Project: Revive!

16 03 2012

Yep, a petition has started to bring the Future areas back! It started a few days ago and we still need a few people signing up! And yes, it’s free!

Yes, I made that. I meant to make the background look like that of the Future. I know. Didn’t work that much.

Anyway, click here to go to the petition! And… Cya!

~De Zombieweasel




7 responses

5 04 2012
awsom man

i am not allowd to tell my adress

5 04 2012

simply you cant but i already know it.Get on meet me in Blackfoot mountains.

18 04 2012

I’m on board. Do you really know where we all live?
OZw: Yeah… No.

22 04 2012

Just making sure cuz the guy who posted about that earlier was way off with South Carolina.

28 04 2012

Hey your house is in Reynoldsburg i think cuz you use different IP’s

28 04 2012

He dosent but it wasn’t you in SC your somewhere I use an IP tracker since ik your IP

22 10 2012
The Walkerwizard

I started the game a long time ago when the future was still on and then I stopped playing. I wish I didn’t because when I got back on it wasn’t there! I was so mad. I signed the petition and I hope it works. (Just and idea, we should go to cartoon network forums and keep on saying, “Bring the future back you noobs!” until their heads explode and they bring it back.) BTW, I said my site was but it might be

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