Ben Tennyson guide items and missions

Level 4:

Image:KNDefense Helmet.png

KNDefense Helmet

Gear Up

Numbuh 2 – Image:Numbuh TwoA.png

Image:KNDefense Boots.png

KNDefense Boots

Terrafuser Tango

Numbuh 2 – Image:Numbuh TwoA.png

Level 5:

Image:KNDefense Pants.png

KNDefense Pants

Pesky Problems

Numbuh 2 – Image:Numbuh TwoA.png



Follow Your Node

Numbuh 2 – Image:Numbuh TwoA.png

Level 6:

Image:KNDefense Shirt.png

KNDefense Shirt

Hide And Go Eek!

Numbuh 2 – Image:Numbuh TwoA.png



Pokey Punch-Out

Numbuh 2 – Image:Numbuh TwoA.png

Level 7:

Image:Galactic Enforcer Mask.png

Galactic Enforcer Mask

Bugs And Earplugs

Numbuh 2 – Image:Numbuh TwoA.png

Level 8:

Image:Galactic Enforcer Boots.png

Galactic Enforcer Boots

Base Case (Part 1 of 2)

Numbuh 2 – Image:Numbuh TwoA.png

Level 9:

Image:Galactic Enforcer Legs.png

Galactic Enforcer Legs

Base Case (Part 2 of 2)

Numbuh 2 – Image:Numbuh TwoA.png

Level 10:

Image:Galactic Enforcer Cape.png

Galactic Enforcer Cape

Major Minor

Numbuh 2 – Image:Numbuh TwoA.png

Level 11:

Image:Galactic Enforcer Chest.png

Galactic Enforcer Chest

Nuclear Haste

Numbuh 2 – Image:Numbuh TwoA.png

Level 12:

Image:Bracer Blaster.png

Bracer Blaster

Tree House Trouble

Numbuh 2 – Image:Numbuh TwoA.png

Level 13:

Image:Megawhatt Mascot.png

Megawhatt Mascot

Max Marathon

Numbuh 311

Level 14:

Image:Heatblast Boots.png

Heatblast Boots

High Jinx

Grandpa Max – Image:Grandpa MaxA.png

Level 15:

Image:Heatblast Legs.png

Heatblast Legs

You Make the Call

Grandpa Max – Image:Grandpa MaxA.png

Level 16:

Image:Heatblast Flaming Aura.png

Heatblast Flaming Aura

Free Launch

Grandpa Max – Image:Grandpa MaxA.png

Level 17:

Image:Heatblast Torso.png

Heatblast Torso

Omnitrix Fix

Grandpa Max – Image:Grandpa MaxA.png

Level 18:



Hard Cell

Grandpa Max – Image:Grandpa MaxA.png

Level 19:

Image:Sumo Slammer Helmet.png

Sumo Slammer Helmet

Appetite for Destruction

Grandpa Max – Image:Grandpa MaxA.png

Level 20:

Image:Sumo Slammer Boots.png

Sumo Slammer Boots

No Ghosts Allowed

Grandpa Max – Image:Grandpa MaxA.png

Level 21:

Image:Sumo Slammer Pants.png

Sumo Slammer Pants

Vine Time

Grandpa Max – Image:Grandpa MaxA.png

Level 22:

Image:Sumo Slammer Sashimono.png

Sumo Slammer Sashimono

Do Not Enter

Grandpa Max – Image:Grandpa MaxA.png

Level 23:

Image:Sumo Slammer Shirt.png

Sumo Slammer Shirt

Nowhere to Go

Ben – Image:BenA.png

Level 24:

Image:Energy Grenades.png

Energy Grenades

Tough Cell

Ben – Image:BenA.png

Level 25:

Image:Spectral Exterminator Visor.png

Spectral Exterminator Visor

Into the Wild

Hoss Delgado – Image:Hoss DelgadoA.png

Level 26:

Image:Spectral Exterminator Boots.png

Spectral Exterminator Boots

Chicken Scrap

Hoss Delgado – Image:Hoss DelgadoA.png

Level 27:

Image:Spectral Exterminator Pants.png

Spectral Exterminator Pants

Mountain Madness

Ben – Image:BenA.png

Level 28:

Image:Spectral Exterminator Backpack.png

Spectral Exterminator Backpack

Dark Times

Hoss Delgado – Image:Hoss DelgadoA.png

Level 29:

Image:Spectral Exterminator Jumper.png

Spectral Exterminator Jumper

Sinister Plans

Hoss Delgado – Image:Hoss DelgadoA.png

Level 30:



Pit Stop

Hoss Delgado – Image:Hoss DelgadoA.png

Level 31:

Image:Plumber Shock Helmet.png

Plumber Shock Helmet

Bash Your Brains

Hoss Delgado – Image:Hoss DelgadoA.png

Level 32:

Image:Plumber Shock Boots.png

Plumber Shock Boots

Welcome to Braintree

Hoss Delgado – Image:Hoss DelgadoA.png

Level 33:

Image:Plumber Shock Legs.png

Plumber Shock Legs

Satellite Mission

Hoss Delgado – Image:Hoss DelgadoA.png

Level 34:

Image:Alien Bounty Hunter Pack.png

Alien Bounty Hunter Backpack

Captain’s Log

Hoss Delgado – Image:Hoss DelgadoA.png

Level 35:

Image:Plumber Shock Armor.png

Plumber Shock Armor

Eyebore Easily

Hoss Delgado

Level 36: – Image:Hoss DelgadoA.png

Image:PM-1 Energy Rifle.png

PM-1 Energy Rifle

Fusion Finale

Hoss Delgado – Image:Hoss DelgadoA.png


113 responses

16 06 2010

my guide is ben tennyson and im lvl 6 now but i have to fight fusion mayor but arent i supposed 2 get my dee dee nano?
The 0 Man: Yes. But ‘The Littlest Fusion (Pat 3 of 3) is a world mission. Not a nano mission. In the game, you will have to fight Fusions for normal world missions. Not just for nano missions. And for all Fusions (except for Fusion Mayor, Fusion Tetrax and Fusion Kevin) twice of three times.

23 11 2012
Player 150

im lvl 18 but change my guid now im doing mission on lvl 10 or 11
OZw: I remember when I did that. A little advice, don’t spend your Fusion Matter too much. I regretted doing that when I was lvl 35 and I ran out of missions. I wasn’t even close to getting enough FM to get the Humungousaur Nano mission!

5 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

i tried that too for a few missions and i switch to ben until im level 36 and change guide.

13 07 2010

The 0 Man: Um, okay…

7 08 2010
Mojo Swordpunch

good for you

20 12 2010

The 0 Man: So do I. And my brother. I’m hungry now!

20 12 2010


20 12 2010

Then go eat something!

7 08 2010
Mojo Swordpunch

i need to get the lvl 13 misson but where is number 311
what lvl 36 monster do i fight to get the ben ten jacker

11 03 2011
Player 17

number 311 is at city point and you have to fight any lv 36 monster and get a crate but when you open it the item is random i think

15 08 2010
Super Staryoink (roger)

when can i go in the spaceport to ben and is it possible to get a ben 10 jacket
The 0 Man: You go at lvl 24 for World Missions. And yes, it is possible to get the Ben 10 Jacket. But it’s lvl 36 as you may already know and I’m not sure how to get it.

6 02 2012


16 08 2010
Super Staryoink (roger)

thanks and will mordeaci and rigby from reagluar show be in fusion fall
The 0 Man: Not sure.

23 02 2011
Rex Questzombie

They will,along with mordecai and rigby nanos.The nanos of them will be added with rath,waybig,ultimate big chill. I know this,How?cause teh nanos are shown at Mt.Neverest graduation.
The 0 Man: Yeah, saw them too. Can’t wait til the Rath nano comes out. He’s my favorite alien!

24 02 2011
Rex Questzombie

I know! i hope his nano catch frases are, “ok,NOW RATH IS ANGRY!” for his fight move if u choose it, “Hurry up!Raths starvin!” for health,and “U know what six six?IM MAD!” for the group power. Cause,if u think bout’ it,those ar ehis best catchfrazes! I say,they needa add a wildmutt nano,for the celebration of ultimate wildmutt.

27 06 2011

yes they will
OZw: We know the nanos will. Then again, that will 100% mean that Rigby will be in the game because of the Rigby nano. Hope he’ll be released soon

31 12 2011
Player 100

OZw: But only as Nanos. I think the reason Mordecai, Rigby, Gumball and Darwin aren’t NPCs is the same reason the guys from Camp Lazlo and My Gym Partner’s a Monkey aren’t in the game, because their designs didn’t come out right.

20 09 2012
Player 144

ok i know its way to late to say this but ya they are already in game and they are code nanos….. and dont yell at me cause they already out and some of you may have gotten them XP

7 09 2010
malcom bladearm

im doing the mission you make the call that i got from grandpa max and i cant seem to beat the part when im in the fissure.can you help me 0-man?
The 0 Man: Can you tell me the name of the mission? Since there’s a few missions from Max. If you can, I might be able to help.

30 03 2013
Player 168

if its the dire raptor misson go out of the fissure and destroy them

7 10 2010
split second to react

hey i say I LIKE PIE!!! three times a day at my school and i think i found like my twin now
The 0 Man: Lol, yeah!

9 04 2012
Player 119

hey thats my catch phrase, wuz the word before i said mama

16 10 2010
Mark Explorerair

Hey dude listen I’m doing a guide mission it’s you’re call any tips?

19 10 2010
Fuzzy BarkZone

Hey 0 Man i need your help do you know where can i get the kiva pants the level 26 mission gives you the kiva boots, kiva pants is lvl 25 and i hav done all 25 26 missions but none gives me kiva pants help me!!
The 0 Man: Uhh… Hmm… Some monsters have monster only items. Like you can only get certain rare stuff from Don Doom and Bad Max in the Future. Try beating up some lvl 25 monsters. It’s a great way to earn taros too!

19 10 2010
Fuzzy BarkZone

will be there any cool Halloween event at this year in Fusionfall?
The 0 Man: I hope so! Maybe the character who will appear this year would be Ghostfreak. Or Jack. Or Dracula again.

20 12 2010

or a new caracter, Candy-Crazed Blowfish!

24 02 2011

which nanos and their powers are good so i be better in battle[i am level 20]
The 0 Man: Check my List of Nanos page, that might help

13 04 2011
Erik The Ultimate

dude can you tell what courage says or does he just say what he says in the cartoons in the middle of nowhere
The 0 Man: The ones I can remember are:
– Aaaah! You scared me! (Normal)
– Courage! (Nano)
– Here I am! (Nano)
I can’t remember what else he says though

14 04 2011
Ace Bronzearx

hey 0 man i just got on fusionfall today and i didnt see number two at the tree house and my my game keeps crashing can you help?
The 0 Man: Try going on the main menu (Character Selection) and back on again until you see Numbuh Two

7 06 2011
Super Staryoink (roger)

is the heatblaster a shatter gun
OZw: Yep!

9 06 2011
Player 22

when will the mordacai and rigby nano come out
OZw: Not sure. Maybe next week. Idk

14 06 2011
Player 24

Hmm. I’m a level 11 but. I still need to be higher people find me fusionfall so we can be a group and get higher levels
My name is my name on fusionfall
OZw: Um, you didn’t really give your FF name. It just came up w/ Anonymas (Or whatever, can’t remember how to spell it). Which I then changed to Player 24 (Kinda like players in FusionFall who entered a custom name before the FF team removed that option). But we’d be glad to help you! …I’D be glad to help you! If I can.

19 06 2011

ok im lvl 14 and i am doingben misson high jinx,and when i get to the fissure,where do i find grandpa max?

you think you can help me O-MAN?
OZw: Max is where he always is. Try getting out of the Fissure, and let a monster spot you but just let it hit you. Then you’ll be taken to the Ressurect ‘Em which is near Max, Scotsman and Numbuh One. I always use that.

21 06 2011

I’m doing the mission max marathon, but max is not where number one is. Where is he?it says he off the map
OZw: That’s weird. First in the Null Void, now Townsville Park! I have no idea where he is.

5 09 2011
Player 58

he is at townsville park even though the map says he is not

5 07 2011
agenet wolfshoes

wif am not going in this guide

10 07 2011

which guide is the best to choose?! please help i cant choose!!
OZw: They’re all about the same difficulty. Just choose you fav show out of the 4 guides and choose that character. Like for me, my favourite show was Ed, Edd n Eddy. So I chose Edd.

11 07 2011

oh ok thanks i choose ben! : )

23 07 2011
Super Staryoink (roger)

whats the weapon for the sumo slammer set
OZw: Energy Grenades. Also goes well with the Bounty Hunter set.

26 07 2011
cark rittery

hey o man whats the quickest way to get to lvl 16
OZw: I dunno. Beat up monsters that are your lvl? Do any missions you forgot about?

28 07 2011
cark rittery


20 08 2011
agent wolfshoes

i wish fusion fall made a gumball npc

31 08 2011
Snt Unty

they havent yet,though they have released a gumball nano.

31 08 2011
Snt Unty

OZw/the O man,im trying to get the numbuh 2 nano,and numbuh two(is the mission giver)tells you to find a soulo,and,you guessed it,take him/it/her/fuse’s minion/whatever it is down.after that,blossom tells you the soulos have planted they’re shells around the chains that connects the treehouse to the,right?WRONG!the shells can act like bombs,disabling the chains,which will send the treehouse into space and eventually crash into-*dramatic evil music plays*-planet fuse.though problem is,ive check the upper end and lower of each chains,i find no soulo
OZw: Though that plan wouldn’t work. The reason is that in the Future areas (before they were deleted), the KND treehouse had no chains. Yet it was still on Earth. Until monsters stole the Mandark Industries Gravity Decelerator that keeps the treehouse afloat, crashing it down back to Earth so Fuse could get into the KND Sector V vault of weapons and gear. And for the last part, they take FOREVER to appear. So I would recommend skipping that mission until the FF team decides to change it.

2 09 2011
Snt Unty

thanks!but can you help me with something else? for the monkey skyway,i registered my character for peach creek(commons) and sector V.but i cant find sector V S.C.A.M.P.E.R area.can you help OZw?
OZw: There isn’t a S.C.A.M.P.E.R. in Sector V anymore. That has been replaced by the Providence Jump Jet which I think is supposed to take you to the Providence HQ in Townsville Park. However, for some reason, it doesn’t work. So now there’s a Jump Jet and a Providence Agent just standing there.

2 09 2011
Snt Unty

and by the way, on weekends i usually use the monkey skyway to get to the cul-de-sac.i heard you are there around 4-5:00 you on the weekend,name is blade weekend.ok?
OZw: I am sometimes. But not anymore. That was only for a few weeks while I was on vacation to see my brother in Lanzarote. FusionFall works on his computer, but not on mine unfortunatly. But I go on whenever I can. Like not on my computer. Since mine is REALLY laggy when playing the game. I’m suprised I got upto lvl 5 on my comp during the beta. Then again, the beta ended when I was a lvl 5.

2 09 2011
snt unty

that sucks. by the way this is the same guy who posted above,just im haveing trouble connecting to facebook.and i think you should edit your code posts from time to time,since codes expire. on wikia,they but a E* next to an expired code.
OZw: That’s pretty much where I got my codes from. And that’s also what I did. Except instead of putting ‘E*’, I put ‘(Expired)’. And I do edit the codes, it’s just no codes have been coming in a while. I don’t bother editing the Eye Guy set though since that never expires. Neither do the Nano Capsules.

13 11 2011

whats the working codes right now for sets like ben 10
OZw: The only one is ffcsecretinstone which is for the Eye Guy set.

2 10 2011

witch set is better in this guide i pick heat blast -Bass Zombieweasl

2 10 2011
Oliver Zombieweasel

I think Spectral Exterminator.

4 11 2011
basil abyss

i an stuck on megawhattage they put millions of time deviants and i cant get through
OZw: I usually wait until I’m a higher level. Or go with a group.

12 11 2011

does anyone think they are out of missions then check againe from this account:

if there is no missions then go in a group and help them do their missions so you will win exp to be a higher level
OZw: I’ve been there. But I prefer to go to the FusionFall Wiki since Fosters-Home hasn’t really been updated. But what I want to know is how to get boosts.

13 11 2011

olizer zombieweasel please add me but what is cool non expired codes and my chrecters names are from strongest to weakest [lord rougerhichard] [xtra bullyzon] i cant remember my last one but please add me today or tommorrow atpeach creek commons
OZw: Sure! But I don’t think I can today or tomorrow. But hopefully next weekend.

18 11 2011


see you then im going on today bye dude

18 11 2011

is there going to be poke’mon,bakubon,bakugan,and tdi
OZw: No. Those shows are not owned by Cartoon Network.

18 11 2011

oh but people say total drama island is on it or is that island fake just a debug island home to all debugs

18 11 2011
Oliver Zombieweasel

That’s it’s nickname. It’s actually called Debug Land.

19 11 2011

oh cool oh and thunder thunder thundercats ho
OZw: I haven’t really seen that show so I don’t know. A good way to see if a show is owned by CN is to see if the show says ‘Cartoon Network Studios’ at the end.

18 11 2011

how do you know the next code nanos
OZw: When you go to the Free Nano Codes page on the FF site, look at the top. You might just see a picture of a Lodestar Helmet. Lodestar won’t be a code nano though, that’s just left over from when the Free Nano Codes page was the Code Items page.

19 11 2011
lord rougerhichard

oh i show yhem 2 can you meet me in peach creek commons to day oh and this is mizeaj this my strongest chrecters name ill have orange hair like wilycat

20 11 2011
lord rougerhichard

what do you do if you’r computer kept restsrting ff
OZw: I have no idea…

20 11 2011
lord rougerhichard

oh 😦 oh well can you meet me in endsville

21 11 2011
lord rougerhichard

mordecai nano out people code is ffcyeeeeeaaaahhh
OZw: Haven’t I already established that on the homepage?

26 11 2011

do you know who the game masters are please tell me becaus ei heard from some guy about them and i think he was lieing he said that they can make monsters and stuff
OZW: I sorta know. The GMs are the guys who work on the game. They’re like beta testers. Like me. Except they work at Cartoon Network. And are older than me. Anyway, I’m not sure if they can make monsters. Okay, they can but they don’t do it as if they were God, they’d have to do all the complicated stuff. Like making them respawn, training them to know friends to foes, stuff like that. They can also turn invisible and attack other players. A famous GM is GMLydia, who is known to do that kinda thing.

27 11 2011
lord rougerhichard ( mizeaj )

i think i said the mordocai nano news before you ozw no offense but someone told me a new area is coming at the last of the year but i think he lied
OZw: No I think I did. You said it a few minutes later. Anyway, if they do make a new area, it’s probably either Bellwood, The Land of Ooo, the KND Moonbase or The remains of Stormalong Harbour.

27 11 2011
lord rougerhichard ( mizeaj )

i sent you a email today
OZw: Just read it. And thanks!

27 11 2011

Do you know anything about the clyde locations i really need a list so i can get them, and they said thet they were hosting a privite event in the darklands or candy cove. Something to do with the GMs
OZw: I knew where 2 of them USED to be. The one in Peach Creek Estates and the one at Foster’s Home. But it seem’s they’ve disappeared. I know there MIGHT be one in Forgotten Falls. On one of the islands at the bottom of the waterfall. And I have no idea they were throwing a private party. I hope it will b AFTER I’m able to play FF. So then I could be a spy.

29 12 2011

you missed the party it was last month

13 12 2011
Leon Lunaticdexter

i think P.B nano code is ffcfreecandy

22 01 2012
d man 27

aint the last place in the city. like city station is off world plaza where ben is?
OZw: I like to think of City Station and City Point as part of Townsville. Anyway, I can’t remember. Probably. It’s either the Offworld Plaza, Tech Square, Steam Alley or Mojo’s Volcano.

22 01 2012
d man 27

where does city point and city station. come off of? also entiral vista. and twisted and really twisted forest?
OZw: Not all of the areas in the game are based off shows. Some are just added to make the game bigger. But I think City Point and City Station are off the Powerpuff Girls (Because of Dizzy World and there’s a giant memorial thing of the Powerpuff Girls where Bloo is). Eternal Vistas is probably based off Billy & Mandy (Because of the Home of the Ancients) or any other show that has a cemetery in it. And the Really Twisted Forest is probably based off either every CN show that has a forest in it. But mainly Ben 10 (From that Ultimate Weapon episode).

24 01 2012
d man 27

o ok thx!

24 01 2012
d man 27

they shoul add tdi and land of oo and the park on regular show. but if they add that then they will have to move fuse to one of them places. and make more monsters. and new lvls. come to think of it not that bad.
OZw: They can’t add TDI cause it’s not owned by CN. But yeah, the Land of Ooo and the park should be in the game. And Bellwood. And the wreckage of Stormalong. And the Underworld. And Marzipan City. And every other area that’s appeared in a Cartoon Network-owned show that isn’t already in the game.

25 01 2012
d man 27

hey im a lvl 19 and bout 2 be a 20 and i just ran out of missions got any tips?
OZw: Racing?

4 02 2012

fight monsters that have good items/or grind until you lvl

6 02 2012


4 02 2012

well, its a great new year! they took patches off so everyone does their own thing, and the taros disaster is over with….but scammers are on the loose this year. taking everyons hard earned items. they took my prototype set and blindfolds. oh well, what im trying to say is be careful out there this year.


5 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

i havent ben scamed i got 1000000 taros and i spend it stuck and about 70 000.

4 02 2012

man it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a black ace these days. ive been shooting lvl 35 slag celtapods and eyebulbs and getting nowhere. not even a lousy ben jacket or a pice of ccb clothing anywhere. this is alot more complicated than it would seem.

5 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

better to defeat lvl 36 monsters for ben jacket

5 02 2012

any1 has waybig code
OZw: It’s not up yet.

9 04 2012
Lion Generalpulsar

hey O-man why is it that the S.C.A.T.E.R pistol is some much more powerful than most weapons about three levels above it. btw anyone out there who is about lvl 6 and wants a good powerful gun do the numbuh two quest as stated above that has the S.C.A.T.E.R gun as its prise. im a lv 8 ( ya i know im a noob) and i still perfer it has my primary weapon (if ur wondering how long this took it took about three min give or take) 🙂
OZw: Yeah, sometimes that happens. I have no idea why that is, but it’s sometimes a good idea to check the stats of the weapons and compare them with another weapon or two. Slightly off topic: I almost never use rocket or thrown weapons unless it’s to grab the attention of a monster or for fun.

5 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

yh mee to except for attention or fun i hate them. hard to be aqurate.

22 06 2012

What’s an easy way to level up if you know any for a lvl.7 cause thatIs what level I am?

22 06 2012

go to green maw and race with a scavange nano.

5 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

defeat lvl 8 9 10 or 11 monsters to boost fusion matter (FM)

27 06 2012
İrem Özkılııç

please help me i can’t complete computeress’ mission at mount neverest! It’s making me crazy. I already know who to choose: dexter.but i can’t choose a reward and computeress doesn’t make me complete the mision without doing it. 😦 i’m stuck at lvl 3!!!!! :((
OZw: To select an item, all ya gotta do is click the box next to each item. I think the next and final time you gotta do that after your graduation is when you do The Thromnambular Saga (Part 9 of 9).

28 06 2012
İrem Özkılııç

İ don’t see anything like that…
OZw: Weird… Can you email me a picture of what you see? Email address is on the sidebar.

5 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

there is another graduation

5 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

dude i got rath nano sweet
OZw: Ah yes, Rath. My favourite alien of all time!

5 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

plus swampfire nano dexter nano and im goin to try and get vilgax and grim.

5 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

hey by the way im lvl 22 working on 23.

5 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

i have cool clothes cause i use the pot mixer thing.
OZw: And this ended up in the Spam folder, how…? Anyway, the “pot mixer thing” has a name. The Croc-Pot. Which now that I look at it, sounds more like a fast-food restaurant.

8 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

yeah it helps with high level coolness for low levels

8 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

name the worst nano on fusionfall-i say vilgax.
OZw: All the code Nanos. They have no challenge.

9 12 2012
8 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

my (IGN) is Rolf Snaketoon check me out.

8 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

um guys u seen when characters disappear on fusionfall they move friends and we cant speak is that suppose to be an update.
OZw: No, just a few bugs.

9 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

ok thanks just needed to know second time they do that since i have played this game

9 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

oh OZw what is your (IGN).
OZw: HOW can you not know my name?! You must not be of this Earth! Lol, kidding. Just look at my signatures at the bottom of each of my posts.

10 12 2012

my new taros is 100000 and a little more

10 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

what signatures

11 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

what bottom i dont know

11 12 2012
shem100200 bfhplayer (@Shem100200)

just tell me the name

14 12 2012

I need help wiht lvl 10 ben I’ve done all the parts except find the major miner, I went to the exact nav point…I still coudlnt find it, I i relogged n did it over still nothing is there something im missing??? also i know about 3 ppl who tried and coudlnt find it

22 12 2012

im out of missions im almost level 24 yaaaaah

22 12 2012

but i will get a few others

2 03 2013


27 04 2013

wut our good ways to get fusion matter cus i need to be lv 9 but cant seem to get a nuff stuff
OZw: Uh… what? Oh, good ways to get FM? I usually go racing. You can also look for an FM booster. I heard you get those from racing.

28 04 2013

k thanks i new to fusion fall well kinda i played it a long time ago now i”m back but thanks

14 06 2013
Johnny Stalwart

why cant the darklands missions have tetrax as the mission giver it makes no sense to me unless it is in the wilds

2 02 2019

I’m level 35 now, I’ve done every mission possible and still need a lot of fusion matter, what is the way to get the fusion matter?

2 02 2019
Oliver Zombieweasel

Well there’s racing, but that’s *still* yet to be implemented… >.>
You’ve said you’ve done every mission, but I’d still recommend doing guide missions in case you forgot about those lol. Unlike the original game too, you *need* to use a Scavenge Nano, preferably as soon as you get one, with a ton of gumballs.

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