FusionFall Universe

13 06 2016

We’re back! With more news! (Also hi, guys. 😛 )

FusionFall: Legacy and FusionFall: Retro have merged to create FusionFall Universe. No, it’s not a new game, but rather a way to play both games with one login. Quite convenient. If you want to check it out, the link is here.

If you’re still somehow confused about all these new servers, FusionFall: Retro is a remake of the original game from early-2010, before the expansion. So you get the Future, the original 36 Nanos, the original levelling system and presumably, regular updates. xP

Legacy is like the ToonTown: Rewritten of the two, where a lot of the things are new, like Robot Jones, Rolf, etc. Although, unlike TTR, I’m sure the game will update more than just 3 times a year. 😛

Although neither of these are strictly new, this is the first time we have been able to use one account for both games, presumably. If you want to know about release dates, none have been given for either game so far, though Retro is scheduled to have a few testing periods this summer and a full release much later, but no one knows when, not even the staff. My advice is the same as theirs and to check the dev blogs regularly. Or check here. I’m sure to have something when it arises. Eventually. 😛

Anyway, cya!
~Oli Zombieweasel




2 responses

13 06 2016

Yooo! What’s up OZW! It’s me, bZW and Agent Wolfshoes! It’s funny how time flies by so fast. Man my grammar was SO BAD back then. It’s funny how I explained Buttercup’s backstory though. “buttercup got knock into ocean”
Just wanted to bring you on a nostalgia trip FROM THE FUTURE!

13 06 2016

Ok sorry this may seem like spam I’m not sure how this website works if you have to accept my comment or not but I’m just gonna retype everything I just typed from the previous comment I said.

“Yoooo! What’s up OZW!” It’s me, Agent Wolfshoes and BZW. I decided to revisit the site for nostalgia purposes. I thought it was pretty funny how bad my grammar was back when I was like, 7. Anyways, Just wanted to drop by and say ‘Hi!’. Also I smell retro coming soon, They have the map and items and trading from the streams I watched. They just need enemy path maps, farting duck ai map, car ai, and fixing minimal issues such a dance freezes and warp crashes.”
OZw: Noonja! I haven’t seen you in… well, months, actually. 😛 Yeah, I’m not entirely sure how the comment system works here. Heck, I don’t even know if you get a notification when I reply like this since I edit the comments to do it. :\

Also yeah, FFR is still quite early in development. Yeah, they could just find some old coding from the original game, but I’m not sure you can just do that. But speaking of the farting duck (which was a nice little reference that I love CN for adding xP ) and hovercars, it would be nice if they both got better AI (the cars more-so, since you see them way more than the ghost duck), but since this is a recreation of FF, it would be best to give those enhancements to FFL, along with better enemy AI, in Endsville especially. I swear, not even the safe areas were truly safe. >.<

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