4 new SECRET codes (Expired 2 Years Ago!)

11 12 2010


I was on FusionFall’s Facebook looking for new FusionFall codes, and found these:

ffcultimatemagik – Unlocks Wizard’s Beautious Wings and Knishmas P.R.E.S.E.N.T.

ffcthekingofcool – Unlocks Ice Bolt Hoverboard

ffcstealthyninja – Agent Six’s Hoverboard

ffcrevtheengines – Rojo Flying Motorcycle!

Hope you have fun! The Rojo Flying Mototcycle in case you’re wondering is what we thought was the Firebreater Hovercar.

~The 0 Man




50 responses

12 12 2010

you should check the twitter for agent sixes board and the firebreather car

13 12 2010

cool thx

22 09 2012
Player 145

hey wanna more codes 1.ffcfunnygolfish 2.ffcmisadventurer well tht all i know 4 now if u want search me an i’ll help you PS: both 1 an 2 are nanos 1st one is darwin an 2nd gumball an my name is GRIZZY KALEB ELEPHANT. kk bye πŸ™‚
OZw: Yeah, we already got those codes.

16 12 2010

What? The rides expire??? NOOOOOOOOO!!! I thought this will last forever like the Generator Rex Hoverbored!

28 12 2010

generator rex’s hoverboard isnt forever
The 0 Man: Unfortunatly…

11 12 2011
Player 91

wats the code for his hoverboard
OZw: You do know that the code’s expired, right? I think you can get one from the GR Racing Vendor though.

27 04 2012


18 12 2010
Bob The Stupied

Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Yeah! I just wasted some time of your life!!!! (I never knew that the coded viecle expires!)

18 12 2010
Bob The Stupied

I think I’m Joe The Stupied.

18 12 2010
Joe The Stupied

You know Bob, Your quite an Idiot! I’m Joe The Stupied, Not you!
The 0 Man: Ok you two, stop fighting!

18 12 2010
I like Cheese

Cheese Cheese Cheese. oh, wrong site. I’ll post this anyway.

23 09 2011
wolf puppy

Yeah you two stop fighting here your both syupid there problem solved

27 04 2012

the code does not work
OZw: Hint: Almost all of them have the word ‘expired’ next to them. Some codes do work though like the Nano codes, ffcsecretinstone (Eye Guy set), ffcyaspecialgift (Cyber Sho-gun set), ffcsquishthemall (Beetle set) and ffcspecialthanks (Clockwork set. Former Unlimited Access subscribers only).

18 12 2010
Bob the ... I forgot

I’m bob! Or maby Joe.
The 0 Man: Hi Bob! Or Joe. Or whatever…

27 04 2012


18 12 2010

what’s a spam?

16 06 2012
Player 128

a joke or lie

23 12 2010

for some reason the vehicle wont equip
The 0 Man: Try pressing ENTER then click ‘Hop on Vehicle’. Or pressing ‘V’. I like using the ‘V’ key. It’s useful for getting away from monsters.

3 01 2011
Mark Explorerair

Secret codes huh.ffcultimatemagik is already a free code.
It is now.

9 06 2011
lovey face

this is expired
OZw: Almost all codes expire eventually 😦

6 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

all of the codes are done noobs

6 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

and rides eixpired like the dexlabs jetbike eixpires in 15 days

21 08 2011

i need codes if some one find one like a new code yes posted i begin you

21 09 2011
wolf puppy

Hey thds a lot for the codes I”ve always wanted an ice bolt hover bored in real life I would definetly fall off lol haha
OZw: I’d like the Ben 10 hoverboard in real life

21 09 2011
wolf puppy

Haha bob the syupid and joe the stupid lol to funny:-D

21 09 2011
wolf puppy

haha my big bro tripped over the rug haha haha haha haha lolz:-D

22 09 2011
wolf puppy

Hey did every one stop coming on this sight and stop leaving comments

23 09 2011
lovey face

-thinks bob the stupid and joe the stupid are cute-

23 09 2011
feels stupid

Haha now I’m stupid decause I spelt stupid wrong

23 09 2011
wolf puppy

-thinks yucks what is wrong with tht girl-:-P

29 09 2011
wolf puppy

Hello people’s

16 10 2011
tokyo mew mew

hello i heard from wolf puppy that there’s this place that you can get codes is this the right place????? ok she says it’s the right place -.-

16 10 2011


6 11 2011

yo necesito ayuda

6 11 2011

hay alguien ahl

6 11 2011

ayudame por favor D:

6 11 2011

hable usted ingles

28 07 2012

this is rip all the codes is spam this is max rip i need the presents put the codes is finish. lol.

31 07 2012
Cheese eater

they do not work now
OZw: Not all codes last forever. Besides, these vehicles were really just tests. You can get them from racing vendors now. Quite expensive though.

23 09 2012
andrei akubinder

ahhhhhh fke it doesnt work
OZw: No one looks at the date the post was made at anymore do they? You can get these vehicles anyway! For a small fee. Yes, a remarkably cheap 10,000 taros! Get yours today!

7 10 2012
Player 146

OZw: This coming from the guy who thinks ‘idiot’ is spelled with two Ds. OLI, THE MASTER OF COMEBACKS!

15 10 2012

its not working, help!!!!!!!!
OZw: I’ve said it at least once, and I’m not saying it again. These codes are from 2010. You can get them from racing vendors though. For a small fee of… 10,000 taros.

8 11 2012
fire flamer

i dont think its real hoverbords because i didnt saw them youtube and in fusion fall and dont think what im saying is stupid so i have 1 hoverbord i buy it but i dint saw them in the store if you wan them go to peach creek commans if you want them it cost 250 like that i dont remember so plz dont think im stupid or els ….
OZw: Now I’m so tempted to say what you’re saying is stupid! I. Must. RESIST! Yeah, they are real. You can get them off the Racing Vendors around the world, but they cost up to 10,000 taros. Not all of them are hoverBOARDS, though.

8 11 2012
fire flamer

and i have alot of codes if you want them check youtube write fusionfall. codes and it will give you somethings and nanos πŸ™‚

8 11 2012
fire flamer

and when you dont know were are you going press m it will help you when you press it it will show you the map :/

8 11 2012
fire flamer

and if you saw the codes im sorry because i didnt vist the website 😦
OZw: What codes? And which website?

8 11 2012
fire flamer

and the game is cool if you dont play it plz play it its cool πŸ™‚ !
OZw: Yes it is! Though cause of my graphics card, I don’t play much.

17 03 2013
Player 166

hay fyi that no longer works ps
OZw: Of course not! Only Nano Codes last forever.

24 04 2013

OZw: Okay… Why so happy?

25 05 2013
Player 171

It does not firetrucking work you awesome dude
OZw: Wow. Someone needs anger management. Look at the date I made that post. Years ago! Only Nano codes last forever. Besides, check the ‘Working Codes’ page and maybe the Racing Vendors before you start acting like you own the galaxy.

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