Good news!!!! Even more than Alien Abductions!!!!

17 04 2010

Hey guys. Sad because FusionFall is shutting down the forums and help center? Sad and/or angry because the Spring break only lasts 2 weeks and not 3 (That would be good. That’s why the best vacation is the Summer one.)? Well, I have a cure for all that ales ya (This does NOT include epic colds, common colds, missing limbs, not living anymore, hair loss etc.)! Side effects include but are not limited to:

Extreme happiness


Being on the computer the rest of your life being super happy

 Being happy at school (How can that POSSIBLY happen?!)

You want to know why? I’ll tell you anyways:


I have some proof too! Click here to see the proof.

Doctor Boombot has posted 2 comments here earlier. 1 about the lower part of the Ship armour (If anyone knows how to get it, please leave a comment.) which isn’t really about this post. But who cares? The 2nd one is about when FF is gonna be free!!!!

I’ll be on almost all day tomorrow. Probably not in the morning since I had trouble sleeping the past few days. If you want to see my ign, look for any of these guys:

Oliver Zombieweasel (Clothes: Baseball cap, Alpha Blacklight Shirt, Dexter Dodgeball pants, shoes, and backpack, cactus shooter)

The 0 Man (Clothes: Usually his signiture clothes; red shirt, black shorts, black shoes, mostly a weapon and a superhero cape)

If you want to be buddies, The 0 Man’s list is full so try being friends with Oliver Zw until further notice.

~The 0 Man




One response

17 04 2010
Doctor BoomBot

I was right… The bottom piece with the shoes is in ship You can buy them from Shopkeeper Galvan Apex… Also you can buy Vilgax minion items such as a backpack…well thats all I found for now ( therer is another shopkeeper but I haven’t seen what he offers yet)….
The 0 Man: If you still haven’t seen him, he sells Chromastone, Swampfire and Ben 10, 000 shoes/pants. And I saw your FF name yesterday on the FusionFall chat bar. I saw it while in Genius Grove – The Suburbs.

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