About FusionFall: Legacy

13 06 2015

…I have this feeling I’ve done this before…

ANYWAY, hey guys! Just letting you know I’m still here and yes, I know about FusionFall: Legacy. Have known for a long time. 😛 Once I get more news about the game, I’ll upload it here. 🙂

Anyway, cya!

~Oli Zombieweasel




3 responses

13 07 2015
Ben l


13 07 2015

Idk if u rember me but it was a super long time ago. I was Ben leearx. We did a video together and u were super cool and chill and I am so hype to see u again and we could hang out but if you don’t remember me it’s okay maybe we can be friends agein but it’s just awesome to see one of my fusion fall friends gonna play ffl. Reply if u remember me 🙂
OZw: Greetings! c: Yeah, I remember you but don’t remember a video. I’ll have to check out the link you gave me. 😛 And I have been meaning to reply for days but I recently got Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and have been playing that since I got it. So yeah. xP

13 07 2015

Hope fully this will jog ur memory LOL

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