Meet the Reaper… Costume

24 10 2016

It’s that time again! Where Halloween stuff comes out a month early and everyone forgets about Halloween and skips to Christmas for some odd reason. To us FF veterans, Halloween has some special significance. It was this time 7 years ago when FusionFall got its first event. The skies were as black as night (because they were), Planet Fusion was a mere shadow on the moon, Dracula made his first appearance, we got free stuff and the music was changed to that of the Nowhere Triangle Infected Zone.


It was actually the biggest event FusionFall ever had. For the reasons above and we all got great stuff in both the future and past. Sure, people in the future got stuff in later events, but hardly anything compared to this.

Anyway, enough about 7 years ago. Now onto this year!


Legacy is posting these news as two-parters. This week is part one with part 2 coming presumably next week. The above picture is of the Batty Bloodsucker. Some of you may remember these things as just normal enemies, but now it’s a super boss like Don Doom and Mad Max. Only unlike those guys, Bats has bodyguards, so be on your toes and bring yer friends! But defeat him and you get…


This cool Billy & Mandy stuff! (I need that Jack O’ Lantern hat though.) More on the way of course, but this is just a teaser. Why spoil the surprise…? Batty isn’t the only boss you’ll get to fight either.


To the left, we have some of the original monsters from the original game, whilst to the right, we have Legacy’s boss variants. Personally I think the boss Cryptworm could have its textures given more of the classic Legacy update, but hey. It probably won’t be that much bigger than a normal Cryptworm boss, so hey.

That’s it for this time! If you want to check out the original post, it’s always on the Legacy site here.

Anyway, cya!

~Oli Zombieweasel




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