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Being an expert on the game (Not including hacks and glitches. I still need a bit of research on those), I’m usually asked for any help on stuff. Just so I won’t have to answer all the time, I’ve created this page. So if you need any game help, check this page! Pictures added in case you don’t know what I’m talking about:

I’ve ran out of missions and I still need Fusion Matter! What do I do?

This is what’s happened to me at lvl 35. Oh, wait! I’m talking about the answer to the next question! What I did after I beat Fuse, or just needed FM, was change my guide. It may take a while to get up to your lvl, but it’s worth it!

File:Guide Changer.png

I’ve done all that and I’ve still ran out of FM! Now what?

Now, this is what happened to me at lvl 35. All I did was do races in the Green Gullet Infected Zone in Green Maw. It did take almost half a week, but it worked! Make sure you bring the right Nanos and some potions.

File:SACT Agents race.png

My finger’s starting to get tired just keeping it on the W/Up arrow key. Any help?

Have you tried experimenting with the keys? ‘Home’ sweet ‘home’. Get it?

Ok, but when I turn, I stop.

Use the mouse. A BIT of under steer, though. Or a BIT of over steer. Depends on how much you turn. Ya know what I mean!

Do other keys do other things?

Of course it depends on if you’ve changed the control settings, but here is… THE LIST!!!!!

– Enter – Pause menu

– Spacebar – Jump/Power Cannon (Let go to launch the cannon. Hold to power up the cannon)

– Z – Action

– X – Nano Power

– C – Nano Potion

– W/Up Arrow – Forward

– S/Down Arrow – Backwards

– Home – Auto-run

– V – Vehicle

– H – Help

– I – My Stuff

– @ (Or whatever’s two keys to the right of the L key) – Settings

– P – Email

– Q – Look left

– E – Look right

– A – Sidestep left

– D – Sidestep right

– Left Arrow – Turn left

– Right Arrow – Turn right

– 1 – Nano #1

– 2 – Nano #2

– 3 – Nano #3

– J – Journal

– N – Nano Book

– W x2/Up Arrow x2 – Dash foward

– S x2/Down Arrow x2 – Dash backward

I can’t find the Soulo Shells for Numbuh Two’s new Nano mission. Why aren’t they at the chains?

Yeah, I know. So far, only TWO of my characters have done his Nano mission after the expansion back in 2011. Last time I did it, I found a whole bunch of Soulo Shells after 8pm (1am in GMT). Though that was only once so I don’t know if they appear mostly at that time.

What show is TOM from?

Easy. He wasn’t from a TV show, but a channel! He was the host of Cartoon Network’s younger brother (I said brother cause it’s a channel that had epic cartoons like Samurai Jack and Megas XLR), Toonami. TOM stands for Toonami Operations Module and was the host of Toonami from 2004 to 2008. This TOM is TOM 3. There was a TOM 4, but I think CN used TOM 3 cause he looked less creepy and was probably the most favoured TOM. Too me, he looked like an astronaut, robotic version of The Stig from Top Gear. Except TOM actually speaks.

Why aren’t shows like Pokemon and Bakugan in the game?

Seven words: They aren’t firetrucking owned by Cartoon Network!

Fifteen more words: Only shows that are owned by Cartoon Network can be in CARTOON NETWORK Universe: FusionFall

You can tell if a show is owned by CN just by seeing if it says ‘Cartoon Network Studios’ after the end credits.


3 responses

11 07 2012
Fusionfall awesome

Hey, I noticed if I commented, I would be the first on this page. Hurray!
OZw: *Facepalm*

9 09 2012

Hey, Here’s a little tip; The game’s more fun when you play with the arrow keys and the mouse rather than W,A,S,D and X,Z.
OZw: And much easier. Unless you’re left handed, then you’ll have to use the W, A, S and D keys.

11 12 2012
Blipsy Triax

Oliver, I got a comment saying that the Stinkfly wings are not in the mechamorph egger anymore.

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