FusionFall Retro is OUT!

2 08 2017

Well, partly, anyway.

Yesterday, the long-awaited FusionFall: Retro, the remake of original game, was meant to be fully-playable. Unfortunately however, the devs suffered a database leak and so the release had to be delayed. Luckily, the devs were considerate enough to release the game bit-by-bit over the next week or so. Today, we can play through the tutorial at our leisure! 😀

Unfortunately (again), there are some things missing. The Settings menu isn’t available (or was it ever available in the tutorial anyway? I don’t see why not but eh), neither is the chat or emotes, not even character selection; every time you boot up the game, you’re sent straight to the tutorial. If you’re wanting to explore more than just the apocalyptic Tech Square, I would recommend you wait for a few days, maybe even until tomorrow, but if you’re looking for a quick nostalgia-trip, I say play this immediately! Or, y’know, as soon as you can.

The full post, along with the install and a little bit of troubleshooting should you have trouble installing (which I personally didn’t but it’s there if you need it) can be found here.

Have fun! (And yes, I know I missed some Legacy news over the past year almost, sue me.)

EDIT: The post also says laptop touchpads are not supported but… they are? Well it is on mine anyway.

Anyway, cya!
~Oliver Zombieweasel




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