My Thoughts on Retro

17 10 2018

I know, I know. I’m late, what else is new? But the Past is finally out! Has been since late-September, actually. I was going to post about it but ya know how I am. >.>

So instead, I’m going to voice (or, type) my thoughts on Retro so far. Oh yes, I have problems with Retro. Not much and they’re not game-ruining. Just a nuisance. First of all, even with all these, I absolutely adore this game. It was brought back in its prime. No Academy, no emotionless Gumball or Darwin Nanos, no frustrating Nano Buttercup mission from Belladonna with the almost-impossible-at-that-level enemies and Fusion and irritating platforming!

*Ahem* Anyway. Yes, this is the pre-Birthday Bash release of the game. We have vehicles still (well, some of them at least), all the world missions released over the first half of 2009 (excluding events of course), and all the NPCs at the time. Pretty basic stuff, and some of you may know how much I loved 2009 FusionFall. “So what are your problems?”, I hear you ask. Well.

For one; enemy aggro. In the Future, it’s just how it’s always been. Good for beginners. In the Past? You can fly to Mars and still be aggroed. It’s fine in some areas, particularly in the Suburbs. Get to Downtown/The Wilds however, and there’s nowhere to hide. I don’t remember much about the smaller things of this game, but the aggro radius I’m pretty sure wasn’t this large, and it makes places like Steam Alley (which was already a pain to cross) practically impossible to get through without dying at least once. And if you wanna try Sunny Bridges Auditorium for instance? Just make sure you defeat some enemies below before you start using the cannon.

“So why don’t you use a Sneak Nano?”
You see. This is my second problem. Nano powers have been nerfed. Or, Sneak has, at least. It works still, but in a lot of places, you might as well just not use it. Use Revive or Heal instead. I think Heal’s been nerfed too, but I’m not entirely sure on that. Still beats dying to a Barrel Basher.

Finally, the vehicles. I get that this is the 2009 build, but would it have killed them to add hovercars? Or at least vehicles that actually go faster than a Run Nano. At least then I wouldn’t have to hear Numbuh 2’s voice all the time in the Suburbs. And yes. That voice gets annoying quickly. Please, just stop. (Off-topic slightly but I once saw someone use Numbuh 2 for the speed boost only to deactivate him again. Was that a mistake or were you just too lazy to cross the road?)

Are those my only gripes with the game? So far… yes. Apart from that timed mission in Townsville Park where you have to set up three beacons in the Fissure for Max, y’know the one. You have plenty, and I mean plenty of time to link up the first two, but make just one mistake on your way to the last and you might as well try again. If they can reverse those two, it’d be actually doable. As for everything else, it’s just how I remember; repetitive with the amount of travel you have to do, with only like 5 different mission types, and an unbalanced weapon/armour system. But also fun, no matter your age.
Almost all of us, who have played since the original, we’re all adults now. The guys behind Retro and Legacy, the wiki, Xtreme, me, we all played all those years ago, almost a decade now. Some of us are even married now! And yet, there’s something about this game that brings us all back together. Is it the nostalgia? Perhaps. Or maybe Cartoon Network actually made a flawed, but fun game.

With all my issues here, I do recommend playing. And not just so I get my viewer stats back up again. 😉
~Oli Zombieweasel




2 responses

19 10 2018

yeah, I also want the hovercars, I hate wasting all my potions on Numbuh Two.

19 10 2018
Oliver Zombieweasel

Or, you can get any vehicle…
(Pls do, it’s his voice. I hear it. I hear it as I sleep-)

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