Future characters


Alan – Area: Pokey Oaks South (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Albedo – Area: Pokey Oaks South (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Species: Galvan

Planet: Galvan Prime

Alien X – Area: Pokey Oaks South (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Species: Celestialsapien

Home Planet: Zvezda

Bobo Haha – Area: Pokey Oaks North

Buttercup – Area: Pokey Oaks North

Candy Wife – Area: Pokey Oaks North (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Chowder – Area: Pokey Oaks South (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Chupacabra – Area: Pokey Oaks South (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Computress – Area: Sector V

Doc Saturday – Area: Pokey Oaks North (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Dracula – Area: Peach Creek Commons (Halloween only)

Drew Saturday – Area: Pokey Oaks North (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Echo Echo – Area: Pokey Oaks South (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Species: Sonorosian

Home Planet: Sonorosia

Eddy – Area: Peach Creek Commons

Eduardo – Area: Peach Creek Commons

Fiskerton – Area: Pokey Oaks North (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Flapjack – Area: Pokey Oaks South (FusionFall’s anniversaries)

Fred Fredburger – Area: Pokey Oaks North (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Jake – Area: Sector V (Jump Pad only)

Jeff – Area: Pokey Oaks South (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Johnny Bravo – Area: Pokey Oaks North (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Mandark – Area: Peach Creek Estates

Major Glory – Area: Pokey Oaks South (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Megawhatt – Area: Pokey Oaks South (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Numbuh Five – Area: Pokey Oak’s North

Numbuh Two – Area: Sector V

Puckerberry Overlord – Area: Pokey Oaks South (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Rex – Area: Pokey Oaks North (Can be seen driving a motorcycle)

Schnitzel – Area: Pokey Oaks South (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Ship – Area: Pokey Oaks South (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Species: Galvanic Mechamorph

Home moon: Galvan B

TOM – Pokey Oaks South (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

V.V. Argost – Area: Peach Creek Commons and Pokey Oaks South (Thanksgiving and FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Zak Saturday – Area: Pokey Oaks South (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Zon – Area: Pokey Oaks North (FusionFall’s anniversaries only)

Vilgax – Area: Genius Grove

Species: Chimera Sui Generis

Home Planet: Vilgaxia


38 responses

27 09 2010
mark explorerair (Robbie)

who is t.o.m?
The 0 Man: TOM is… or WAS the host of Toonami.

5 07 2012
your mom

Toonami is on adult swim

20 12 2010

I know all those caracters exept TOM (What’s Toonami?), Chupacabra, and Major Glory. I know Computress but, which seris is Computress in?
The 0 Man: Toonami used to be an old Cartoon Network channel. The Chupacabra appeared in an episode of Dexter’s Lab and Billy & Mandy. Major Glory is Dexter’s favourite super hero. And Computress used to be a giant computer in Dexter’s Old Lab. Dexter then made her portable by making her look like a humanoid robot.

2 02 2011
fusion fall fanatic

i knew all of those guys did tom show up this year and that is tom 2

7 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

what ep was Chupacabra in the both shows b and m and dexter lab
OZw: In Billy & Mandy, he appeared in ”Aren’t You Chupacabra to See Me?” where his name was Daisy. Though that could’ve been a different Chupacabra as it was pink. and I can’t remember what episode he appeared in in Dexter’s Lab. He then appeared in his current look in The Secret Saturdays.

8 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

yuck he sucks billy i saw it on youtube

24 07 2011
Rex Saturday

Why is there a Chupacabra in fusionfall?
OZw: I think he was there to celebrate FusionFall´s 1st Anniversary Party. Since that´s the only party he´s been in so far.

4 08 2011
Jeremiah sutton

i would love to see draclua expessuly his awsome dance moves i cant wait still he comes

4 08 2011
Oliver Zombieweasel

I hope there will be another Halloween event like in 2009! That’s when he first appeared.

11 08 2011
agent wolfshoes

i cant wait to see draclua besause holo suit and the wings =D
OZw: Last I saw him was Halloween 2009. I was hoping maybe Jack would appear in 2010. Or Dracula again. But no event as big as the previous year. Anyway, I hope there´s a Halloween event like 2009 this year since I haven´t got the skeleton helmet and wings for Zombieweasel. Though mostly you got gumballs from Dracula´s pumpkin C.R.A.T.E.S. if you may remember. AND I wanna see the night sky that was in the ´09 Halloween event again. Some people back then also thought Knishmas would be as big as Halloween. With lots of snow, monsters being blue or something, the water being turned to ice etc.

21 09 2011
Player 64

umm can i have a old
acount any one
OZw: I have plenty! But why don’t you just make a new one?

21 09 2011

plz can i have a pumkin crate
OZw: I doubt anyone would have one anymore. Since they’re almost 2 years old.

19 07 2012

Some people do.

7 06 2012

i got to forsaken valley at level 19

20 09 2012
The Girl Who Is Neva Wrong

so what i went there at lvl 4… not a big dealieo dude XP

27 03 2013
Bo Ajax

I got there when is was like 10 or something…

27 03 2013
Bo Ajax

Naw I got there when is was lvl 4 too

3 07 2012

Well I think dracula has sweet moves is he coming
OZw: He did come in Halloween 2009 and Halloween 2011. But I doubt this year.

11 07 2012
Fusionfall awesome

Is it poosible to go to the future now that the game is free? If so, when.
By the way, when is it time to go to the darklands?
OZw: You used to start the game in the Future. But you needed Unlimited Access to go to the Past, but since April 19 2010 (That’s when the game became free), you could go to the Past anytime so long as you were lvl 4. But since the expansion, there’s no way to go to the Future now that the tutorial now takes you to the Academy. You can go to Tech Square – the Future though, by going to the Unknown. Also, it’s time to go to the Darklands when you’re about lvl 28.

30 07 2012
andrei akubinder

this weird how do you get to the future
OZw: You can’t anymore. Well, you can, but only to the old tutorial, Tech Square – The Future. Pretty easy to get there, yet hard to explain. The rest of the Future was deleted when the current tutorial (The Academy) was added last year.

23 11 2012

um actusay u can a lilttle but u porble have to be level 5-28+
OZw: 16+. I think.

23 11 2012

first of all how can u get to the old tutorial. and when are the charters going to be able to accept missons and when there coming? and will there be futures guild? AND why where some of the future was deleted becuase of (THE ACADEMY) was added last year?
OZw: I can’t remember, but to get to Tech Square – The Future… Nope, can’t remember. And what characters? Also, I don’t work for the FF team. The Future was deleted because a message was sent to the Past about an apocalyptic future, where Fuse has pretty much won, so the heroes of the Past created the Academy. Still preferred the Future. It added more to the story.

23 11 2012

how did fuse win? i thouth he lost?
OZw: He didn’t completely win, but with most of the heroes dead and the only remaining areas being Tech Square (Until it’s fall), Sector V, Pokey Oaks, Peach Creek, Goat’s Junk Yard, Genius Grove and Candy Cove (Hey, that rhymes!), the war was pretty much lost. It all starts before the invasion with the hero (You) taking part in Dexter’s Time Machine MII Experiment, set to the future. Until Dee Dee comes along, and does what she does best during the countdown, sending the hero much further into the future than Dexter wanted, also destroying the Time Machine. And since the hero wasn’t sent to the time Dexter intended, he/she did not destroy all the Fusions, leaving them to infect the whole world. Thus, you’re job there is to gather Time Machine parts (Like 2x4s, the Head of Larry 3000 etc.) to go to the Past (Which is when Dexter wanted you to be sent) and save Earth.

23 11 2012

c’omn dont play the charts up on the top
OZw: You mean the characters? Only Johnny Bravo, Major Glory, Chowder, Flapjack, Zak and Drew Saturday, Zon, Fiskerton, Fred Fredburger, Candy Wife, TOM, Schnitzel, Echo Echo and Jeff have been added. Jeff’s only appearance since the Birthday Bash was at the Mother’s Day event in 2010. Though he didn’t give out missions, he did help with one. Johnny’s in Orchid Bay and gives out a Nano Mission, Major Glory’s in Mt. Neverest and helps out with a mission, Fred’s just in Mt. Neverest, Chowder’s in his mouth and Peach Creek Commons and gives out missions, Flapjack’s in Leaky Lake and gives out missions, Zak and Fiskerton are in Mt. Blackhead and gave out a Mother’s Day mission and now a Nano, Drew and Zon are in the Ruins and helped out with a Mother’s Day mission, the Candy Wife is in one of the Ice King’s dungeons and helps with a mission, TOM’s just in Mt. Neverest and City Station, Schnitzel’s in Chowder’s Mouth and gives out a mission and Echo Echo’s only in Vilgax’s ship and helps out with a mission.

23 11 2012

this year will there celabret DEC 25 i hope so………..
OZw: Most of us call it Christmas. Or Knishmas in this case. I hope so, too. They might update the game quickly to add in the Knishmas items again. Sinister X, a member of the FF Team, has once stated that he and the team feel that the game no longer needs updating, but after Project: Revive was introduced and Ty Aquazon (A.k.a. Wilttilt) and he showed it to the team, Sinister might update FusionFall once they’re finished with Project Exonaut and another, not yet known, CN Universe game.

23 11 2012

so if fuse win thss one what will the heroes have t do

23 11 2012

what level is it time to fight fuse at what level and if u defeat fuse what is next? or do we have to wait and see if the ceators of FF ceator FF2. and if they dont what will they have to do?
OZw: 36. Nothing happens afterwards. You just have to go back to Jack at the Forsaken Valley and he says that the FM and monsters are still around, yet Fuse may return. I’d like a FusionFall 2! My idea is that you can use your characters from FF and he/she is at lvl 36 when you start.

23 11 2012

OZw can u add one of my charts name is blake angelalien if u dont add me its okay im a level 4-5 enways
OZw: Sure. Probably next week, I dunno. Whenever I can.

23 11 2012

buddy list i mean]

23 11 2012

how do u change ur guild
OZw: You mean Group. Just drop out by pressing Enter and there’ll be an option somewhere where you can drop out of the group. Only 4 people can be in a group.

25 11 2012

ur guild stupid not ur group
OZw: You mean guide. Just talk to either one of the four guides, Ben, Dexter, Mojo Jojo or Edd.

25 11 2012

was 2011 year party (for hollaween) as big as the one 2009
OZw: Nope. 2009’s Halloween event had a night sky (Complete with Planet Fusion’s shadow on the Moon), the introduction of Holosuits, all Fusion Matter was coloured orange and Dracula appeared. Last year just had Dracula.

5 12 2012
Player 154

Can someone please tell me i have seen this game before but can you play as v.v. argost on this game? reply even if you can’t paly as him please i would like to know.
OZw: …No. Argost and all other characters are not playable, hence why they’re known as NPCs.

8 12 2012

why all the naons are not NPCS
OZw: …Huh?

8 12 2012

IM try to see chowder, alan and the wrest but i cant find them i been looking for 10DAYS whereare they
OZw: Chowder’s in Peach Creek Commons and Alan isn’t in the game anymore. Only for the Birthday Bash.

26 12 2012
Player 156

hey 2012 items please
OZw: There ARE 2012 items on there. Try looking harder. Besides, there weren’t a lot of 2012 codes anyway.

4 01 2013

where is future?
OZw: 1 second from now, technically speaking. 😛 Ok, so it was deleted way back in 2011 and was replaced by the Academy. You can, however, get to Tech Square – The Future. But I forgot how to get there.

12 03 2013
Player 164

When is the birthday bash? I’m not a noob I just haven’t played in forever.
OZw: There’s only been one. In 2010. But there are player-hosted Birthday Bashes.

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