Happy Birthday, FusionFall!

14 01 2019


Jesus heckin’ Christ on a stick with a side of fries! Time sure flies, eh? (That was not meant to rhyme…) I mean it felt slow, but still? It’s just… somehow hard to believe… the passage of time… like time… moves…? How does that work?!

*ahem* Anyway. Yep! I’m back from not posting anything about Knishmas, even though I totally was going to! 😀 Yeah, I kinda broke the Christmas Day post, eh? >.> But that’s fine now, it’s all over until this year. Right now, we be celebratin’ because it has been 10 years today since Fuse decided to invade this pitiful planet!

We’ve seen the awesome trailers. We’ve celebrated the original Birthday Bash. Seen new missions, new NPCs, new events, new features. We’ve seen Grigon go out of business, Cartoon Network abandon the game after bringing out the mostly-disliked expansion, the eventual closure, and the eventual-still re-opening thanks to the FusionFall Universe team! All followed by Halloween, Knishmas, and now this. What a time to be reminded you’re now an adult with responsibilities!

I must confess though, the 10th anniversary for me was back in November. I joined during the 2nd-to-last sneak peek. Yep. Too late to receive the Alien X mask (>.>), yet early enough to remember that everyones’ characters had to be deleted, forcing everyone to begin anew come the final sneak peek, to which we were awarded the Cryptid Batpack. Still wanted that mask…

I also unfortunately could not have played the whole 10 years, on OZw anyway. For the game was never officially released outside N. America. There were plans for it, but they never came to fruition… so while people in the US could buy unlimited access, I would be stuck in the Future for over a year… y’know, after Grigon’s bankruptcy. So I missed out on all the cool stuff. If Grigon had just released the game in other countries like they said they would, they might have stayed in business a little longer, but I digress. Of course, no one could have played the whole decade technically due to the game’s closure in 2013, but eh.

As you all know by now, there’s a big celebration at the Pokey Oaks gazebo. As much as 6 enemies known as Party Poppers can be found, spawning a bunch of Birthday Bashers when defeated, which drop quite a lot of loot. Guaranteed, too. A lot of these are new to Retro too, not found in the original game. And there’s almost 70 items to get, so go find a group and get grinding! Items include (but of course are not limited to); Fusion tendrils, Nergal outfit, Clockwork rewound outfit, Fallen Angel wings, and some clothes normally only found on NPCs, such as the green KNDefense outfit.

I leave you now with this.

10th anniversary

Birthday Bash.png

Happy Birthday, FusionFall!

~Oli Zombieweasel




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