Future Infected Zones

    Levels: 2 – 4

Name: KND Training Area

Area: Sector V (The Future)

Fusion Lair: Fusion Numbuh Two’s lair

Owner of IZ: The KND

Area based off: Codename: Kids Next Door

Nano: Numbuh Two

Before it was walled off, this area was a 2×4 tech gymnasium filled with wooden platforms, practice targets and other scavenged materials.


Name: Pokey Oaks Junior High

Area: Pokey Oaks North (The Future)

Fusion Lair: Fusion Eddy’s lair

Area based off: The Powerpuff Girls

Nano: Eddy

Lockers, chalkboards and broken playground equipment litter this infected school yard.


Name: Mandark’s House

Area: Genius Grove (The Future)

Fusion Lair: Fusion Eddy’s old lair (Can no longer be accessed)

Owner of IZ: Mandark

Area based off: Dexter’s Labratory

Mandark’s techno-gothic home is guarded by Air Drones for an extra challenge.


Name: Delightful Developments

Area: Peach Creek Estates (The Future)

Fusion Lair: Fusion Eduardo’s lair

Owner of IZ: Father

Area based off: Ed, Edd n’ Eddy

Nano: Eduardo

This huge infected zone is loaded with construction equipment and danger.


Name: Megas’ Last Stand

Area: Goat’s Junk Yard

Owner of IZ: Coop

Area based off: Megas XLR

At the center of this platforming puzzle stands a gigantic frozen robot from outer space.


21 responses

2 08 2010


30 04 2011

actually now they don’t have any past

30 04 2011

i mean future
The 0 Man: I know, but I decided to keep this page up anyway.

9 06 2011
mark explorerair (Robbie)

meh cool anyways

11 06 2011
Player 23

i cant find fusion Eduardo’s lair

7 07 2011

try defeationg a darkpaper warlord.when its at half of its health,it runs towards a fusion lair and disapears. thats where you go.

19 07 2011
Player 36

hey i know where

12 02 2012
jesse munner

me nether

12 06 2011
Mr.Darkice Spawn

is impossible catch nano Number Two,the shell souls Dessapeear!
OZw: Tell me about it

21 06 2011
Lady Melodydragon (Krys)

I’m having second thoughts about playing this game… I’m such a baby, and some of this stuff seems a bit scary at first sight… That’s how I am. It freaks me out at first sight, scars me a bit (lol), but after a bit of staring, it’s not that scary anymore. In games, when enemies pop up out of nowhere-that scares me too.

I feel like such a chicken.

But really… you have to know what I mean at least a BIT. They have a freakin’ monster that looks like Max Tennyson’s skull for crying out loud! And that creepy clown thing… O.e
OZw: I know what you mean. When I first played ”FusionFall”, when I went to Pokey Oaks North (The Future), I was scared of those Cyber Stingers! And don’t let the Grim Reaper scare you. He’s a bit of a wuss on the inside and he’s on our side. Can’t say the same about Fusion Grim.

5 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

um we cant go to KND Training Area in the past
OZw: It says FUTURE Infected Zones. Not Past.

7 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

can you make past Infected Zones

7 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

how could FATHER! own Delightful Developments its from ed edd and eddy
OZw: Maybe since construction was halted or something, maybe Father bought it to finish it.

7 07 2011
mark explorerair (Robbie)


7 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

matter about what mark

1 08 2011
fusion fighter

does any body think its a bit odd that knd training grounds is the only infected zone that does not have dex labs shield projecters
OZw: It did. Or it would´ve if no one was around to fight Fuse. Luckily, in the Past areas, it isn´t. And Fusion Numbuh Two´s lair is pretty much in the same place as it was (Or would be) in the Future Areas. I miss the Future already.

22 08 2011
Player 50

i can not beat titan guards just to many of those
OZw: They´re called Motorillas and try fighting them one by one. I would bring a pistol and a shattergun. Pistol for singles, shattergun for groups. Make sure you wear the torso, pants and shoes items that have to highest stats. Armour is everything.

22 08 2011

i fought fuse but i had to die first
OZw: Here´s some tips.
1. Stay JUST within pistol range. Any closer than that, and you´ll set off his eruption attack.
2. If he starts to use his eruption attack, jump off his throne quickly. His eruption attacks can kill everyone on his throne, regardless of how much health you have.
3. Bring a nano with freedom, one with drain or damage and one with health.
4. Bring a group if you have to.

4 12 2011
lord rougerhichard

i want the future back whos whith me i want it back so getting the numbuh 2 nano and buttercup nano missions would be easier

13 01 2012
d man 27

what does freedom nano do?
OZw: It stops the monster you’re fighting using it’s special attack on you (Like stun). I don’t think it works for Corruption and Eruption attacks though.

14 01 2012
d man 27

thx OZw u the best

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