FusionFall: 7 Legends

Yes, this is the new FusionFall film Xlr8 147, me, Fuzzy Barkzon, Slim de Jackson and some others (I forgot their names :P) have been working on. Yes, I’m in the film but I wasn’t there when they made the poster. I won’t give out too much info until the film comes out, but it’s about 7 heroes who have crashed their ship on Earth (Not sure if it’s from a journey from Planet Fusion or not) and the team have to find new parts and fix their ship.

Here is a list of the cast members:

– XLR8 147

– Fuzzy Barkzon


– Rex Undelos

– Your’s truly (Oliver Zombieweasel)

– Bella Cloudtooth

– Sweet Blastereon

– Wild Cheesewolf

– Astro Cakezap

– Roxie Leeblossom

– Blade Xtremedude

– Ultimate Naruto Ninja

– Out Wolrder

– Rockstar Saturnhammer

– Sergeant Doodleblade

– Zeus Mikesoldier

– Gus Sethflint

– Cam Brutevoid

– Cody Airbornewarrior

– Saffron Snakeabyss

– Layla Roscoewick

– Blair Anthonybaboon

– Jake Musclestorm

– Zane Sunboskov

– Ben Leearx

– Dapper Grendeljax

– Slim De Jackson

– Mandark Lazhopkins

– Upgrade Jaybeard

– Volt Hydroangel

– Zack Mc.cartney

– Hom Choi


19 responses

6 12 2011
lord rougerhichard

is there a second one coming
OZw: Probably. Me and XtremeXDUDE have been talking about it before we started the first film but we’re still not sure.

7 12 2011
lord rougerhichard

if you do can i be in it
OZw: Yeah, if we can fit you in.

10 04 2012

Can I be in it? My name in fusionfall is Ben Beastdad lvl 20 kind of low but mmh..

7 12 2011
lord rougerhichard

cool 🙂

7 12 2011
lord rougerhichard

oh and fred fred burger might be the next nano look fusion fall wikia
OZw: Okay, 1. Yay! 2. Since it’s a wiki, it might not be true since anyone can edit it and 3. I can’t find it on there.

7 12 2011
Oliver Zombieweasel

OZw: Ok, found it. But I don’t think he, Benson and Agent Six will become Nanos since I don’t think it’s been confirmed. If Fred Fredburger DOES become a Nano, I hope he won’t be a code nano.

7 12 2011
lord rougerhichard

i was jumping from biulding to building on ff
OZw: That’s what I do sometimes! When I’m bored.

7 12 2011
lord rougerhichard


16 12 2011
Leon Lunaticdexter

P.B nano code is ffcnerdybutsweet
OZw: I know, I just found that out at school.

17 12 2011
Leon Lunaticdexter

just saw the trailer EPIC can’t wait for it to come out
OZw: The trailer’s out? Cool!

25 12 2011
Jeremiah sutton (@TheGouto)

i am back zombie weasel and i came back to see if you were ok you might not remember me but thats ok but i came to congratuate you for the new show 7 legends i am so looking forward to seeing the new show it looks so cool and before i go ill like to say merry christmas to you bye. judge claw out
OZw: Hi again! And 7 Legends isn’t actually a show, it’s a movie. The show’s name (Right now) is ‘The Life of Oliver Zombieweasel’. I might change it though.

4 02 2012

7 legends huh? sounds cool! looks like its time for me to crash the filming of this video XD jk
OZw: Lol

26 06 2012
Officer Second

Nice poster can’t wait to start filming

12 07 2012
Fusionfall awesome

Can I be in it. Only lvl 16 but I think it would be fun.
OZw: Well, we’re almost finished filming so I doubt you can… You could… I dunno…

8 10 2012

all this people fags there not cool at all
OZw: Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh no.

13 10 2012

the only fag or faggot is you and your insensible self.

30 10 2012
Player 147

I think they should have a mr. Herman nano
OZw: And the Kankers. And Coop. And all the other characters you collect items from. As long as they have their own missions and they’re a higher lvl. Cause Code Nanos really aren’t a challenge and we’re not getting enough high lvl items anymore.

28 02 2013
Avenger Flareyoung

When is the next part of 7 legends coming out?
OZw: Not even X knows.

12 08 2014
Ben leearx

I don’t know if you still answer questions,but where is ben leearx in 7 legends “movie” I look at all the scenes and videos but I’m no where to be found.yes I’m ben leearx if you don’t believe me I will answer any of your question to prove I’m him for example: Oliver zombie weasel gave me a Chester hat because I got scammed and lost my ghost freak mask and I always wore ultimate cannon ball pants and I took Oliver and the gang to the null void finally I tried to warp to Oliver while he was trying to go to the null void my game glitches one thing led to another I could never play fusion-fall
OZw: Leearx! 😀 So nice to see you again! Anyway, I don’t know where you are. X does the editing, not me. It’s not over yet, so I’m sure you’ll be in the movie somewhere. 🙂 And yes, I do still reply. Once WordPress lets me know I’ve got a comment…

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