Retro is now in Beta!

9 08 2018

Mhm, you heard right!
Now, I know this post is very late. I’ve been busy playing the game if you can believe that… but it’s almost time to dust off this ol’ site and get back to doin’ the news! *Cracks fingers*

So, first off if this is the first you’ve heard of it (I don’t imagine how but whatever), this is just a sneak peek right now. The one we were promised wayyyy back in March. This is to test things such as server stability and catch any bugs the developers might have missed. We’re test dummies, if you will. In a way. So if you find any problems with the game, be sure to email the team at, or use the forums.

As such, only the Future is playable, some missions are either non-existent or have missing objectives and anything involving player interaction is off-limits. You can still chat and emote, just not do things such as email or trade. The testing is expected to last until sometime on Friday. If things go well, however, they’ll consider extending that time.

Fortunately, things seem to be going almost-flawlessly. I do have an issue with Nano stamina, however… I emailed support the other day about it and they say it depletes and replenishes at the same rate as the original game, but there’s a very clear difference. Previously it would take 10 minutes (more-or-less) to drain fully, but here, it takes around 3-4. Believe me, I’ve been playing long enough… others have noticed too, it’s not just me. Hopefully it’s sorted soon but we’ll see. It’s beta after all, I suppose.

Is that my only gripe? Yeah, pretty much. Forall the Toontown players out there, Retro has been made possible thanks to the team behind TT: Infinite. Criticize Infinite and its team all you like but at least they managed to very-almost-faithfully recreate the game from many of our childhoods and/or teen years and had a very smooth beta, even on the first day! True, not a lot of FusionFall players compared to Toontown… like maybe 30-to-1… but nevertheless. This has been, at least in my experience, a perfect, well-prepared sneak peek. And not a lot of fan-run games like this can say that, I’m sure.

Future Oli

So come on in, the Fusion Matter’s fine!

That’s it for now. See you next update! Anyway, cya!
~Oli Zombieweasel
Main source
Retro’s site

UPDATE: The dev team has decided to keep the game up and running, updating the game whenever one is ready! The mission cap however will be disabled after today so make sure you make a character as soon as possible.




4 responses

6 10 2018
Mr. FutureMorbucks

Hi, Oliver!
It’s been so long, but retro is finally out. Fusionfall was such a big part of my childhood, i still remember, back in 2011, telling my dad that i was doing homework, on his laptop, and instead playing Fusionfall. Good times, good times. Anyway, believe me I’ve no-lifing this game for the past few weeks, and just made it to level 16. Lemme know if you wanna meet in game, my ign is mrfuturemorbucks btw.
Hope you continue posting on this site, it helped me out alot in my original playthrough.

17 10 2018
Oliver Zombieweasel

I’m glad you mentioned that last part. When you sent this, I was actually thinking of closing it down or something. I was under the impression that it didn’t really do much. But looking through this and seeing this and some other somewhat old comments, I see that it’s actually helped quite a few people. I mean it’s not exactly game-famous but… it’s nice lol.

ANYWAY yes, I’ll continue posting. The reason I haven’t is because I’ve been busy with the game myself. xP Currently at lvl 24, slowly making my way up.

I might be down with meeting up, maybe not. I’m… not exactly a social guy… but if I see you, I’ll be sure to say hi!

19 10 2018
Mr. Futuremorbucks

I’m kind of an introvert, myself. Anyway, please don’t take this site down. I have so many memories attached to both this site, and Fusionfall.

19 10 2018
Oliver Zombieweasel

Same… same… lately I’ve more been thinking on how to improve this place. But a lot of the other themes don’t impress me or aren’t good for what I want, and I’m too broke to make something myself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I guess I’ll think of something lol.

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