S.C.A.M.P.E.R. and Monkey Skyway Agent areas

S.C.A.M.P.E.R. areas


Sector V (The Future)

Peach Creek Commons (The Future)


Peach Creek Commons – The Suburbs

Endsville – The Suburbs

City Station – Downtown

Mount Blackhead – The Wilds

Forsaken Valley – Darklands

Monkey Skyway Agent areas


Peach Creek Commons (The Future)

Goat’s Junk Yard (The Future)

Genius Grove (The Future)

Candy Cove (The Future)


Sector V – The Suburbs

Peach Creek Commons – The Suburbs

Genius Grove – The Suburbs

Candy Cove – The Suburbs

Eternal Meadows – The Suburbs

Goat’s Junk Yard – The Suburbs

Endsville – The Suburbs

Foster’s Home – The Suburbs

Habitat Homes – The Suburbs

City Point – Downtown

City Station – Downtown

City Hall – Downtown

Townsville Park – Downtown

Orchid Bay – Downtown

Bravo Beach – Downtown

Mojo’s Volcano – Downtown

Tech Square – Downtown

Offworld Plaza – Downtown

Camp Kidney – The Wilds

Mount Blackhead – The Wilds

Pimpleback Mountains – The Wilds

Devil’s Bluff – The Wilds

Nowhere – The Wilds

Really Twisted Forest – The Wilds

Huntor’s Crest – The Darklands

The Precipice – The Darklands


5 responses

20 07 2010
Player 6


14 12 2010

You forgot Forsaken Valley-Darklands. On the Monkey Skyway Agents.
The 0 Man: Seems I did…

20 08 2011
agent wolfshoes

2 respones am 3rd cool and i liek skyway agents
OZw: I always forgot this page was on here.

1 12 2011
fuzion zombieweasel (lord rougerhichard) (mizeaj)

um what the ones for 12 – 15
OZw: For…?

2 12 2011
lord rougerhichard

OZw: What do you mean ’12-15′?

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