It’s Terror Time Again!

26 10 2018

Well, it’s that time of year again! Kids are going door-to-door, threatening the simple homeowners to give them sweets or face justice, the autumn breeze is getting chilly, people are warding off evil with vegetables, and the sky is darker than my heart.

Yes, Halloween is almost upon us and you know what that means~ For the first time since 2009, FusionFall is having a proper event to celebrate the occasion! Fred Fredburger has plunged the world into eternal night like that one part of The Wind Waker, and Dracula is selling pumpkin CRATEs at ridiculously high prices.


Fred Fredburger.png

Okay, Fred doesn’t really do anything. But he has got textures and a slightly new model I believe, plus voice clips straight from Be a-Fred, Be Very a-Fred, and Keeper of the Reaper. God tier episodes, I might add~
Dracula however, I mentioned is selling pumpkin CRATEs. For 20k a pop. If you’re short on cash or would rather spend your hard-earned taros on something else, you can also grind them from monsters close to your level. You won’t be notified at this time that you got one (except in the chat log. They’re treated as EGGs), but they’re usually there.

From these CRATEs, you may get one of the 4 or 5 mummy sets, the Big Chill set, the Cherufe set (that’s this giant Godzilla-like thing from The Secret Saturdays), or just random junk.

Where can you find these two? The Spooky Oaks gazebo of course! They’re surrounded by a bank, potion shopkeeper, Nano machine and a Holosuit vendor. Speaking of which, the Holosuits now have their Fusion skeleton look, and the vendors are now selling the mask and wings, apparently also set for future events, so once Halloween’s over, might wanna keep ’em, just in case.

Now, me being me, I also have a couple issues. For one, these event-only items (so far at least), are non-tradable, which is fine. But that also means you can’t sell them. Not to mention each mummy set is lvl 5, which no stat changes between them. You can upgrade them, sure, but if you’re anything above lvl 5, they’re useless, whatever the colour. Not to mention rather ugly in my opinion. So 98% of the time, you’re going to find  a trash CRATE anyway. The Big Chill set by the way? Lvl 0.

Back to the cool stuff though, the game also has one new track unique to Retro. While 2009’s Halloween event played the Nowhere Triangle theme, this year we have something new, not heard anywhere else in the game. Also an unused track in Orchid Bay’s Cutts & Bruises Skate Park IZ. So be sure to check that out!

For a full list of patch notes, be sure to check here!
Have a safe and fun Halloween, everyone!
~Oli Zombieweasel




2 responses

26 10 2018

It’s awesome you back to posting here hope you doing well!

12 11 2018
Oliver Zombieweasel

I’ll do my best! Or, try to anyway xP

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