Ask De Zombieweasel

I’ve seen a lot of my fans here asking questions in all the wrong places. And why are they in the wrong place? What? Because people like me are too lazy sometimes? Ok, maybe. But the real answer is because this page has only just been created.

So… yeah. Ask me anything at all. Who developed the theory of relativity? Pfft… That’s an easy one! Everyone knows Fruit Bats are mammals. So go on ahead! Ask me something! I won’t bite… much.


2 responses

13 06 2013
Avenger Flareyoung

What are the chances of me meeting someone after graduating 8th grade and not going to the high school she is going to?
OZw: If that’s not a sign I haven’t thought this through, I don’t know what is.

15 06 2013

That answer is totally not off topic.

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