Powerpuff Save the Day!

21 08 2016

Another month, another DevBlog from the Legacy team! This time from a more well-known series, The Powerpuff Girls! Some of you may have noticed on the Legacy page that the Pic of the Day (or Pic of the Fort-Day, at times. Is… is “fort-day” a word? Y’know, like “fortnight”, only every 2 days rather than 2 weeks? No? Oh…) this week has been full of sugar, spice and everything nice. This is because the team have been getting us ready for the next DevBlog.

Others may have noticed on these Pics that the girls have had a bit of a retexture. That is something you would expect in Legacy, since it’s from 2016. So far. But it’s more than just a HD thing. Models have also changed to make them more consistent with each other.



Makes sense given they’re triplets n’ all. 😛 I love seeing how Legacy is remaking NPCs and Nanos. It’s so glorious to see your favourite characters in marvelous HD rather than 260 quality back in the original game. It was 2008, CN, c’mon!

Along with these new model and texture fixes, NPCs will also now have…


Okay… I’m making it seem like I’m sarcastic here, but I’m actually mildly excited for this. If I recall, only Bloo had any form of facial expression other than whatever his facial texture had. He had those weird-looking eyelids (3D eyelids do not work on 2D eyes…) and a functioning mouth. Chowder could also move his mouth I think, but that was it. Other characters simply blinked. Now with this, if Mandy decided to dance, she would look happy!

Eh, who am I kidding? Mandy never looks happy.

NPCs aren’t the only ones to have this either. Nanos do too!


*Gasps* What’s this I see? A Nano Belladonna?!


No longer would Blossom, Bubbles or Prof. Utonium look at the Buttercup Nano and not question where you got her before doing the I’m Not Dead missions! Maybe. To be honest, I have no idea how early you’ll be able to obtain her, but like the Buttercup Nano, Belladonna is Blastons.

But that’s it for this month, presumably! Cya!
~Oli Zombieweasel




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