The Night Belongs To… MEGA Fusion Echo Echo (And Patch Notes)

1 04 2011

WARNING!!!! Every night after 7pm, Genius Grove gets attacked by a MEGA version of Fusion Echo Echo! When (Or if) you defeat him, don’t think it’s over! He then splits up into smaller Fusion Echo Echos.

Once you defeat them, you get awesome limited-edition Forever Knight and King armour! Look for him after 7:00 for 1 week only! Don’t ask me to help because I doubt I’ll be on then. 😦

But that’s not all! Here are the Patch Notes:

World Build

  • In case you haven’t noticed, Fusions have that bubbly green gooey skin. Fusion Finn and Fusion Rex didn’t have that. But they do NOW!!!!

That’s it for now. The Mega Fusion Echo Echo is for ‘General’ and the new items are for, well… ‘items’…

Anyway, cya!

~The 0 Man




24 responses

1 04 2011

Hey! My inventory has only three spaces, why?
The 0 Man: I dunno… Never happened to me before…

1 04 2011


2 04 2011
Fuzzy Barkzon

after 7:00 pm but with which time zone!?
The 0 Man: Not sure. It just says 7/6c. I’m suspecting it’s in EST…

2 04 2011

This is awsome. I have 3 characters; one is in tech square – level4, another in sector v – level 4 moved from future zone and the last one is stuck at graduation because of missing major glory. Main point maybe ill go to Genuis Grove and that time to defeat as my sector v character since my 1st character is full
The 0 Man: Good luck! Make sure you bring some friends with you. He’s like the Ben 10 version of Don Doom and Bad Max!

2 04 2011
viper armorblatt

who wants to help me takedown mega fusion Echo Echo!!!?

4 04 2011
Fuzzy Barkzon

i would help you

2 04 2011
viper armorblatt


2 04 2011

6:00 central time dumbass

21 01 2012

anyone help i play this in asia pac with a hac and i wanna no way time f echo echo comes one i have deleted all my accounts to do defender amp fuse i thought those are the echo echo no de bug donna where and genus groove what time

2 04 2011

whats the best level to be at to fight him
The 0 Man: I think it would be 36. The highest lvl in the game. So far, I have been UNSTOPPABLE!!!!! Except for the times where I’ve been defeated by Fuse, Fusion Demongo v. 2 and some other monsters…

2 04 2011
Jace Frostbitejunker

The mini ones are around all day, but the mega one is only 6 CST/7 EST PM.
The 0 Man: Cool, never knew that

2 04 2011

When does it end
The 0 Man: Maybe next Sunday

3 04 2011

yo sup peepes i want to know when will fusion cheo e ho will be on thatks for the deds

3 04 2011
Fuzzy Barkzon

its very bad event they dont tell with which time zone time they come and it doesnt come everywhere in genius grove

4 04 2011
need help

i can’t find mega fusion echo echo and i stayed in genius grove for like 3 hours

21 01 2012

dude i think the event ended
OZw: Yeah, but then the FF team brought him back.

3 08 2011

wait 7 pm well so i find him in genuis groove does he really come out that time im only lvl 25
OZw: That was for one week only. And that week was a couple months ago.

8 01 2012
Duke Deevampire

I defeted Mega Fusion Echo Echo for a few days and I barely got new armor. Just a reminder:After 7pm Mega Fusion Echo Echo comes to Genius Grove.
OZw: Same here. I first fought him the weekend the P. Bubblegum Nano came out. And I didn’t get anything. Maybe you have to be the first to shoot him or something.

14 07 2012

where do I find him?bangladesh time. austrila time.
OZw: In Bangladesh, then 7-8am.

29 07 2012

hey i was for a day over there and still you didnt se me being loged in for 2 mounts and i even didnt get him… I WANT MEGA FUSION ECHO ECHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29 07 2012
the lolnes

wow your weird
and freaky

30 07 2012

he comes at seven dude by the part by endsville from seven till 9 or later

17 09 2012
viper Biocat

i need a group

11 04 2013
Agent Dangernylon

i defeated him like 10 times alone at level

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