Bugs n Stuff

28 01 2019

Hey guys! Hope everyone enjoyed the Birthday Bash! 10 whole years, I still can’t believe it… did you get all the items? Cause I sure didn’t! šŸ˜€

*ahem* Anyway. Now that’s all done, it’s back to boring but good ol’ peace and quiet. Not much to talk about today, just some updates to the chat mainly. I haven’t noticed much difference, but then I don’t talk much sooo… yeah. Also brand new emotes that I er… forgot to check out before making this… you can check out the patch notesĀ here.

What IĀ can talk about though is a couple new exciting stuff! For one, you can now buy back guide items from two shopkeepers in Townsville Centre and Forsaken Valley, for the first and second halves respectively. Townsville sells the first few sets, Forsaken Valley sells the last few. So now you don’t have to worry about clogging up your bank space as much! Though why they don’t also just add evenĀ more space is beyond me…

Secondly, there’s a new merchant somewhere in the world that sells some new, exclusive stuff, changing his stock every so often. This week (? Month? Year?), they’re selling…


Invisible vehicles! Yeah, if WordPress came with a spoiler button, I’d have used that if you wanted to know for yourself… There’s two to buy, the invisible hovercar, and the invisible hoverboard. IĀ would have shown the hovercar too, but they cost 35000 a piece and I kinda… ran out of taros… running theme with me, eh?

They last for 7 days, the usual, and run at around 900. There’s two of these merchants. Right next to each other. I’ve no idea why, they both sell the same stuff but whatever. If you want to know where to find them, look around in the Haunted Ridge. Perhaps somewhere around a settlement…?

As for the bugs? Yeahhhhh Retro’s suffering right now. There’s lag, random freezes… don’t try using the Croc Pot, you’ll freeze every time. Don’t worry about your money or items, you’ll get a refund, but it’s best to save you the trouble. Hoping this gets fixed soon. That however is all for today.

Anyway, cya!
~Oli Zombieweasel




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