Blowfish hunting hints

This is only for the Mother’s Day event of 2010.

1. When doing the Mother’s Day missions and you find the egg as your current mission task but can’t see the blowfish, just wait. It moves around the perimeter.

2. The mission waypoints that are on your mini map when you need to find the blowfish only leads to the NPC who tells you that you need to find egg.

3. The Mother Blowfish is at the very end of the creek.


21 responses

6 05 2010

where do i get the mission
The 0 Man: From the SQWID Squad agent next to the mother blowfish in Candy Cove. On the other side of the creek somewhere.

19 05 2010

Hey 🙂
I tried talking with the SQWID Squad Agent next to the mother blowfish but it only sais ‘We gotta take care of this PRONTO!’
Why is that happening?
Is there a level limit?
Because i just began playing and im only lvl 6 :p
The 0 Man: You have to be a lvl 8 to do the mission.

10 04 2012

I am lvl 20 so I am more than enough of the lvl to take on Mother Blowfish on Mother’s Day.

12 11 2010
mark explorerair (Robbie)

it’s hard to kill a fusion blowfish I mean C O M E O N!!! there immune to drain nanos
The 0 Man: I know… Try getting some friends to help.

4 12 2010

you have to see lvl 30 blowfish he is really hard to kill tree lvl 36 lvl guy and one 27 lvl player were killin him very long time
The 0 Man: You mean the Fusion Blowfish near Monkey Mountain? Yeah, he was hard.

19 12 2010

where’s the blowfish?
The 0 Man: One is in Camp Kidney, and another is near Monkey Mountain. And yet another is in Bravo Beach.

20 12 2010

Where’s the one in Bravo Beach?
The 0 Man: Usually walking around near the Infected Zone.

21 12 2010


20 12 2010

oh, you mean that thing that once killed me? It kinda looked like a walking idiot so I attacked it. It has a large amount of health!

1 01 2011

Cootie is easy!
The 0 Man: I guess. If you have the right equipment…

9 01 2011
maple dragonrover

do they still do this mission i cant find the mother blowfish and im mad because i spent my taros for nothing
The 0 Man: No, they don’t. Those missions were only for the Mother of all Blowfish event.

2 02 2011
fusion fall fanatic

hey 0 Man add me i might never be on because my mom and her boyfriend wont let me install unity but my name is Tiny Airborneamoeba

2 02 2011
computer running slow

Blowfish hunting hints FusionFall hints and tips: Interesting article, this is one of my favourite subjects and one I am obsessed with. LOL. I like staying in touch to date on all things new so i’ll definitely be book-marking this site. Continue the very good work!

2 03 2011

i saw one before but it was a littl fare at monky foothills i was level 4 when it happen ( a small problem happen) my frind saw it to he is level 19 and it was was tootie (my friend gos to my school and told me he even saw fuse with a high level friend) now im level 10 but wont go neer it at all i never foight it never will

25 05 2011
Player 18


25 05 2011

sup ppl

11 06 2011
Mark Explorerair

EvErY tImE i FiGhT a GoD DaMn FuSiOn BLoWfIsH I FREAKING DIE!!!!!!!! They are AnOyInG /:C
OZw: Tell me about it. I’m lvl 36 and I STILL can’t beat them. It takes teamwork.

2 08 2011
fusion fighter

um…… when i was a level 7 i was stranded on bravo beach because of cootie the fusion blowfish

18 12 2011

once i remember that i killed the fusion blowfish on bravo beach and its reward was mandark’s jacket but it was weak for me cuz i was near level 27 or something but it was way 2 strong for its own level. he’s tougher than he looks. There’s just one thing i don’t get. He walks in bravo beach 24 hours non-stop and still looks like a fatty. lol
OZw: Cool! The same thing I got from him!

4 02 2012

XD mabey he stops at mcdonalds before respawning after every kill or mabey he walks in circles because he forgot where he was going ”oh wait i was going to mcdonalds for some fish!” (cannibal DX) -walking in a circle- ”where was i going again? oh yeah mcdonalds!” -walks in circle again- ”uhh where was i going again?”

20 04 2013
Player 170

ok i cant find the blow fish at prickly pines i know its route but i cant find it is it moved?
OZw: A bunch of people probably already killed it.

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