Special Codes!!!

10 12 2010

Yep, FusionFall is celebrating Knishmas by adding 3 new vehicle codes!

A Firebreather hovercar, a Generator Rex hoverboard and an Adventure Time hoverboard…

AND, FF is adding 3 new EXCLUSIVE new codes on their Facebook, Twitter and selected site pages!!!

They’ll be like testing out the Hovercars and Gliders during FF’s 1st Anniversary I think since YOU get to test them out for 2011! As long as you redeem the code first…

Don’t forget to redeem THIS week’s code for the NRG Set AND a special bonus item…

I DON’T want to give out any secrets, but I THINK it might be the head of Kevin’s 3rd mutation which he had since the end of the episode “Forge of Creation”.

Anyway, have a VERY happy Knishmas!

~ Oliver ZW




42 responses

12 12 2010
Mark Explorerair


16 12 2010

I think it’s “ffcstealthyninja”

18 12 2010
Bob The Stupied

No… That’s not it! Me StUpIeD Here, I’ll spell it! S-T-U-P-E-E-D-E-S-G I think I spelled it right. I might not be Bob The Stupied, I think I might be “Joe The Stupied”

19 12 2010

The 0 Man: Invalid code.

19 12 2010

? really? wow. what does it use to do?
The 0 Man: Nothing really. It’s just a way of saying “Thank-you for being in the final beta” from the FF team. Another way to tell if a character has been in a beta is if he/she is wearing an Alien X mask. I don’t have that mask though. I haven’t been on that long.

20 02 2011

in case anyone hasnt realized yet if you look at the statue of the book in sector v (statue is near jumpjet) it has a code written on it *FFCSECRETINSTONE*

18 12 2011

The code gives you eyeguy stuff so redeeme it lol. i just did.

21 12 2010

How long do you need to be in the Beta to get the Alien X mask?
The 0 Man: You had to be in the Closed Beta. I THINK I was in the wrong beta. Either that or you had to have Unlimited Access AND be in the Closed Beta.

15 02 2011

Is there a place that i can rent or buy a kevin levin hovercar and rojo hovercyle
The 0 Man: You could buy the Kevin Levin hovercar during FusionFall’s 1st anniversary last year. It’s not out anymore though. And the Rojo Jet Bike used to be a code.

15 02 2011

and bigchill hoverboard but i think the six hoverboard looks cool to (r they tradeable?)
The 0 Man: No, the Big Chill glider (Which I like) and the Agent Six hoverboard aren’t tradeble.

20 02 2011

i will let u people know if i ever find anymore hidden codes and that last one i gave gives u the ben ten eyeguy set

26 02 2011
Player 16

Can u still get them after it expired
The 0 Man: No. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

26 05 2011
mark explorerair (Robbie)

now you can BUY them!

31 05 2011

whats the new code of the new hoverboard????
OZw: There isn’t one. They’re all expired.

15 08 2012

this not new but i think ffcspecialthanks is clothing and a hoverboard i think u need to be lvl 6
OZw: That gives you the Clockwork Set. Though you had to have had Unlimited Access to get it.

7 07 2011
agent wolfshoes

@the q man i type it in already

3 08 2011
Player 47

dose any one know the code to the ace jacket?

3 08 2011
Oliver Zombieweasel

There isn’t one. Never was

15 08 2011
fire guy

ffcsecretinstone. eyeguy set. still valid
I’ll check. does the statue change every week or what?
OZw: Yeah, I already have that code on here. And no it doesn´t.

1 09 2011
Player 54

maybe dude

5 09 2011
Player 56

if you use code FFCsecretinstone you get eye guy shirt pant feet
OZw: I think we already know that…

30 10 2011
Player 75

to get rigby the code is ffcdeathpunchies
OZw: I think we ALL know that by now…

1 12 2011
Player 82

Mordecai nano code is ffcyeeeeeaaaahhh hope i helped posted 12-1-11
OZw: About a week late aren’t ya? I already posted the news last week.

9 12 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERY ONE………………..well early one

15 12 2011

oh um the codes will work again on may 16 2011
OZw: No they won’t.
1. 2011 is pretty much almost over.
2. The code vehicles were pretty tests for the new Racing Vendors. You can get these vehicles from the Racing Vendors.

12 01 2012

can some one tell me the code for the Generator Rex hoverboard
OZw: You’re WAY too late! It’s expired. Luckily you can buy one from the Generator Rex Racing Vendor. I don’t know where he is but probably at the Providence Base in Townsville Park.

12 04 2012
Player 120

this is gay its something that a batty man would veiw
OZw: Something that Batman would view? Thanks dude! I knew we could get someone cool to view this! Now we just need Chuck Norris to do the same…

25 05 2012
Player 124

plz i need some cool hevrboard code
OZw: No vehicle codes that aren’t expired, dude.

25 05 2012

i need an awesome hoverboard
OZw The Generator Rex hoverboard is pretty good. It’s fast, too!

13 07 2012

i just need a hovercar

17 07 2012
fusion seeker

try ffcspecialthanks but you have to be a premium meber but thats over so can anyone help me get an answer why it says that i cant get it?
OZw: You had to be an Unlimited Access subscriber before the game became free to get the Clockwork set.

17 07 2012
fusion seeker

sorry i ment member typo

13 08 2012
Player 138

why can you still type in the code if no one can redem it?
OZw: No one can stop you from typing anything in.

23 08 2012

i need a code please one that still works
OZw: ffcyaspecialgift (Cyber Sho-gun), ffcspecialthanks (Think that’s the code. You had to have a subscription to the game between the game’s release on 14 Jan 2009 and the game becoming free on 19 April 2010. Clockwork Set. Tradable, so don’t worry, you can still get it) and ffcsquishthemall (Beetle set).

3 10 2012


22 10 2012
Blipsy Triax

I can’t believe people still comment on this page.

25 10 2012

I need new nano codes!
BT: These are the latest ones: ffcnerdybutsweet, ffcyeeeeeaaaahhh, ffcfunnygoldfish, ffcmisadventurer, ffcdeathpunchies

26 10 2012

do you know any weapens codes
im in need of new wear and weapens.
BT: There are no weapon codes.

27 10 2012

ok when there are any can you please tell me?
BT: Sure

15 11 2012

does anyone no the code for way big nano?
my fusionfall name is my user name and i would give money to whoever tells me that code
OZw: The code hasn’t been released yet.

27 11 2012

are ther any weapon or armer codes
OZw: Check the ‘Item Codes’ page.

4 08 2013
Player 179

theres a hoverboard code the code:ffcspecialthanks
OZw: Already on the ‘Codes’ page.

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