Dexter guide items and missions

Mission Handlers



Dexbot Q-12

Image:Dexbot Q-12A.png





Samurai Jack

Image:Samurai JackA.png

1st Set

Image:Dodgeball Armor Engine.png

Dodgeball Armor Engine

Mission: Blossom Battle

NPC: Blossom

Image:Dodgeball Exo-Boots.png

Dodgeball Exo-boots

Mission: Major Worry

NPC: Blossom

Image:Dodgeball Exo-Pants.png

Dodgeball Exo-pants

Mission: Sector Defender

NPC: Blossom

Image:Dodgeball Helmet.png

Dodgeball Helmet

Mission: Lab Assistance

NPC: Blossom

Image:Dodgeball Exo-Shirt.png

Dodgeball Exo-shirt

Mission: Home Invaders

NPC: Blossom

Image:Dodgeball Cannon.png

Dodgeball Cannon

Mission: Hardware Help

NPC: Blossom

                                                                          2nd Set                                                                          

Image:Blowfish Buddy.png

Blowfish Buddy

Mission: Supplies Party

NPC: Blossom

Image:Blossom Dynamo Boots.png

Blossom Dynamo Boots

Mission: Spooky Spies

NPC: Blossom

Image:Blossom Dynamo Legs.png

Blossom Dynamo Pants

Mission: Remember Buttercup

NPC: Blossom

Image:Blossom Dynamo Helmet.png

Blossom Dynamo Helmet

Mission: Bad Nukes

NPC: Blossom

Image:Blossom Dynamo Torso.png

Blossom Dynamo Torso

Mission: Relay Race

NPC: Blossom

Image:Broccoloid Blaster.png

Broccoloid Blaster

Mission: See Ya Later, Alternator

                                                                              3rd Set                                                                              

Image:Skull Mask.png

Skull Mask

Mission: Dexlabs Delivery

NPC: Dexbot Q-12

Image:Skeleton Shoes.png

Skeleton Shoes

Mission: Ms. Missing

NPC: Dexbot Q-12

Image:Skeleton Pants.png

Skeleton Pants

Mission: Don’t Lose Your Head (Part 1 of 3)

NPC: Grim

Image:Bone Wings.png

Bone Wings

Mission: Don’t Lose Your Head (Part 2 of 3)

NPC: Grim

Image:Skeleton Shirt.png

Skeleton Shirt

Mission: Laser Blast

NPC: Grim

Image:Scythe, Jr..png

Scythe Jr.

Mission: Don’t Lose Your Head (Part 3 of 3)

NPC: Grim

                                                       4th Set                                                      

Image:Space Jack Jetpack.png

Space Jack Jetpack

Mission: Love and Hades

NPC: Grim

Image:Space Jack Boots.png

Space Jack Boots

Mission: What the Hades

NPC: Grim

Image:Space Jack Pants.png

Space Jack Pants

Mission: Strike a Cord

NPC: Grim

Image:Space Jack Helmet.png

Space Jack Helmet

Mission: Power Up

NPC: Grim

Image:Space Jack Spacesuit.png

Space Jack Spacesuit

Mission: Spa Daze

NPC: Grim

Image:Scottish Claymore.png

Scottish Claymore

Mission: Tracking Jack

NPC: Dexter

                                                  5th Set                                                  

Image:Dexstar Googles.png

Dextar Goggles

Mission: Warrior’s Welcome

NPC: Samurai Jack

Image:Dexstar Boots.png

Dextar Boots

Mission: Magical Aid

NPC: Samurai Jack

Image:Dexstar Pants.png

Dextar Pants

Mission: Tech Meets Magic

NPC: Samurai Jack

Image:Dexstar Jetpack.png

Dextar Jetpack

Mission: Horrordactyl Hunt

NPC: Samurai Jack

Image:Dexstar Torso.png

Dextar Torso

Mission: Friends in Need

NPC: Samurai Jack

Image:Puppet Pal Bonkstick.png

Puppet Pal Bonkstick

Mission: The Power of Bonk

NPC: Samurai Jack

                                                       6th Set                                                    

Image:Samurai Scabbard.png

Samurai Scabbard

Mission: Demongone

NPC: Samurai Jack

Image:Samurai Boots.png

Samurai Boots

Mission: Bully the Bullies

NPC: Samurai Jack

Image:Samurai Pants.png

Samurai Pants

Mission: Soul Recovery

NPC: Samurai Jack

Image:Samurai Helmet.png

Samurai Helmet

Mission: Warriors Reborn

NPC: Samurai Jack

Image:Samurai Torso.png

Samurai Torso

Mission: The Dark Wizard

NPC: Dexter

Image:Samurai Katana.png

Samurai Katana

Mission: Shadows of Aku

NPC: Samurai Jack


59 responses

26 08 2010
Mojo Swordpunch

i am gonna do all guide missons so i can get all the cool things

8 04 2011
Devin Akuyooung

if you switch guides you can no longer equip the items of your previous guide
The 0 Man: That’s right

10 04 2011
Devin Akuyooung

Hey o man.
can you put in the levels for the missions on dexter’s list? i know the blowfish buddy is fro lvl 7 but i dont know the rest
The 0 Man: I thought I put all of them up? Strange…

28 12 2012

listen devin akuyooung: if you ddon’t unequip, for example, the objet giude ( pants of space jack) of dexter and you change your guide to ben 10, for example, the game don’t quit the pants of space jack, you get dressed al the time

16 10 2010
Mark Explorerair

Ben edd Mojo jojo and Dexter? I don’t think so you can only pick 1 guide and if you change you’re guide WITH an other guide’s item you can keep it unless you take it off

28 12 2012

mark, that’s right

17 10 2010
Mark Explorerair

Can you please make an double-d guide items and missions pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeee
The 0 Man: Sure!

21 10 2010
mark explorerair (Robbie)


17 12 2010
Mark Explorerair

Um dude ARE u gonna do another guide items and missions?
The 0 Man: Eventually I will.

1 03 2011
Jace Frostebitejunker

Yeahh, I love the Reaper stuff! I am like, a Grim reaper’s son. 😀 ( Can’t Forget, DEMONGO, THE SOUL COLLECTER.)
Btw, I saw a dude with a father outfit. How?
The 0 Man: The Father Helmet went with the Father Holosuit on Father’s Day last year. The helmet could be bought from the Holosuit vendor from that time.

8 04 2011
allen argtsoabyss

hi its me again i was wondering what’s your name in fusion fall and what lvl r u
please reply
The 0 Man: Oliver Zombieweasel – lvl 36

10 04 2011
Devin Akuyooung

when r u usually online? im on alot but ur never on when i try to add u. btw, thanks for making this guide. helped me alot in choosing my guide.
dexter/wordpress FTW!!! 😀
The 0 Man: Yeah, I’m not on a lot. I’m on more than I was last year. I hope to be on next week for the race.

8 04 2011
allen argtsoabyss

sorry what i really want to know is how can i finish see ya later altenator its hard i can’t find the cylomdia with the real power altenator
The 0 Man: Yeah, I hate it when that happens. Just keep beating those Cyclomanders!

9 04 2011
allen argtsabyss

add me then i’ll liketo fight the cylomanders with u:)
i mean a new chac lvl 12

9 04 2011
allen argtsabyss

ohya 1 problem too ffcspecialthanks…how to be a subsriber
The 0 Man: Ah yes. To go to the Past, you had to become a subscriber. By paying money. However, FusionFall became free last April. Anyone who WAS a subscriber before FF became free-to-play could get that clockwork suit.

17 05 2011
The cool guy

Dude thanks for making this guide once again you rock i am now on lvl eight and my name on fusionfall is kestrel luckyfearless and by the way im agirl hugs and kississ thanks answer back please
The 0 Man: Uh, thanks?

14 06 2011
Donte von Skull

why do you always have to get the weapns last it sucks

24 06 2011
Super Staryoink (roger)

is the brocloid blaster a shattergun
OZw: No. It’s a pistol

5 07 2011
Player 31

what lvevel is this 2nd set 2an item lvl 9?
OZw: Lvl 7+

5 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

is everybody looking forward to dexters guide

6 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

um my name in fusion fall is agent wolfshoes got it and i speak eglish i dont spell things right the 0 man and ozw
OZw: Ok. OZw, btw, stands for Oliver Zombieweasel, my character’s name.

7 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

why does Dynamo Helmet arward have a two face is it like a two face helmet or is it diffret of whatever you are a female or male
OZw: They’re different for whatever gender your character, yeah.

7 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

so for boy is mad or calm and for girl is mad or calm becuse i want mad am a boy
OZw: I guess it’s like that.

6 06 2013
Player 173

where do you can find bubbles dynamo
OZw: You can get the head from the Downtown E.G.G.E.R., shirt from the Pneumatic Bears, pants from the Skeeter Spawns and boots from the Dagger Mantises. Or from Mission C.R.A.T.E.s if you’re lucky.

7 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

some on should secrch JACK O’LANTERN + DEMONGO = My Kind of Guy on youtube

10 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

am lvl 9 now

10 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

i need help with Remember Buttercup am scared to go to entrl vitas alone can any body help if you can meet me a grevis grove

10 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

i mean medows

2 08 2011

im trying to lvl up in lvl 21 and i cant find any more missions i have done mandarks and dexters and mojos where do i get missions

2 08 2011

i am now lvl 22 and no longer need help

3 08 2011

i am lvl 24 man im lvling up alot today

5 08 2011
rosie eagerstorm

i like fusionfall alot cuz its fun and is uu wanna met me my name is rosie eagerstorm

20 08 2011
agent wolfshoes

hey ozw great newz i got out of entrel medows with a lot of help from my friend and a lvl 9 still i need help geting more fm can u help meet me by coop today at 10:00
OZw: I don´t think I´ll be on then. Though I might be on my new character, Oliver the Hero.

20 08 2011
agent wolfshoes

am doing the mission hangin with coopster part 1 of 3
OZw: That mission is easy. I think. What do you have to do in that mission?

20 08 2011
agent wolfshoes

ok maybe 7:47 we meet at fosters by edardo
OZw: I guess I can make it. Since I´m still on vacation, the time is much different. So 7pm in America is 1am here. I´ll help until 8. If I log off before then, it´s because my game crashed. Cya!

25 08 2011
Rare Commando

Im new and im in the petting zoo can some one help me out when i get out by giving me some low level equips and kill stuuuf 😀 my IGN : Rare Commando

23 09 2011
Ryru Q

i don’t help you i am a level 20 so i can’t go back to the null void i have many low leveled stuff so when you get in to the real world were all the level 4 and up are leave me a message my character name is Bastion Excenzeta bye

23 09 2011
Ryru Q

I mean I don’t think I can help you

30 08 2011
Player 53

Is this all the items for Dexter?
OZw: Yep!

30 09 2011
random 6

can some body fix this list for goodness sakes
OZw: I’m REALLY busy with this site now. Can’t do it tomorrow though. I’m going with my best friend somewhere since it’s his birthday. I should write a list.
– Finish Nano page
– Fix Dexter guide page
– Take a break
– Find more stuff on the site to fix

2 10 2011
random 6

wait a sec do it in this order 1st do nano page then take a break then do dexter page and then find more stuff

7 10 2011
random 6

yes/no maybe just say yes or no on my plan

4 12 2011
Awesome Guy (Blade Bronzealien)

Hey,O Man,
um im level 14 right now, and i have a level 23 account, Hydro Bronzealien, but every time i try to log in, it crashes, and nothing happens in my level 14 account, does anyone know how to fix this? thanks in advance guys!

25 03 2012
Player 112

yea i had that problem as well but to fix it i went on microsoft security essencals or something like that and it provided me with security and anti virus protections so no hacking is allowed try it then reply

5 01 2012

a code is ffcnerdybutsweet
OZw: Yeah. I think we would all know that by now. I even put it on the sidebar.

30 01 2012
d man 27

hey u no how when u get a lvl 21 and u run out of missions? what do u do to get more fusionmatter?
OZw: Have you tried doing other guides’ missions? It takes a while, but you’ll get there. If you’ve already done that, try grinding. It’s where you fight monsters for stuff like taros. Though to get FM out of them, you’ll have to go for monsters you own lvl or higher.

3 02 2012

hey bro help me plsssssss i have no missions left and i am at level 21 i have checked the whole city place theres nothing i have looked the forest and there is nothing and i also have seen the sector v and places but there is no mission pls help me 😦 pls pls pls pls 😥 me desperate
OZw: Try changing your guide and doing they’re missions.

4 02 2012

Dont you guys think its weird that level fiives can use level 36 weapons? mabey its a type of hack…if it is noone posted about it.
OZw: You think that’s weird? When I was visiting my brother last year, I saw people holding transparent weapons!

4 02 2012

Im a level 14 and im out of missions i got all my nanos but what i do to lvl up is grind lvl 27 and 35 monsters with my friend (using rapid fire) or i would fight fuse or help someone with a nano to see if the nano boss drops a crate

16 02 2012
d man 27


25 03 2012
Player 113

does anyone know where to get dynamo hovercars
OZw: Have you tried talking to the PPG Racing Vendor in front of the Pokey Oaks IZ?

15 04 2012
reece cisneros

hi my ig name is viper gold enemy please add me o man i want to do some missionw with you i went from level 16 to 23 in 1 day so i level fast but i dont have any missions anymore can you make a missions list for my level and up
OZw: Firetruck, I forgot to finish that list! I have made one, but completely forgot all about it since I’m helping out with that Project: Revive thing. But I’ll be on tomorrow. Or today. Depends on what time it is where you live.

26 04 2012
Zane Brainasaurus


18 09 2012

Ozw what lvl is the 4th set?If you read this add me my name is Emerald Moonwolf i hope i can be in a movie or something. 🙂
OZw: I think it’s somewhere in the 20s.

19 09 2012

thnx when is 7 legends part 3 coming out?
OZw: Not even X, editor, crew guy etc. isn’t sure when part 3 is out due to college. If I was good at video editing, I could probably do it for him since I got to college 3 days a week. I’ve always wanted weekends to be longer…

30 09 2012

Ok,thnx.Can you add me as a buddy my name is Emerald Moonwolf.Im online MOSTLY at the morning till like 5:00 or 6:00. add me! 🙂 i need some advice from a PRO.

2 10 2012

😦 cant really log in that much my cousin will use my account till i can log in everytime i try to log in like 2 minutes later i CRASH! any advice?

16 02 2013

please can you tell me where is that dexbot Q-12 ????
OZw: I THINK he’s next to Dukey at the Nuclear Plant.

14 06 2013
Johnny Stalwart

hes at city station
OZw: Oh yeah. I guess I didn’t look at the page title when I replied. 😛 That, and Dexter names his Dexbots like scientists name planets. Only Dexter’s more creative.

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