Hall of Heroes

This is a page dedicated to me and my buddies on here. Kinda based on the ‘Player’s page from Xtreme FusionFall. Also uses some of the pictures from there. If you want to be on here, just do what we do on Xtreme FusionFall, say our stats and show our pictures of our characters in the comments. They layout is pretty much the same:

– FusionFall name (Could be any of yours.)

– Status/Rank (Anything to make your character sound epic. Mine is ‘Battle Pro’.)

– Current character’s lvl (The lvl of the character you used before.)

– Hometown (Where your character pretends to live. eg. Sector V.)

The name of your FF website/blog/Youtube account name/FusionFallCentral account etc. (If any.), Along with any other game character names.

FusionFall name – Oliver Zombieweasel

Status/Rank – Battle Pro

Current lvl – 36

Hometown – Peach Creek Commons

FF Blog – FusionFall Hints n Tips, FusionFall Hints n Tips 2

Youtube Account – FusionFallHintsnTips

FusionFallCentral Account – DeZombieweasel

Wizard 101 character – (Can’t seem to get on it… Weird.)

Pirates of the Caribbean Online character – Captain Ken (Or something like that)

FusionFall Name: xlr8 147

Status/Rank – Military Experiment

Current lvl – 36

Hometown – Goat’s Junk Yard – The Future

FF WebsiteXtreme FusionFall

Youtube Account – XtremeXDUDE

FusionFall Name: Fuzzy Barkzon

Status/Rank – The Pro

Current lvl – 36

Hometown – Debug Land

FusionFall Name: Owen Faveninja

Status/Rank: Battel Star

Current lvl: 29

Hometown: The Darklands

FF Blog: https://fusionfallhandt.wordpress.com

YouTube Channel:TimeKStudios


27 responses

30 11 2011
fuzion zombieweasel (lord rougerhichard) (mizeaj)

hi im the first one on this one to reply but my town on it is sector v the past im rank i say isomega fusion experiment even though im level 11
OZw: Thanks! But I’ll need a picture of your character though.

30 11 2011
fuzion zombieweasel (lord rougerhichard) (mizeaj)

aw man when get my computer fixed ill get my chrecter’s picture
OZw: What’s wrong with it?

1 12 2011
fuzion zombieweasel (lord rougerhichard) (mizeaj)

it will not turn on so i have to youse my dads but it restarts ff like my sisters

1 12 2011
Fusion Help

can i be a hall of heros person i have a site and youtube page for fusionfall. Owen Faveninja Currently 26 bout to be 27. Peace.
OZw: Sure! But I’ll need a picture of your character and your character’s hometown.

2 12 2011
Fusion Help

ok tht wont be long.email for it.

2 12 2011
Fusion Help

hometown darkland

2 12 2011

Hey would you put me in the video? My name is Lars Fizzyrover and I am about to be level 28 and My hometown is also Peach Creek Commons
OZw: Sure!

10 04 2012

My hometown is Mt. Blackhead……..

2 12 2011

If you want to find me. find me at peach reak commons at 4:00 near eddy
OZw: I don’t think I’ll be on then.

2 12 2011

Why not or maybe on the tree house in sector V

2 12 2011
Oliver Zombieweasel

Because we’re probably in different time zones. What country do you live in?

2 12 2011

In the U.S.A
OZw: Yeah, that’s a bit of a problem. Since I live in the UK. UK time is 5 hours more than EST.

8 12 2011
Fusion Help

http://fusionfallht.wordpress.com/hall-of-heroes/ Check Mines Out
OZw: Cool! Mind if I use your pic for my version?

9 12 2011
Fusion Help

ok awsome wanna work together on blogs
OZw: Yeah ok. I’ll need your WordPress username to send an invite though.

16 12 2011
Fusion Help

i changed it to owen2008
wen bgame started
OZw: Ok, invite sent.

17 12 2011

check your email for my invite the one you used to sign the bolg up.

28 12 2011
Jeremiah sutton (@TheGouto)

i should be in the hall of heros but you dont even know me on fusionfall but im on almost every day you should totally add me on your buddy list if your ever on yea my fusionfall name is judge claw i
OZw: All you have to do to be on there is comment your IGN, status (Ya know, something that makes you sound cool), your current lvl, your character’s hometown, the name of your FF website (If any) and email me a pic of your character.

9 01 2012

can you put me in it my home town is endsville staus the cursed destroyer and lvl 9
OZw: Yeah ok.

9 01 2012

and i will wait at endsville for pic ad i will get my best suit
OZw: NOW I notice that comment. I’ll be on tomorrow or the weekend. If I do take a pic tomorrow, It’ll have to be either before or after I record my new video.

9 01 2012

OZw: Ok. More time for me then.

11 04 2012
Henrik Seabornedragon

my characters name is Henrik Seabornedragon from dark valley status fusion clone current lvl on way to 33 youtube account Igetsmoney121

24 05 2012
zeke angryvilgax

hey how to pic my character?
OZw: Have you tried something called MWSnap?

8 10 2012
Flick Canyonroger (FCr)

Hey Oliver, can I be in it? my current lvl is 12, hometown City Station, Rank could be Marksman, and if you want take a pic, I will be on probaly the whole week (I don’t have classes since my school is German and in Germany this week is the Potato Week [they plant their potatoes and we don’t have classes {?}]) and I will manage to go to City Station for you take a pic ok?

8 10 2012
Flick Canyonroger (FCr)

Oh and my YouTube account is peter3000XD or CrafterNinjutsu (I think you should put the second one because that’s the one I will start making videos)

13 10 2012

i searched for both i didnt find any of them lol.

13 10 2012

the show well he never go to that we’re waiting till summer.

22 10 2012
The Walkerwizard

how do I add a picture?
OZw: Just email it to me and I’ll handle the rest. Email’s in the sidebar.

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