Bring Me the Nano of Larry 3000

1 07 2016

Hey guys! So as you might already know, more info on Larry 3000’s role in FusionFall: Legacy have been revealed.


As you may remember, Larry also appeared in the original game in Numbuh Two’s time lab during the mission Time to Go and was the primary focus of the mission Bring Me the Head of Larry 3000, both of which were deleted after the 2011 expansion, being both Future-only missions.


Apparently, there was also an event planned involving the Time Squad cast but unfortunately, that was planned. So now it’s being used in Legacy instead!

He was revealed early into Legacy’s development with the Otto-Matic Assumptions missions, which have now been told in more detail. The story being similar to Flapjack’s search of Bubbie in the original game. In FusionFall, Stormalong Harbour was destroyed by Fuse and Flapjack, K’Nuckles and Bubbie were separated. Flapjack’s missions in Leaky Lake involve searching for clues to find Bubbie, but to no avail.

In Legacy, the Time Squad satellite was sent to our current time and Larry, Buck and Otto fled to Earth in escape pods, which Larry landing in Goat’s Junkyard, with Buck and Otto’s whereabouts both unknown. With a little help from Coop, Larry is able to make contact with Buck Tuddrussel and the three start looking for Otto, dreading the worst.


Of course, Larry also has a Nano. Unfortunately, you’ll have to level up quite a bit before you can obtain him, presumably in the 20s or 30s. Heck, I don’t even know what the level cap is going to be in Legacy! His powers haven’t been fully thought up yet, but you can be sure a Recall ability is going to be one of them. Because, well… it’s Recall. 😛 I also expect him to be either an Adaptium or Cosmix… but these are just assumptions. Otto-matic ones! 😉

Okay, I’ll stop…

You can read the news post here and the full DevBlog here. Some of Nano Larry’s animations have also been revealed!

 I’m liking that new energy shield look. Finally, more shielding. 😛

Anyway, cya!
~Oliver Zombieweasel




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