 have blindfolds me included, though I forgot how, and most of them just delete them?
OZw: I don’t know where you can get them. Finding most ultra rare items are a mystery to me.

6 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

If Ff crashes like every ……. Idk 5 min. do you think i can fight Fuse?
OZw: Doubt it. It takes a while to get to Fuse once you enter the Throne Room. First to have to defeat 12 Doom Striders (Originally, they looked like those Eel monsters. Now they’re tiny versions of Don Doom), then you have to use the jump pads to get to the top of the wall, then find the right zip line to go down to the next platform (Choose the wrong one, and you’ll find yourself in a massive pool of Fusion Matter), then defeat more Doom Striders (I think that comes before or after you talk to Samurai Jack), use more jump pads to get to another wall, choose another zip line (Doesn’t matter which one this time) and fight Fuse. Whose got stun, eruption and heal attacks. So yeah, I’d say you’d be lucky to take him down in 5 minutes.

6 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

So what your telling me is to get a good group and go all out when fighting fuse in 5 min. Got it
OZw: Even with a group, I don’t think you’ll beat him within 5 mins. Would be fun to try though. And a little more advice for ya, once he starts to power up his eruption attack, get off his platform immedietly! His eruption attack covers pretty much the whole front part of his throne! (That’s 4 eruption attacks at once) and will kill you instantly, regardless of the amount of health you have.

6 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Which guide do you recommend?
OZw: Actually, they’re all pretty good. All of their items have the same stats (What I mean is the item of one guide’s weapon for example has the same stats as the other guides’ weapons. I think). I’ve made this list anyway:

Cool items – Mojo Jojo
Slight humour and cartoonish items – Edd
Reviving Aku – Dexter (Yes, Jack defeated Aku and was about to go back to his own time when the war started)
Plumber base locations and Ben 10 items – Ben

6 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

How do you stop a sister from hogging the computer?
OZw: I dunno cause I’m the youngest in my family. Um… Try… Nope, don’t know.

7 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Am I bothering you with my co mets and questions (I’m youngest too older sister hogs computer)?
OZw: Ok… The older sister one I still haven’t got any ideas on since my sister’s WAY older than me. And no, you’re not bothering me.

8 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

For the Bubbles nano, can you just use the scamper to go to mt blackhead or do you have to run/ride your vehicle there?
OZw: Either tbh, but use your vehicle if your computer crashes when using the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.

8 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Cause sometimes when my computer doesn’t crash, after I used scamper it just tells me to return to bubbles
OZw: I suggest using a vehicle then. Cause I doubt there’d be any way you could get there by walking. If you haven’t got one, go to your nearest Slider Stop (Make sure to look at the hovering arrow signs on the ground under the stop telling you which way they go), ride it all the way to Peach Creek, when you stop at Peach Creek Commons, jump off, buy a vehicle there (If you can) and take it from there.

Or you could just buy one from the Sunken Mall… Why didn’t I think of that earlier?!

9 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Uhhh I’m so mad right now I can’t go on fusion fall cause it says servers are offline then the error thing on top uuhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
OZw: Yeah, it’s been on and off lately. What me and Dexterrocksthehouse are hoping is that the FF team have started updating again.

9 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Don’t get your hopes up too high!

9 05 2012

why would you say that i just checked i think oliver maybe right dude.They changed the thing there’s going to be new nano’s too.I think.
OZw: Or maybe instead of new Nanos, they’ll finally fully release the Van Kleiss Nano and bring a new Unstable Nano.

9 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Ok now you’ve convince me but if your wrong I’m gonna be super mad
OZw: I probably will be. Good news is that the maintenance has finished.

12 05 2012

You tlkin to me well I hope there updating but my servers are always up.The only time it wasn’t on was at the library.

10 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Waaaaaaaa! I still can’t play!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause now my dad won’t let me!!!!!
OZw: Killjoy.

12 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Where can I get the full ninja set?
OZw: Ya know, I’m not really sure. I only have the Nin-jitsu (Or something like that. Lvl 30+ Ninja set) Pants. And the sword. But that’s about it.

12 05 2012
Allen Angrywolf

cant believe your stopping fusionfall stuff… I dont like level up as much as ff!
OZw: We’re not completely stopping FF stuff. It was Owen’s idea and he’s the one working on it. Me? I’m working on a new Hints n Tips page for all those FF hints. And tips.

16 05 2012
Allen Angrywolf

Ok Ozw u freaken scared me! Lol

(> “)> <— Kirby!

13 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Oh sorry what I ment was the ninjutsu set any of them would do
OZw: Yeah, I’m not sure where to get the full set for any of them. I’ll try to find out though.

13 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

You know how people have like hundred million taros, did they hack or play by the rules?
OZw: I think both. I just play by the rules. What I’m doing at the moment is beating all types of monsters in a single area (One type at a time until my active Nano gets tired, then go to the next species with different type of Nano) then go to the next area.

13 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

How do you get the providence gun?
OZw: In the sewers of Townsville Park, same with the rest of the Providence stuff. It’s Ultra Rare, though.

15 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Do you have anything I can have please I’ll try to get something for you.
OZw: Well, I don’t. I have some gumballs if you want some.

15 05 2012

i have some rare stuff taking up my inventory and bank space.i have a whole bunch of them so i delete them.

15 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Give em to me if you don’t want them my screen name is all ready up top of here and send it through email

15 05 2012

Ok when I get on sometime but I want money bout 1mil and do u want to help on my other website.I sent u an email to the blazing email.

16 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Ok let me and ok I’ll give you one million taros for your items IF I like em if not I’ll send em back or if you want I’ll delete them.

16 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

By da way do you happen to have ninjutsu set?

18 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Uhhh I can’t chat with my buddies anymore or the world!!!!!
OZw: Yeah, that happens every once in a while. It’ll go back to normal eventually.

18 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Guess what at school everyone called me a noob for playing a now they’re starting to play as well
OZw: Noobs…

18 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Wait how come my other friend could talk but I couldn’t????
OZw: Idk.

19 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Is it true that after 9 echo echo disappears?
OZw: I’m not sure. I know he will if you mean the Mega Fusion version. Or before.

19 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Are there any monsters out there that gives ultra rares a lot cause finding guitars are hard?
OZw: Yep. Don Doom and Bad Max. They’re hard to beat though.

21 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

It’s k I think I’m a high enough lvl. But where do I find them?
OZw: They’re lvl 5. And I’m not sure you can find Bad Max anymore, but I know you can find Don Doom in Pokey Oaks North. They used to be in the future areas only until the expansion. And even though they’re lvl 5, you’ll still need a group. Did I forget to mention they’re massive?

21 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

How come I never see them when I hang out there?
OZw: Yeah, Don Doom’s hard to find now and Bad Max used to be in Peach Creek Estates (The Future), but I’m not sure he’s in the game now. You should SEE the size of them!

23 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

How long does it take them to respawn?
OZw: A LONG time. Probably half an hour. Maybe more.

19 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Do you know where I can find a um…it looks kind of like a ninja’s hat when they’re traveling it’s kind of a whitish blue I don’t think you understand me rite now sorry for bad information.
OZw: Yeah, I know what’cha mean. It was given out as code on the Total Drama Action website a couple years ago. You can still get them, though. I can’t remember where but I THINK from the Ben 10 E.G.G.E.R.

21 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

R u sure cus they give out Ben ten stuff?
OZw: I know. I know you can get them from an E.G.G.E.R. but I just can’t remember which one…

21 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Would it help if I told u the player was a lvl 27.
OZw: Then it’ll be from the Forgotten Forest somewhere or the Mt. Blackhead E.G.G.E.R. I dunno really. Somewhere in The Wilds if it’s THAT lvl.

21 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

So happy I got two blind folds now!!!!!
OZw: Sweet! Where’d you get them?

21 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

One I had no idea where I got it, two I traded shirt and pants for them.
OZw: If you got it from a trade, then it’s probably one of Hom Choi’s spare blindfolds.

23 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Are there more than one grave kwest out there?
OZw: Nope. Just one.

24 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

If I can’t find any missions what should I do.
OZw: What I always did was change my guide and do their missions. Takes a while to level up, but it’ll help.

25 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Ooh what items do don doom and bad max give?
OZw: Items EXCLUSIVE to them. Like Mega Fusion Echo Echo is the only one who gives the Forever Ninja and Forever King sets, Don Doom and Bad Max give out the Don Doom and Bad Max sets. You’ll have to be lucky and be one of the first to attack them. Join in near the end of the fight, and no C.R.A.T.E. for you!

26 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

What does db connection error mean? And have you found out about the ninjutsu, kenjutsu, jojutsu, and taijutsu set yet I believe there are more but I don’t know.
OZw: I have no idea. It just happens sometimes. Not often, though. And no I haven’t…

27 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

I found out u can get kenjutsu shoes from eyebulbs of course I think some people already know this.
OZw: THAT’S where you get it…

29 05 2012

can we get all of ben ten,s torso or items like;stink fly,s wings and ultimate cannonbolt,humungosaur set and all other items?i know we only get for heads and back form upgrade egger,but what about full torso and all items for ben ten which expired!,so can i get them backlike stink fly,s wings?
OZw: No you can’t. You can get the Stinkfly Wings though cause they’re back items.

30 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Does the xlr8 helmet go with a full set? (find kenjutsu shoes are hard maybe I’m wrong)
OZw: Nope. The XLR8 Helmet’s like the Stinkfly Wings, they’re on their own.

30 05 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

I just fought bad max and guess what he gave me………………..a stinking hat a measle hat with a hammer on top while everyone else got cool stuff! Not cool not fair not righteous not epic not tradeable and a bad ultra rare boy do I feel good now thanks for reading readers.
OZw: Yeah, that can happen. You can also get Eustace’s mask and one of the Bamzookas. You can get pretty cool stuff, but not all of it’s fully worth the effort.

1 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Where do I find the hex staff, fuse breakers , and rifles?
OZw: The Fusebreaker Hurricane is obtained once you complete Fuse No More (Part 4 of 4), the other versions of that, I can’t even remember if they exist or where to find them. The Hex Staff, I have no idea, and which rifles are ya looking for?

1 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

I think the uh galactic enforcers? Yeah I only have a pink one
OZw: I don’t think you get the Hex Staff from the Galactic Enforcers set if that’s what’cha mean. And a pink Fusebreaker? Cool! I think I once saw a white one.

2 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

No uh let me rephrase that sorry, hmmm…oh got it ok.. So I think the pink gun that I have is called the galactic enforcer do know where I can find all five of the guns whose names escapes me and…. The hex staff is found in kilowatts in off world plaza. Ok I only have orange blue and green fusebreakers I think I’m missing purple and…uh idk the last one dang this was my longest question answer thingy yeah, woooh!!!

3 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Where can I get a lab coat the one you wore a long time ago?
OZw: You can get it off Dukey in the Nuclear Plant in front of the Infected Zone.

4 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

When your doing lvl 32 nanosecond do any of them give ultra rares like from monsters in there?
OZw: I’m not sure…

7 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

And my hopes are down total drama revenge of the island came out and yet no updates or codes dude I’m sad.
OZw: Yeah, the only Total Drama series to have code items being given out was Total Drama Action. Don’t be that sad though, I’m confident Project: Revive will work!

9 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

I finally have full kenjutsu set awesome!!! My bank is full dang it!!! O I find out the name of the rifle …. and I just forgot it’s something like intergalactic rifles? Yeah o and are ufos found in eggers how come everyone wants it?
OZw: Yeah, I hear ya man. They REALLY need to expand the bank again. And yes they are! The Goop UFO can only be found either from a code (Which is now expired) or the Ben 10 E.G.G.E.R.

9 06 2012

are you 100% sure that we can get ufo and stinkfly wings from egger?!,because i bought alot of eggers for back and face items egg from ben 10 egger but didnt get stink fly wings and goops ufo!!!btw did you got them from ben ten egger??!?
OZw: Nah, I got them from a code. Yes, I’m pretty sure you can get them from an E.G.G.E.R. Maybe… They’re ultra rare though. All I got from a Ben 10 E.G.G.E.R. was the Terraspin shell. But that’s because I haven’t bought any more since they’re expensive.

10 06 2012

can you aslk someone wo got ufo and stink fly wings from there on this web site or from one of your friends?!pls!btw i again bought alot of eggs but none have ufo and stinkfly eggs
OZw: Well, I do have both… But I gotta check if I have the Goop Bubblehead first.

10 06 2012

do you know how to get the morbucks set:shirt,wings,legs, and shoes?which guide is neede and what lvl
OZw: Mojo Jojo, and 4+

11 06 2012

but what about ufo and stink fly wings!can i get them?
OZw: Yes, but only from the Ben 10 E.G.G.E.R.

12 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

How do I get the Ben ten jacket, what’s an o cc shirt, and is there a blow fish in forsaken valley? In three of fuses lairs which of them gives ultra rares and if I have the mission and I want to do it over and over and over again what do I do?
OZw: 1. I think from the Doom Striders.
2. I don’t know.
3. No
4. I think Fuse’s Throne
5. You can only complete Fuse’s Throne Room more than once. For that, don’t talk to Samurai Jack after you defeat some Doom Striders for him.

12 06 2012

dude!i bought alot of them but none gave me these!and what about projt r,does cn team really know about this?and why arent there new updates!,and when will there ben ew updates?i heard ff team is running out of workers!due to less salary
OZw: Ok, so I guess the Ben 10 E.G.G.E.R. doesn’t give out the Goop set. My bad. And yep, CN knows about Project: R since Ty Aquazon sent the project ideas to one of the staff.

13 06 2012

so,ben 10 egger doesnt give stink fly wings too?right!?
OZw: I think so. I know you can get the Ship Helmet from the Ben 10 E.G.G.E.R., so I guess it’s possible.

13 06 2012

can i get boogie pack from the tunnel?
OZw: …Tunnel…?

14 06 2012

dont you know the new providence tunnel?!i meant from there
OZw: Oh, you mean the sewers! No, you can’t. The Boogie Pack is a code item. You can get the Providence Agent stuff though!

14 06 2012


15 06 2012

hey dude why is amphibian tendrils purple?btw can you sell me your ben 10 sets?plsss
OZw: Maybe it’s because one of the original designs for AmpFibian was purple. I think the tendrils used to be blue… And I could give you my sets, but since all but one are codes, they’re not trade-able. And my non-code set is the SACT set, and since it’s from a guide, it’s not trade-able either.

15 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Where’s mt neverest it’s a stupid question I know but where is it seriously?
OZw: To get there, you’ll have to make a new character. Cause it’s the last part of the Academy.

16 06 2012

hey dude!you are lieing,arent you!?i got a ultimat cannon bolt and amphibian sets!by a trade!,even i had all the sets but since my high lvl character crashed i got none!and btw i checked they are tradable!
OZw: My bad, I’ve been offline for too long I forgot what items are tradable and what aren’t…

17 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Do you know how to het kiva set?
OZw: I know how to get the Kiva Eye Piece, I think… Other than that, I don’t know.

18 06 2012

oh ok then you give the sets to me!pls
and btw how to get kiva eye/

21 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Yeah how do you get kiva eye?

19 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Hey OZw I need urgent help someone invited me to go to the future and I crashed when I warped now I’m just falling and falling when I use rocket nano to go forward I still die cus I’m falling tomorrow when I go on could I warp to my friends to get out of there? Please help I would kiss u if I make it out( no jk I’m not gay) but seriously I need help

20 06 2012

hey dude!
even iried to go to future bu i crashed!and was falling like you described!but then an idea struck into my mind about warping to one of my friend and it did really worked!
you can warp to your friend to get out of there!
OZw: You can log off and log back in again too, or even go back to the main menu.

20 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Warping worked logging off didn’t

22 06 2012


22 06 2012

Ozm I got both don doom and bad max sets I got them I found them in the some place. Pokey. Oaks estates
I kiled them both but.they were ultra hard I barly made it.I was going to die
0Zw: Yeah you need a group of up to 4 to take them down without dying. Man, I miss waiting for them in the Future…

24 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Where does don Dom appear I looked almost everywhere with no patience and I found out echo echo red awns every 15 min.

24 06 2012

no duh and don dom dosent come out anymore either dose bad max.
OZw: Actually, I did see him not too long ago. Unfortunately, I was using a Monkey Skyway Agent at the time. I hate it when that happens.

5 07 2012

lol!he do come out,don doom and bad mx

25 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Bad max still appears I see him every week I go by at eight

26 06 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Does fuses labrith give ultra rares if so which monster?
I don’t think so.

5 07 2012

from where to get fuse breaker,guitars and ace shirts?
OZw: You can get the Fusebreaker Hurricane by completing ‘Fuse No More (Part 4 of 4), but I’m not sure about the others. I got my Val Hallen’s guitar and Snake jacket from the E.G.G.E.R. in Downtown. But again, not sure where to get the other guitars or the Ace Jacket.

5 07 2012

why?arent u expert in ff?and what about fusionf will it be alive again?
i heard there was a rumor saying ff will be closed
OZw: I’m more of an expert in Nanos in Battle. Items, not really my area. And I doubt it will be closed. If they were gonna close it, wouldn’t they tell us first?

5 07 2012

where to get beats shirt or upndown tee?
OZw: I’ve… never even heard of those items…

7 07 2012

he dose smucks and oliver never told me see wha i mean make me look stupid.

8 07 2012
Oliver Zombieweasel

What didn’t I tell you?

12 07 2012

that don dom still comes out

9 07 2012
Zeke angryvilgax

Hey ozw…. It’s me sorry I wasn’t on your blog I got back to USA then I came back here and I also bought an iPad2 and I jailbrocken it! Btw I am typing this from it )so what did change in ff cuz I wasn’t on in USA and did project r. Get in the game or what…,,.?
OZw: Not yet. But then again, they might be working on it.

9 07 2012
Zeke angryvilgax

Btw your reader is a lot fun
OZw: Thanks!

10 07 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Fusion fall is available in Asia Ive been playing it im not lying u people thinking I’m lying

11 07 2012
Zeke angryvilgax

Well cool I have ideas for project r……. If I can tell them I will but
…… It’s a suprise and I won’t be in here at 13 and 14 July and my ideas are half mine and half my BFF so we are gonna bang at sunday and tell them on this blog sunday 15 July will be our time so ttyl and one of my freind ideas on ff is (exb) aka explosion X-ray burst it turns all undead into bones it can be found at billy’s mission (the mission is a new idea too) it will be called (lookin for bones&thrones) see ya soon
OZw: Cool!

16 07 2012
Player 135

can someone join me on fusionfall

16 07 2012
zoom airborndodger

you might not be able to answer this im a level 13 my guid is ben ten i need help whith the guid mission
OZw: What part are ya stuck on?

17 07 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

It’s so quiet here nowadays…..

19 07 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

I got two question wut is the hardest grind able item and if I have two characters with the same first name how do I delete one?

24 07 2012

the hardest for me are boosters and ehd set.and you should just try whole name or last name.

24 07 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Thx man say where’s OZw?
OZw: Hey dude!

25 07 2012

there he is how jolly of him to finally check back in

24 07 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Oooh another question, wuts o cc shirt worth?
OZw: I think Owen will know that cause I don’t.

25 07 2012
Avenger Flareyoung


25 07 2012

okay dude occ means open circuit there diffrent colors you can get red from last skul with tempest wings thats what i call then.those wings black anddeleted my set before i knew they were rare but i have part green set now. red yea i sold or oh and people say fuse drops it tooo

25 07 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

I mean the blue one the one u can find in fuses labrith.

26 07 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

I don’t believe fuse drops it.

26 07 2012

dude i really don’t care right now when i start getting them i’ll inform you rite now its my coco sets

1 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

What is the strongest weapon in fusion fall?
OZw: Even I don’t know that… But I’m guessing the final guide weapons.

2 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

The new Ben ten is awesome but Kevin looks bad fusionfall should add the new Ben ten shirt and the new aliens as nanos.
OZw: I haven’t seen it (One reason is that I haven’t got CN on live TV anymore), but I’ve seen the previews and it looks pretty cool!

8 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Do you want a websit that lets you watch ALL cartoons?
Finally I could finish the Power puff girl Z series.
Kinda girlish I know but I can’t help it I like cartoons.

2 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Um how come today when I buy stuff from stores they’re not in my inventory and when I’m fighting monsters they don’t fight back, give taros, or even move but they are still there. (still kill able )
OZw: Just a bug, that’ll clear up soon.

8 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

I just sold my o cc short for Ben ten jacket, Jed wings, UFO, cc b pants and cc b shoes I kind of regret it now I miss that shirt.

8 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

I can’t see my post?!?!?!?!

8 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Does ur website allow me to tell u a website?
OZw: It was automatically sent to the spam folder. Don’t worry, I’ve been to that site before anyway.

8 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Really so ur not going to watch Ben 10?
OZw: It’s Ben 10, of course I will!

9 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Do u know how to get the jeans that Ben wears they’re blue…
OZw: I do. I got my pair from a vendor, but can’t remember where he/she was.

9 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

OZw my friend just told me fusion fall got new weapons the tenebra (I doubt this is real though but he got it) and rising soul
I’m flipping nuts!!!!!!
OZw: Either he’s lying, or he’s from the Future… Or he hacked it. I dunno.

9 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

He said new monsters and weapons coming out too it’ll be on fusion fall on September 3 OOOOOOOOOOOOO YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHH
O MY GLOB!!!!!!!!
OZw: Well, it is a possibility. Me and X predict the game’ll be updated sometime next year. Hopefully we’ll get some variation of my Robo-Arm idea.

10 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

I now have girl problems…
OZw: What kind of girl problems…?

15 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

I made her mad…

10 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

He also said guides edd and mojo jojo’s last guide sets are being recalled.

10 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

He says he works at admin of fusion fall
OZw: Further investigation, this calls for.

13 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

Could the admin. of fusion fall ban us if they want to and is it possible to join them?
OZw: Yep! And to join them, you’ll have to be pretty good at computers. At least Wilttilt’s level.

14 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

I think I know where u can get a blind fold it comes from a mission from a girl in sector V the one with edd clothing but the items are random.

15 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

How come I can’t buy nano…nano…. Powers… I think from like the stores?
OZw: The Nano Powers are bought from the Dexbot Shopkeepers.

17 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

I know that but when I purchased them its not in my inventory and my taros are still the same ( I tried to purchase every day )
OZw: Weird. Why is it that all these glitches happen to everyone but me?! Guess I should count myself lucky.

18 08 2012
Ranger Mixerauburn

Hey this is my first ever time on this website and I’m looking forward to this website!
OZw: Welcome to not the best FF fansite in the world, but not the worst either!

19 08 2012
Ranger Mixerauburn

Hey does anybody need help with fighting fuse? I’m available to help anyone who needs help with it.

19 08 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

O MY GLOB O MY GLOB I JUST FOUGHT DON DOOM (wasnt that hard) AS A LVL 6 SOLO but all i got was a scouter -_-
OZw: Wow, he’s much easier than in the Future… Makes sense.

25 08 2012

hey OZw i got a goop shattergun do you have one
OZw: If you mean the rifle you get from Coop, then yeah.

3 09 2012

I just saw Dracula holy cow o I got wolf tail now and that green skeleton thing and Ben wolf, mummy, victor, gosh I’m excited.

19 09 2012
Player 143

Boo you guys suck
OZw: So do you but you don’t see me complaining.


25 10 2012

I miss the old days I hardly go on fusion fall now … Should I sell my acc?
BT: Nope, we’re gonna make it like the old days with project: R!

26 10 2012

But it’s taking sooo long … More than 2 years already.
BT: You might regret it when the day comes.

26 10 2012

How much u wanna bet I’ll regret it? >:)
BT: If you don’t…I’ll sell you my Vampire Cape! besides, I also bet that I’m the only one who has it in Fusion Fall! But if you do regret it… You’ll give me all your taros!

2 11 2012
Avenger Flareyoung

…. Hmmm all my taros …. This deal sucks besides I don’t like capes I like angel prayers and maybe jd …

25 11 2012
Player 151

i need help getting a tek tak stuff can you tell me where? please and thank you
OZw: Never even heard of it.

28 11 2012

For like halF this page all I saw when scrolling was bloo and avenger everywhere

27 01 2013
Ronald Harper

ah ya i went to the egger in the ship and i couldnt find any of the chest leg and feet items i was really hoping to finally complete my wildmutt set did they make it stop giving those items?
OZw: The Mechomorph E.G.G.E.R. only sells accessories. Always have done. The Wildmutt Set is a tradable code set.

13 03 2013
Player 165

i need help getting a spooky cape and goop ufo

7 07 2013
Player 176


25 03 2013

is a cool cheats

1 05 2013

how do i get theultimate cannonbolt set but theres no body e.a.g.g.e.r. how
OZw: I’m afraid you can no longer get it by code, nor can you get it from an E.G.G. I have the set, but I’ll have to find out what it’s worth. I’m the worst at trading. 😛

14 06 2013
Johnny Stalwart

how do you get the lens scouter? like what vendor and dexters glasses
OZw: Pfft… Vendors selling accessories… Good times. Anyway, I think Don Doom drops the Scouter Lens. If not, I think either the Downtown or Wilds E.G.G.E.R. As for the Dexter Glasses, Downtown E.G.G.E.R.

7 07 2013
Player 175

how come we cant type in codes
OZw: Through the splashpage.

1 08 2013
Player 178

OZw: 1. Wrong page.
2. There are no Nano codes on this page.

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